Ceremonial hair cut in Kataragama -Ariya



Took grand daughter Ariana for her maiden hair cut
Traditionally done in Kataragama on hallowed ground
Viscinity of the blessed Menik river on a chosen plot
We gathered while grand mother performned the act

While we were there for good measure
Ariya Joined a local ‘Kavadi dance, party
The beat of the drum was trendy
Even though my joints were creaky

Ariya 1


Cool Stuff- Part 2 !-Deepthie


EagleD on Dog Sled Ride- Winter- 2005.

Back then, I had neighbours who had 4 lovely Husky Sled Dogs  and they took
me on the most memorable and ONLY REAL Dog Sled Ride I have had in all the
40 or so ‘Snows ‘  I have lived through in Canada .

Here are two photos –
When the Dog Sled Taxi Pick Up came to my home and  me in the woods having a
wonderful ride !
Photo of me in the woods- this is where I spend a lot of my time , after
the snow melts .

I am not much of a ‘dog lover ‘ — but, the Husky Dogs- tug at my heart
strings- perhaps because they are part wolf and I have a  ‘Special
Connection ‘ with  Wolves,  Bears , and Red Foxes !– not to mention Snakes
and Owls .

Enjoy the Dog Sled Ride !

Best Wishes to Selvamalar!

BD selvamalar

Happy birthday Selvamalar💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹🌹

Hello Selvamalar how are you keeping?
Your contribution to the birthday salutations is never ending.
We take this opportunity to wish all  the best for you.
Many happy returns of the day till meet at next RU.

Praxy and Ranjit





I wish you All the Very Best that Life can give you, and may you enjoy this
day with your loved one Satha and your family .
May you enjoy this day- and ALL the days ahead,  with  Good  Health  and

I cannot really believe that one year has passed since I posted these two
very old photo taken in Adelaide- back in Dec 1991, to celebrate your
Birthday last year on the Web .
This  was the  ONLY time I met you, since we left Med School.

 You were such a quiet shy girl,  perhaps the quietest and the youngest
one , in that noisy back benchers of the S Group !
 Just as you were ‘coming out of your shell ‘ so to speak, Satha came
along, and we girls kind of lost you !

I am posting these pics  again for all to see – as I know , we will not see
you  and Satha in Beruwala this year October .

I was really looking forward to meeting with both of you
– oh well- things happen and it is what it is .

Perhaps we wil all meet some day- Beyond The Stars …

Your good old  ‘S Group  Pal-‘   Deepthie .

Our dear Selvamalar,
It is with great joy we wish you a very happy birthday
For good health, contentment and happiness all the way
May you have a fabulous long life with Satha and kids
Fulfilling  all your wishes and desires, as you deserve the best
Ariya and Thavamani



Doctors yesterday and today


The Doctor

Yesteryear, it was the most noble profession

Never chosen by the greedy only the dedicated men and women

Alas, trend today is not the same, tables turned upside down

Uppermost in minds of current men and women,

Money, power, envy emulating a greedy politician 

And out of the door gone, benevolence and compassion

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 9.48.19 PM copy


Ariya 2

Doctors today have many privileges

Receive government assistance throughout education

Receive car permits, regularly with tax exemption

Scholarships for education, including foreign travels

Generous off duty and leave; specified time for duty

No hesitation to jeopardise lives for their rights

Stooges of political masters, ready to walkout from work

Money driven puppets!

Ariya 1

Ariya De Silva OBE