Another Autobiography- Ariya.

 Author- Annesley Perera

Annesley1 copy


Few days ago Annesley posted from Australia, his virtual autobiography and having    thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I proposed him to offer it to your web site to be published if possible as a serial. It is a novel as good as ‘මඩොල්දූව’  of Mr Martin Wickramasinghe.

That letter I copied to yourself and the rest of our inner team (Praxy and Deepthie)
Though it is an autobiography I found Annesley to be a good writer and a fab story teller.

He mentioned replying to my letter of his intention to offer our batch mates (interested) copies of the book free of charge when meet at October.

His intention of writing this book was for his kith and kin to tell his own story as well as a momento of the good old days spent at Medical school and beyond.

As expected the book begins where his life began at number 276, Galle Road, Kalutara.
Very  kindly he wrote to me today of his feeling that batch mates too being like close family and he would gladly release few copies to those who would want,
I made a proposal to serialise the book to the batch web, as it would in my opinion be avidly read by those who are interested.
I can vouch, having read it is not only  extremely readable but to my knowledge this is the first book to chronicle five years of our jolly life in the medical school, so vividly.
Of course span of the book tited, 276, Galle Road, encompasses his entire life from birth  virtually to present.
I am copying this to him too and hope have not troubled him too much by my request to serialise his our life story through his extremely eloquent writing.
Kind regards,

30 thoughts on “Another Autobiography- Ariya.”

  1. Hi Annesley,Congratulations .Is your book available for purchase from book stores?Amazon?.Please indicate the outlet for the convenience of others who may wish to purchase a copy.Regards.Eddie.


  2. Hi Eddie,
    I never planned the book for sale. But will be more than happy to post you a copy from Whangarei when I visit my nz house in two weeks. I am presently travelling back from Colombo after spending the X’mas ,new year .
    Please forward me your postal address in an email in the next week or two.
    Regards, Annesley

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    1. Thanks Annesley.Will do.Please get your book into the Barefoot book outlet in Colombo3 before you return.You must make it available for Stilankans and expats who come on holiday to purchase and read.I am sure it will be good read.Regards.Eddie.


      1. Thanks Annesley.Will do.If you are in the BOP area,drop by to our place in 0273660033.Regards.Eddie.


    2. Dear Annesley,
      We are so proud to have friends like you and other great writers like Ariya in our batch. Congratulations on writing your memoirs and presenting the book to us. Well done!!. As mentioned in my last email I too am interested in buying your book as it is an honour to own a book written by one of our batch mates. Ariya told me that it was fantastic reading. I am sure there are others who are interested in your book and since postage is expensive you can bring some books to SL for the next RU for those who are interested. Certainly am one. Cheers. Praxy


      1. Hi Praxy,
        I’d love to bring a few copies to the 64′ batch reunion in Oct;18′
        Would you be good enough to collate all the requests and let me know the numbers so I could have an idea how many to bring. In my book There is a story about a certain female batchmate taking home a personal body part from the block in her hand bag. Don’t ask me how I knew.
        Do you also recall you and Ranjith returning from a week-end in Cmb; back to the quarters in Chilaw? very lucky the L front wheel of the Triumph flew off as you guys took the turn into the shed.
        Look forward to catching up in Oct;18′


    1. Hi Rani,
      The book is a labour of love. Wouldn’t dream of making money out of my batchmates. Would be my pleasure to bring along a copy for you.
      Regards, Annesley


  3. My dear friend Annesley,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your writing achievement. In addition to medical school, I have known you in New Zealand as well. I knew that you are capable of this & more. Well done.

    I am sure that you have spent a lot of time & money on this. Personally I don’t think that you should give away free copies. You should at least recover the cost. Have the publishers given you any guidance on the price? Do not feel shy or reluctant to sell. The book shops will do it for you.

    I am very interested.



    1. Dear Seelan,
      I too suggested this to Ariya that he must recover the costs, as printing does not come cheap . He has read the book and is very impressed with the contents. Ariya mentioned that Annesley had suggested that he gets the number of copies people want, so that he can bring the correct number for the RU. Ariya has entrusted me with getting the number of copies required. So those of you who want the book please let me know, then I can get the correct number and pass on to Ariya.
      As it is, Simone, ( Eddie is getting the book directly from Annesley ) myself, Deepthie and you are interested. If others can let me know then it will be great. Praxy


    2. Hi Seelan,
      Nice to hear from you.Would be a pleasure to give you a copy. Could I have your postal address and maybe I could drop a copy for you in the mail. My email is ( )
      On another note I have known you both in the batch and also had you visiting me and me visiting you in NZ.
      In between I also remember a time you came and spend a few times with me in Chilaw quarters courting a fair maiden who was a MO OPD in Chilaw hospital. I suppose those days are a dim recollection in your hectic life. Was it a Triumph 250 or something more powerful?
      Look forward to getting your postal address, Annesley


  4. Annesley Congratulations ! on your achievement of writing your autobiography. I would definitely buy your book. Timothy , Ariya and now you it is wonderful to have such talented people like you in our batch.

