Batch’64 Entertainment-Sam


A Moron is Born Every Minute !


This video doesn’t exist

5 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment-Sam”

  1. Thanks Sam for posting this intriguing video clip.”I could not agree more” with the the lyrics.
    Is internet/ u tube causing the adolescents to “ratchet ” up the danger levels.

    Web inspired foolishness is increasing among teenagers,taking reckless risks ( thanks partly to the brain Prefrontal Cortex which governs decision making,and still developing in adolescence)

    More and more brazen ,acts are being filmed to gain web popularity.
    Or is it
    That the teenagers are taking the same risks as earlier generations ,and find it easier to document it to be seen by others via the web


  2. Thanks for posting this video. I know we have done some silly things when we were growing up , but these are beyond silly. I wonder how many of those people ended up in the emergency room after those pranks.



  3. Just saw this.
    Please don’t call me a moron just because I put the arm through glass door & lost my median nerve & ulna artery!


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