Best Wishes to Maha!


Happy 😃 Birthday 🍰🎁Maha
As you celebrate your birthday 🎂 today
We wish you health wealth and happiness to fill your day
May the Good Lord bless and keep
Till we meet together at the next RU
Cheers 🥂

Praxy and Ranjit


My dear Maha,
Send our felicitations on your birthday
To  wish  you a fabulously enjoyble day
May you have happiness and good health
And with Sree, a long, stress free great life

Ariya and Thavam



14 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Maha!”

  1. Dear Maha,

    For everyone you are Maha, but for me you are ” Kanahakka ” which is a short form of Kanagasabai.& Akka means “sister”. We created this nick name when you came to Jaffna Central College to be in the H.S.C.2nd year. Few of us including Kaleel (who was my class mate) were famous to create nick names – even for teachers.

    Even though Central college was a purely boys school, Rev C.A.Smith ( our Principal fro Australia) allowed 4 girls every year to study in the 2nd year HSC, mainly because we had better Labs – Botany, Zoology, Chemistry & Physics.

    Maha was one of the 4 in our year. The 4 girls come to the class- look straight at the teacher – never turn or look at the boys. They were given a separate rest room etc for protection from boys ! They never wanted to be friendly with the boys – FRIGHTENED !

    The 64 batch mates from Central college are :- Sattianayagam, Sivakumaran, Kaleel, Seelan, and Maha & Satpasorubarajah (HSC)

    The name Kanahakka continued into the Med School !!

    With this introduction, I now wish Maha a very happy Birthday.

    Regards from Seelan & Jean.


    1. Dear Seelan
      What an interesting story about Maha and your younger years.It was lovely to read the memories you have of your school 🏢days and the progress from school boy to doctor 👨‍⚕️. Cheers. Praxy


    2. Hi Seelan

      between you and kalil, you must have turned that place upside down. I feel sorry for the 4 girls who had to be in the same class. happy new year and Love to jean.



    3. PS:-
      Hi Kanahakka, I forgot to test your memory :- 5 other HSC class mates entered Peradeniya Medical school. Can you name them? – I have our class photo but girls did not attend !!


  2. Dear Maha and Seelan,

    It is always lovely to hear school days memories

    Septuagenarians yet with sound neuronal activities

    I would not blame Maha for looking at teachers and not the surround

    When guys of the calibre Kaleel and yourself are in the background



    1. My dear Maha(miss Kanakasabey)
      Let me wish you all the very best in 2018’ for your special day and pray that you will have many more beautiful B’days to celebrate for years to come as you and Sree walk along in our twilight years.


  3. Happy Birthday to you my dear Kanahakka !!
    What lovely memory that was told to all of us by Seelan– thank you Seelan for that wonderful trip down Memory Lane .

    I hope you got many more lovely Orchid flower pots !
    Sree says you are a great gardener and it is wonderful you have taken up such a lovely hobby .

    Maha- you were my Hopper House Third Floor Room # 8 mate- the ‘end room ‘, that you shared with Rajes for all the years you were at Med School.
    Can you remember the ‘line up ‘ every morning , waiting to iron our sari’s – specially when we did ” Rajasooriya Appt ” ? .
    Those were the days . !

    Then- Fast Forward- to the 1980’s , Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – when you, Sree and Shobi and all of us met at Rajes ‘ place, when Shobi was just 10 yrs old !!
    I think, I posted this photo for Sree’s B’day greeting- take another look- see .
    Time Flies …

    Lets Meet Again– Beruwala – 2018- October !

    Much love to you my dear Maha-.
    Your old Hopper House Mate — ” Gini Kirilli ‘ !!!!

    ” Fire Cracker Girl’ !!!- ( I bet you remember this day too !!! )


  4. Hi Maharojini
    Best wishes on your special day and for more birthdays to come. You come from the same village as I am ie Kokuvil and I am not sure whether or not you attended Kokuvil Hindu College. I remember your older sister at school, who was much senior to me
    Regards to Sree


  5. Hi maha,

    Wish you a very happy Birthday my dear roommate for 5 years. I remember them calling you kannahakka. Remember all those good days at de sarem place. Good luck and good wishes for the new year. My regards to Sree and Shobi.



  6. Hi Maha many happy returns of the day. All the best now and years to come.

    We never knew you had a nick name “Kanahakka “. Believe me it is a much better nick name, than the other nick names that some others in our batch had.

    Nisantha and Piching Banda


  7. A very Happy birthday to you Maha, Wish you many more. Yes I am aware of your nickname – amazingly coming from seelan and Kaleel it is one of respect. Congratulations to you for enduring these not only in high school and then med school. Nice to have met with you, Sree and Shobi in Beruwela and then in London. Hope to see you again soon. My best wishes to all


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