Best Wishes to Ranjith De Saram!

Ranjith BD Edit

My dear Ranjit,

it is with immense pleassure, I send your greetings

To celebrate your birthday and usher my good wishes

Fortunate to meet and befriend you quite early in our student lives

Since then you have been a close friend and a wellwisher throughout

On your big day wish you contentment and happiness

Good health,  Joy  and with Praxy a very long, fruitful life

May all your expectations wishes and desires come true

You are a fine gentleman and a pleasant guy, we salute you






I wish YOU a Very Happy Birthday to day.

Enjoy this day with your lovely Bionic Woman- (    The Good Convent Girl,  Aka Praxy !! )  and children- Joe and Tanya .

 Enjoy  all the days in the years ahead, as yet another Happy Birthday Day .

I do recall you at St Joseph’s College, Aquinas, all the Catholic Students Federation gatherings we had back then, and finally at Med School .

Your quiet presence was felt , as a strong presence, where ever you went .

I do recall, one incident-  that has stayed in my memory bank,  that truly  reflects your sense of strong discipline .

I was at the Mt Lav hotel about  12 yrs ago- and I invited you and Praxy, Laki and Gita for dinner .

It was a dreadful stormy night- but, the four of you made it – thought I was worth the drive on a tropical monsoon stormy night !

The Dinner Buffet at the hotel- — the tables were so loaded, I thought the tables would fall to the ground ,  for the weight of the food .

The four of us- ie- my self, Praxy, Laki and Gita- we had  eyes bigger than the plates , threw caution and discipline to the monsoon winds  and loaded our plates .

But, you ordered  a Tuna Sandwich !!!

I almost fell off the chair – and I asked ‘ what is the matter with you Ranjith- all this fine food, and you order a Tuna Sandwich ? “

 In your classic quiet way you replied in Sinhalese ‘  NO Deepthie- this is enough for me ‘ !!

I really, really admired your sense of self control and discipline  that day, and this is one lesson you taught me on that stormy night  at Mt Lav Hotel .

I Wish You a Very Happy Birthday today, and Many more Happy and Healthy Days Ahead in the Years to come , with Praxy and Joe and Tanya .

Deepthie .



Many Happy returns of the day, Ranjith!

Enjoy yourself with your lovely wife and the family



Dear all
This s a message from Ranjit . He wants me to thank all of you for the birthday wishes and to let you know that he will thank every one individually when we go to our next hotel as I have not been able to sort out his laptop for WiFi here in Burma. Thank you 🙏 . Praxy


Thank you from Ranjit
Dear Sam, Deepthie, Ariya, Seelan Sreemaha, CJ, Swarna, Simone  Wimal,  Annesley Indragee ,Dalpe, Ranjit Silva, David, Nisantha, Sathanandan, Wally, Narme, and Dharma
Thank you very much for your birthday salutations. I am   very sorry for the delay in acknowledging them which was due to the fact that we were in Burma and I had difficulty getting my laptop connected.
I am humbled by all your wishes and comments and very grateful for remembering my birthday. I appreciate them greatly and thank you very much for taking all the trouble.
Kind Regards,
Ranjit de Saram

19 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjith De Saram!”

  1. My dear Ranjit,

    Many happy returns of the day.

    You have been a great friend of mine – not only as a batch mate but also as a fellow Bloemite eating the same food for 5 years.

    I remember you as one of those who wore a gold neck chain hidden under the shirt, but you were down to earth, not showing off your wealth. I knew that you were even helping your father to manage his successful business, while you were a medical student.

    You & Praxy were one of the first batch mates to spend some time with us in Sydney.

    You are not only a doctor but also a successful businessman & still continuing tirelessly.

    My daughter still got the miniature panic alarm to carry in the purse, which you marketed many year ago!!

    Jean & I wish you all the best today & for ever.

    Seelan & Jean


  2. HI Ranjith — I forgot to mention, that you knew ALL my cousins/ family friends from your St. Aloysious College , Galle days , and they still keep in touch with you , even after all these years .
    You and your twin brothers Cosmos and Damien and your older sister , were well known to my ‘Galle Cousins ”
    So, I sort of knew you way back when , through my family visits to Galle over the years, way before we met again- in Colombo .

    I did not know, you were at Bloem either– something I learned today !

    Perhaps it is the Bloem Food that killed your taste buds and taught you your sense of Self Control , when it comes to food — to want a Tuna Sandwich , when there was ALL that food groaning on top of the Buffet tables at Mt Lavinia Hotel !

    It is nice to recall those days gone by- keeps us all closer than ever .

    Have a Very Happy Birthday – to day, in Burma , where you are today, with Praxy and the Heraths’.
    See you and Praxy in Beruwala- Oct 2018 .
    Deepthie .


  3. Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday Ranjit on a Special Day – Thai Pongal Day.
    I still remember the ever quiet Ranjit with the ever giggling noisy Ranaweera at Bloem.

    Sreetharan and Maharojany.


  4. Dear Ranjith,
    Wish you a very happy birthday. I have many memories to treasure of your kindness and generosity.
    Love and best wishes to Praxy, Joe and Taniya.


  5. Dear Ranjith. Happy Birthday to a great guy, business man before Med School, great entrepreneur, more than anything, a great Human Being. Thank you for your visit to our home with Praxy, about 10 months ago, we really had a great time. Iranthie joins me in wishing a great friend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I am trying to attach a photo of four of us at my home, but the “Blog” is refusing to do so. WIMAL.

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  6. Hi Ranjith,
    Wish you many happy returns for the day. Enjoy your trip to Burma.
    You might recall the days in Chilaw when you and Praxy had returned to the quarters after a naughty weekend in Cmb; As you turned into the shed the L front wheel of your Triumph flew off.
    Lucky it happened in the premises.
    On another note You are a very lucky chap. You scored the best looking girl in the batch. and Bionic to boot.
    My regards to Praxy.


    1. Hey Annesley ,

      Good Convent Girls and Good Jesuit Boys College Boys- dont do ‘naughty things ‘ !!

      You are very RIGHT when you say, Ranjith snagged the best looking chic in the faculty – now the Bionic Woman !

      Ranjith and Praxy- hope you bioth are having a good time in Burma – and tell us all about it with a few Birthday Photos, when you get some time .


  7. Hi Ranjith, Wishing you a very happy birthday and enjoy the day with your family and close friends. –



  8. Hi Ranjit,
    Wish you a Happy Birth day and many more in the years to come. Enjoy the day with your family. I remember you’ll visited us in Florida long time ago.
    Convey our best wishes to Praxy and the children.

    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven


    1. Dear David
      I was trying to get your phone number to tell you about our RU 18. Are you aware of it ? If not please note it is on 5 6and7th October this year. Hope you both will attend . After that, for those who may be interested we are planning to have an over night stay in a different resort? Batticalo/ Yala / Jaffna . This is to be decided . We do not have s proper programme as such and we are working on it. Praxy


  9. Many happy returns of the day Ranjit. All the best now and years to come.

    Just learnt that you are in Myanmar with Praxy. What a lovely birthday birthday celebration to be there. It will remind you of Sri Lanka in the 60’s. Enjoy your stay and have a safe trip back to UK.

    Nisantha and Piching


  10. Though a day late, here is wishing you the very best in good health, contentment and business in the coming years. We appreciate your close friendship with us. Hope you enjoy a good holiday in Burma. Please buy a red ruby for Praxy.
    With much love,
    Narme and Nirmali


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