12 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment -Praxy”

  1. Thanks PRAXY for sharing. Blue Danube is my favourite waltz,alas no longer possible with our bad backs.
    Narme and Nirmali


    1. I know the feeling Narme. I love that song too but alas our waltzing days are over. Bad backs, bionic knees repaired rotator cuffs. But still we can enjoy the ”chit chats” with our friends and reminisce the days gone by. Cheers. Praxy


  2. Thank you Praxy for the very lovely Waltz post .

    Perhaps Nisantha and Piching can give us a good demo on this- they look awesome on the dance floor .

    I can ‘wing it ‘ if I get a good partner — !

    bailakumari !


  3. A beautiful Waltz Praxy, many thanks for sharing

    There is nothing I wouldn’t give for such a dancing

    Alas! I was born with an grave, fundamental error

    Two left legs, never be accepted in a dancing corner



    1. Dear Ariya,

      A beautiful Waltz indeed.I tremendously enjoyed it.

      As far as the TWO LEFT LEGS. I have no idea how to make it RIGHT!

      Just kidding as always.



  4. Blue Danube Waltz and what a performance. Thanks Praxy I enjoyed it thoroughly. Piching and I can manage the regular Waltz , but Viennese waltz is in question.

    Okay Bailakumari I would be glad to do a Waltz with you at the next RU64 and that is a promise. I don’t know whether I will be a good partner , but we shall try.


    1. I am sure you both will be very good dance partners and so will be Piching. Oh I am getting really 😆 exited that we are into 2018 and before we realise RU 18 will be upon us.🎉🎉🎉🎉Praxy


    1. Thanks Praxy.This is beautiful.There is no waltzing around this one! Pardon my pun.

      To give a little background, this famous Waltz was composed by Johann Strauss the 2nd in 1866 to

      celebrate the River Danube which flows through Vienna.

      I was fortunate to see his statue in the gardens near the Philharmonic in Vienna on our visit over there..He had composed over 400 waltzes.

      Thanks again.



  5. I have not seen this version of the blue Danube even in Vienna. It is beautiful. Thanks Praxy for sharing this with us. Selvi


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