    I must add that Siri Kanna too has published a medical text on Rx of joint diseases. I am waiting for Ariya to publish his book.

    I think it is a good idea to take a head count of our batch mates who want to buy these books and have them available at our RU 64 2018. I am prepared to pay for the cost of the book and the transportation cost of the book to Sri Lanka.



    1. Hi Nisantha, Compliments of the season and a happy new year to you and Piching.( hope I spelt her name correctly)
      It would be my pleasure to give you both a copy. There will be a copy at the Oct; gathering.
      regards, Annesley


  5. Congratulations Annesley. I very much like to purchase a copy ,please reserve one for me.

    Wish you a Very Happy New Year

    Many Thanks



    1. Hi Marina,
      Compliments of the season and a happy new year to you. Sorry to hear about your loss. He seemed such a lovely person when I met him in Melb; in 2009.
      It will be my pleasure to give a copy of my ramblings in my old age for your reading.
      It took a lot of courage on my part to write about my family history, after all you are baring your soul to the public and scrutiny there will be. Then again it was also partly a public confession on my part.
      Do keep in touch,


  6. HI Annesley ,

    There is an old saying ” Never judge a book by the cover ‘ !

    But, I am going to break this rule on ‘279 Galle Rd ‘–!

    The Cover photo is sooo lovely and nostalgic…. an old home, built about a 100 yrs ago or so, sooo full of memories of Life and Times .. that makes the reader want to open the book and read it in ‘one go ‘ so to speak .

    Also- thank you very much for including The Class of 64 as a part of your Life and Times in ‘ 279- Galle Rd ” .

    As Praxy has said- I need a copy for sure , and will be glad to donate some money for its purchase , as you did not put out this book for monetary gains .
    You did it for the Love of Writing YOUR Story- to be passed down to your family and The Class of 64 is honoured to be a part of it .

    Many thanks .
    Deepthie .


    1. My Dear Deepthie,
      You say such lovely things about everyone.No doubt we all think you are a rare precious gem. Keep up the good work. It will indeed be my great pleasure to let you have a copy at the Oct; 18′ get together.
      Only caution is please don’t judge me too harshly for what is in the book.When one writes an auto-biography, of necessity one needs to bare your inner soul for scrutiny.
      A happy new year to you for 2018.


  7. Congratulations Annesly. You must have taken plenty of time, thinking, recalling events of the past. It must a nostalgic journey of you life and we can look forward to get a glimpse of that. Hoping to get a copy for myself.
    This will be great significance to your children, grand children and your generations to come. Best to you and your family who must be proud of you. dharma


    1. Dear Dharma,
      Happy new year to you and your love ones.
      You are such a great story teller I only hope I have matched upto your expectations in some measure.
      It will be my pleasure to bring you a copy to the Oct;18′ get together.
      Regards, Annesley


  8. Hi Annesley
    Congratualtions. We would love to purchase a copy of your book. Pl have one reserved for us.
    Great work!!!!


    1. Hi Selvi and Satha,
      Compliments of the season and a very happy new year to both of you.
      When Satha asked me how I was spending my retirement at the dinner at my place I was a little coy and embarrassed to mention the book. However it will indeed be a great pleasure to post you a copy. Could you email me your postal address. I cannot recall whether there was a return address in your X’mas card.
      On another note Very many happy returns for the 26th Jan; to you Selvi and many many more of them in years to come.
      Regards, Annesley


    1. Hi Indragee,
      Thank you for your interest.It will be my great pleasure to bring you a copy for the Oct;18′ get together.
      Compliments of the season to you and your love ones.
      Regards, Annesley


  9. Hi Annesly,

    Congratulations on publishing your Autobiography. I will purchase a copy when it becomes available. It’s a tremendous accomplishment; requires a lot of effort, time and resources. you should get rewarded for it. Get a publisher and get it to a Book outlet. It will be a legacy that you will be leaving behind for your Children, Grand children and their dependent’s.

    Best wishes to your Family,

    Winter Haven


      1. Hi Narme,
        Compliment of the season.
        I must thank you for letting me have the details of the publishing company you had used for doing the souvenir for the 2014 gettogether.
        I will be only too happy to let you have a copy at the 2018 get together.
        Take care, Annesley


    1. Hi Ranjit,
      Compliments of the season and a very happy new year to you all in Winter Haven.
      I would be honored to give you a copy at the Oct;18′ get together.
      Regards, Annesley


  10. Dear Annesly

    I too would like to buy a copy of your book & congratulations for your great effort in writing your autobiography by yourself.

    Best Regards,



  11. Hi Dalpe,
    Compliments of the season.
    I have been chatting to my in-laws about the Dalpethado lineage and there seems to be a lot of the family in Negombo. Some are Catholics and some others Buddhist. Another interesting bit of information you may want to explore is there are a number of grave stones in Kalutara North cemetary belonging to Dalpethado clan who are all related to my in-laws.
    On another note it will be a pleasure to bring you a copy of the book for the Oct; get together.
    Regards, Annesley


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