Gardening Quiz- Ariya


Question for the plant enthusiasts with green fingers in our batch
Name the plant with abundent purplish pink luxurious floral growth
A perennial, related cousins lavender blue, mauve and red, trailing
Thrives in bright Sun well drained soil, ours, eight years & counting
Ariya 1





11 thoughts on “Gardening Quiz- Ariya”

  1. My dear Ariya
    Your perennial plant is amazing 😉 and so pretty🌸🌸
    I wonder if it is Aubretia that can even be grown on the balcony
    Or could it be Nicotiana but it’s not a perennial.
    But whatever it is I definitely want a cutting for which I will give you a good testimonial 📃📃📃
    Cheers. Praxy


      1. Thanks Praxy,

        You have given few answers one of which is correct

        To keep others interest going I shall keep mouth shut

        Surprised the regular gardeners of the batch are silent

        May be photography unclear, not giving the hints correct



  2. Many thanks Seelan, for your sincere complements

    As you guessed I am not the bearer of green fingers

    Who battles through harsh climates & grow the beauties

    My role admiring and taking pictures is much less onerous

    Answer you gave is good because of unusual size of blooms

    Came from many local admirers too yet needs another guess

    It is good gardeners of our batch like yourself beautify the world

    To make our world pretty across four seasons have spread of mates

    Kind regards to Jean and yourself

    Ariya and Thavamani


  3. HI Ariya !
    Lovely flowers .– well done .

    Who is the gardener in the home ?
    You or Thavam ?

    Anyway- great show of colors , very pleasing to the eye of the beholder .

    The small delicate leaves and flowers add a good dimension and a soothing visual contrast to the hardscape of the stone path .

    I wish the photo was a bit clearer .

    My guess- Campanula ,( Bell Flower ).

    Nicotinana — seeds it self as an annual- but, may be a perennial in a warmer climate like your home in UK .

    Aubrieta- which we call Arabis , that comes in many colors and a great ground cover great butterfly and bee pollen food source , at my home in Ontario, Canada .

    I was not able to view this in detail during the past few days , due to various reasons .
    I am back on track again !

    Thanks Ariya for the post- feels good to see colors like this when the temp is minus 24C and ALL White , White, white, for me in my home !


  4. Ariya looks like a exotic English garden. It is beautiful. The purple flowers are Purple Rockcress or more scientifically Aubrietia Deltodea.
    You and Thavum should be proud of your lovely garden.



    1. Dear Nisanths you, are right on the money

      Gardener in the batch most erudite & savy

      Praxy did get it but she had some doubts

      You came out, got to the top, hundred marks



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