Best Wishes to Somasegaram!



Happy Birthday 🍰🎁 Soma
Soma dear where on earth have you been
To send you birthday wishes we are very keen.🥂🥂
Please don’t go “off the radar “ as we want to wish you
Blessings for the new year and all the way through.👋👋👋

Praxy and Ranjit



32 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Somasegaram!”

  1. Dear Soma,

    Fist of all, Many happy returns of the day.

    I haven’t heard from you & Indra for a while.

    You have been one of my long time friend. You together with Kumaraswamy & Deva Irriyagolle met my Wife Jean at their house in Malacca, Malaysia, long before even I saw her ! – when you all went to Malaysia as observers for a ? table Tennis tournament from the University – Kum got Jean’s address from me.

    Even though she is my cousin, I met her only after I qualified & went to Malaysia straight from Bloem, via Rajes’s parents house where I had my packed suit case ready to sneak out to the airport ( at this age I don’t mind divulging some secrets ) .

    On your return, you all especially Deva told me so many encouraging details, which is another storey for another time.

    Sorry to bore everyone else, but these are things that strike my mind whenever I think of Soma, Kum & Deva.

    Have a nice day & enjoy many more happy & healthy years.

    Seelan & Jean.


    1. Dear Seelan
      Your stories ✍️✍️are fantastic and I love reading them .You have wonderful fun stories to relate to the batch and I am sure everyone loves reading them …. not boring at all. Hope you have recovered from🤧🤧🤧your cold and cough 👺👺👺and are feeling better. Praxy


    2. Thanks for your wishes Seelan & Jean.
      We made three visits to Sri Lanka during the past six months thereby keeping us silent/busy.

      Nice to hear about the memories to Malacca. Hope to meet you in October.

      Soma & Indira


  2. HI Soma !
    Wish you a very Happy Birthday today , and I wish you many more Happy Days in the Years Ahead .

    We were that noisy ‘S Back Benchers !!– and it was a lot of fun being one of them, and you sure made our Life and Times very interesting back in the day .

    Also- do you recall that very first Colors Night Dance back in 1964 , when I was still living at home, when you were my very First Date ?
    I had to ask permission from my father for you to take me for the dance , and he allowed it only because he knew your father !!
    What a world it was back then !!

    That was a good start- and the ‘rest is history ‘ !!!!!

    Stay in touch Soma- and hope to see you in Beruwala- 2018 October , and it was great seeing you in 2014 .
    Deepthie .


    1. Thanks for your wishes Deepthie.

      This note brought back old memories. We saw pictures of your lovely garden.

      Indira & Soma


      1. HI Soma and Indra .
        Next time you come to Ontario- come and visit my place- it is worth the 2 hr drive , getting out of Toronto Concrete Jungle to see my Neck of the Woods !


  3. Hi, Soma, wishing you the best for the third time today in Sri Lanka. Good to meet you in SL to wish you happy New Year, Haappy Birthday and Happy Thai Pongal as we used to eating your mother’s tasty cooking. This time t was the tasty mutton curry from Jaffna. Ale , Indrajee and Lakshmen were there this time. Have healthy Year my best of friends.
    Nirmali and Narme


    1. Thanks for your wishes Niramli and Narme.

      Appreciate you coordinating the lunch and meet up with friends yesterday. I was a great success and a nice catch up.

      Indira & Soma


  4. My dear Soma,

    Wish you a very happy birthday

    Contentment & Good Health all the way

    A very long stressfree jolly life with Indira

    And a fabulous future with peace everyday



  5. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Soma.
    Hoping to meet you on the Annual Special Night Festival at Sivan Temple [ ” Siva Rathri ” ] in February.

    Sree and Maha.


  6. Hi Soma
    Best wishes on your special day and for many more birthdays to come. enjoy your day to the fullest
    Satha & selvi


  7. Hi Soma,
    Happy Birthday to you and may you be blessed with many more. It was great meeting you, Indira and Narme in December last year at Kingsbury, Colombo after a long time. Tried to send you’ll some pictures along with the New year wishes; but yours was returned. Best wishes to you and family for the New year and may the good Lord shower you with good Health, Wealth and Happiness for many more years to come.


    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven.


    1. Thanks for your wishes Ranjit & Shanthi.

      It was nice meeting both of you in Decemeber. Glad your back in the circle.

      Indira & Soma


  8. Hi Soma

    Happy Birthday and all the best for the new year. Long time no see. leela products doing well in canada.



    1. Thanks for your wishes Rajes.

      We saw a photograph of Deepthie and you with a young lad, is that your son?
      Will pass the message to my brother about Leela products.

      Indira & Soma


      1. I have no sons . i dont know which photo you are referring to. When we do our grocery shopping, we have to choose between Leela and Niru products. As you know niru products are from seelan’s sister’s family. My husband will always joke and ask is it Soma or Seelan today? We are very loyal to my batch mates!! Good to hear from you.



      2. HI Soma !
        I buy both ‘ Seelan’ and Soma’ !!– good stuff !

        I do remember Leela Press so well – I think Leela Press did the Block Night Sovenier book for us, back in 1965- when you and I along with others were in the Anatomical Soc — OMG- that famous photo !

        Anyway- what is this photo you are talking about with me and Rajes with a young lad ?
        if you can e-mail it to my private e-mail . please do so .

        Good to have you on board the Web-
        Good wishes for New Year too .

        See you in Beruwala- October 2018 !
        eagledeepthie .


  9. Happy Birthday Soma. Wish you many more happy ones. I think of “Leela Press” when I along with Cj and Ana spent time at the press getting the “Bloem Nite” invitation and souvenir printed. They were very helpful. Thanks to you we got a good discount. Glad to have met you and Indra in 2014. hope you to see you this October. In the mean time wish you and your family all the best.


  10. Hi Rajes,
    Can you ask Rabi about Niru vs Leela products. Which one taste better? I request the same from Deepthie.
    Don’t say equal – Just to please Soma!!!!!!!!!!


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