Batch’64 Entertainment -Ariya


Good old song! ‘Sumihiri paaney’
This video doesn’t exist

4 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment -Ariya”

  1. Dear Sam,
    I had forgotten the words of this old song… listening to it brought back memories of our younger days. Thank you for inserting it on the blog. P{raxy


  2. Thanks Sam. We used to sing this song when we were in school. Didn’t know exactly what it meant until we were old enough to to drink the ” Sumihiri Pane ”



  3. Great Song !
    Thanks Ariya – and now, you and Seelan – The Great Duo –will have to perform this on the stage for the Saturday morning Concert , so start learning the moves !!
    Looking fwd to seeing it- who knows- you might have a great audience participation too !
    Baila Kumari .


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