Funny story from Ariya

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Careful when a rich aristrocat takes a small loan !!


Dr Seelan from Botany Bay, James Cook Island, Sydney, was on his way to Sri lanka. He did appear to need a loan and walked to a bank near the airport. When interviewed by an executive of the bank, he told that he was flying to join a reunion of Medicos in Colombo, Sri Lanka and would be away for two weeks. He needed to borrow $5,000 though was not a depositor of the bank. The bank officer informed that they would need some form of security for the loan. Dr Seelan handed over the keys of his spanking new Ferrari. The car was parked on the street in front of the bank and produced the title and everything was in order. The officer agreed to hold the car as collateral for the loan and apologized for having to charge 12% interest. The loan papers were signed and Dr Seelan awaited till he witnessed an employee driving his Ferrari into the bank’s private underground garage and parked it.

Later, the bank’s president and officers enjoyed a good laugh at Dr Seelan’s expence, for using a $250,000 Ferrari, as collateral for a $5,000 loan. Two weeks gone, Dr Seelan returned, repaid the $5,000 and the interest of $23.07.

The bank manager said, “Sir, we are happy and honoured to have had your business, and this transaction did work out very nicely. However, we still remain some what puzzled as to why you had to keep for a meazly loan of $5,000, such a valuable asset as the surety! The fact of the matter is as a result of our doubts while you were away, we did check on your financial status. We found out that you are a highly respected diagnostic and interventional consultant radiologist in Sydney, a multimillioneer, a sophisticated investor with a fleet of very expensive cars, an owner of a superior class yacht, a renown investor in real estate with financial interests all over the world and a distinguished Alumni of Colombo Medical faculty. Dr Seelan replied with a sheepish smile, “Where else in Sydney can I park my new Ferrari for two weeks for a meazly sum of $23.07 and expect it to be guarded and returned securely?”.

12 thoughts on “Funny story from Ariya”

  1. My dea batch mates
    Another new Year will soon dawn on usπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
    There is no need to reminisce the old Year and fuss .
    Wishes are sent to all of you πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ•ΊπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ•ΊπŸ½
    For a bright New Year and prosperity too.🌝🌞🌎🌍🌏

    Hoping to meet most of you in 2018. Praxy and Ranjit


  2. Hi What a story.If this is really true we should all be happy that Seelan has made it really good in Australia.Should we all not be proud of his achievement?.My wish to all our colleagues is for a prosperous new year.More importantly, good health in the new year.Eddie.


    1. My dear Seelan, your true class, hope you will not mind

      For exposing, already Eddie & many more soon, will find

      As long as, from Australian department of inland revenue

      You do not get a knock on the front door, shall sleep sound

      Happy New Year to Jean, yourself and kids



  3. I dont believe that someone as generous as Seelan would ‘nickel and dime ‘ like this !

    I am sure I heard this story somewhere before- and Ariya- you just added Seelan’s name to the story to make it a nice fun story !

    Good Wishes for a Happy New Year ! to ALL


    1. My dear Dilisena Tharuwa,

      Let me do a small correction to the tale

      No one has nicked a penny, dollar or a dime

      just being smart has never been a crime

      Agree with you over the generosity of Seelan



  4. I had the same problem But the bank refused my push bike as security
    Anyway Wish all my wonderful batch mates a healthy & peaceful New Year
    R Almeida


    1. My dear Aley, I wonder why the bank refused?

      A ‘Prado push bike’! must fetch a good price

      You are so well known the prank being recognised

      Only answer I can think of, are there any better offers?



  5. I have heard this story before , but Ariya made it more interesting by adding Seelan to the picture. Nice work Ariya.

    Piching and I wish all our class of 64 and their loved ones the very best of health , peace and prosperity in the New year and beyond.

    Nisantha and Piching


  6. Hi to all the Batch mates around many Continents,

    Wishing all of you and the families God’s choicest blessings; Health, Wealth and Happiness in the New year. Thanks to the visionary efforts of Sam, Deepthi, Praxy, Ariya, Seelan and Narme for making this concept of “Inter- Continental connectivity” a reality. This effort has helped many of us to re-kindle and re-establish the connections that we had; and to reminisce the glorious days of the past at the Medical faculty. Thus will enable us to transition to the phase of our limelight years with grace and dignity.


    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven,


  7. Super one for the old year. Typical intelligence of Seelan.
    Wish you all a happy and contented and healthy New Year.
    Nirmali and Narme


    1. Being a fellow Radiologist I could see through the story right away.

      Just kidding.

      Wishing all Batch Mates and Families a Wonderful New Year.



  8. As usual, Ariya is full of ideas. From writing poems, he thought of writing stories and I am his Guinea pig.

    With & without XRay eyes all of you have already guessed it.

    Anyway we have ended & Started an year with some fun & laughter which is good for longevity.

    Thanks Ariya


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