Best– Wishes– to– Esiri– Karunaratne!




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Wish you all that is best on this Special Day  today and all the very best
to you, during ALL the days ahead of you .

It was just great meeting up with you Esiri- over the past 25 yrs or so –
specially at the gatherings in Pittsburgh during the New Year Celebrations
in April .
You were always there for us to sing a song, and take us back to a time
when life good and simple .
For this- I am truly grateful to you , as I too love to sing, and no one to
sing with !

That bus trip to Bentota from Kynsey Rd- I sure lucked out getting on the
same bus  and what a  great time we had .
I have some real neat videos taken  of you singing .
But, the song I loved best on that days was Wada Kaha Sudiya !

Sam posted the concert you did in Washington- and this unleashed a flood of
memories when  you sang ‘ Olu Nelum Neriya Rangala ..’
What a lovely song that is …  I am still floating around in the Ridi
Thotilla !

Now on the fun side-did you hear any songs, when you listened via the ‘tube
‘  to what was in the belly of that woman called Dharma  at the concert in
Beruwala ?
You did a  GREAT role as the nurse, and had   you not mentioned it in the
blog- I would never had guess who it was – you were more than perfect in
that role as Nurse Nona, during that mot outrageously crazy item, hatched by
Dharma !

I am sooo glad that you took on the invitation to be the Lead Singer- for
our next RU in Beruwala- Oct 2018 , and with you, Zavahir, Anslem, Gaspar at
the mike- we can all have some real  good song and dance sessions .

Now I have a small complaint- how you goody goody Jeevaka boys invited only
Praxy for your parties and not me ?
As we  say in Sinhala “‘Eh  mokada- mama kaluda ?  ‘ !!!

Ok- ok  – I get it – no one was as cute as sweet as little Praxy—  just
kidding – like to make a little fun here!!

Anyway Esiri- Have a Very Happy Birthday, and sing a long your , on your
Journey Through Life !

Good wishes to Chandrika –

Deepthie .

Happy Birthday Esiri 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
Dear Esiri you have enriched our lives
With your music and singing that everyone likes .
So it is s great pleasure to wish you many happy returns of the day
As we raise a glass of champagne and sing hip hip hurray 🍸🍸🍸🍸


Ranjit and Praxy


My dear Esiri, you are one of the most popular guys in our batch

With plenty of supreme abilities and qualities, not many can match

But those are not my reasons of you being selected as the mate, best

Not even the mastery of songs and beautiful voice you thrill all of us with,

It is what you make of me,  when I am with you and your willingness to

Wish you a happy birthday and a sparkling future, tremendous

Fulfilling all your desires, expectations and even wild aspirations

May you throughout have excellent health and happiness

A very long fruitful life as you are a maker of pleasure, to all of us



Dear Esiri

It gives us immense pleasure  to wish you a very happy Birthday and a joyous New year with much health and happiness  in years to come. Our families  are fortunate to have shared such a longstanding & close relationship over many years.

Enjoy your day!

Sam & Kathy


26 thoughts on “Best– Wishes– to– Esiri– Karunaratne!”

  1. All the very best to you Esiri, the man with the golden voice. May you have many more years of contentment. Hope to meet you and yours at RU 2018. Blessings.
    Narme and Nirmali


  2. Dear Esiri,
    A Birthday wish is sent your way.Hoping you will have a wonderful day,surrounded by people you hold most dear,,gathered to Celebrate One more Year.
    A day is wished for you.
    I hope it lasts the whole year through.


  3. A very happy birthday Esiri. Wish you many more happy, healthy birthdays to come, filled with joy and contentment.
    I really love listening to those old favourites and I am so sad I happened to be in the wrong bus on our way to Beruwala !


    1. Hey I f you come to Beruwala 2018- oct- you can hear more of Nurse Nona !

      I lucked out- and took this video of us ‘singing in the bus ‘- Esiri singing this old time top favourite among us medicos !


  4. Dear Esiri,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday. Enjoy this day with your family and close friends.

    Indragee AMARASINGHE.


  5. Dear Esiri,

    What a nice day to celebrate the Birthday – Two in one!. Your birthday is special because it is declared a public holiday almost everywhere !

    Many happy returns of the day & many more to come.

    I am imagining that your family will be with your Guitar today- Singing away for you.

    – Best wishes from the X-Ray man Down Under.


    1. An appeal for all to join RU64 2018

      A scene we would love to emulate next year

      Joy on faces of everyone reflecting good cheer

      Looking back, gives flashes of happiness my dear

      All should join the next RU before falling on a wheel chair

      Maestro Esiri’s yesteryear Sinhala euphony, tingling auditory senses

      Deepthi delighting the whole place with her flute and Baila dances

      Faizal Zavir mesmerizing entire Beruwala, with his divine music

      Nightingales in the batch thrilling us with karaoke performances

      Ariya 26 Dec 2017


  6. Dear 🦅D
    You are the “Baila Kumari” “snake charmer” “ Bald 🦅 Eagle watcher “ “Dilisena tharuwa” “Snowy owl 🦉 photographer” “Solstice expert” “Master gardener “ and your talents are numerous so why do you keep pestering the poor Jeewaka boys as to why I was invited for their “Social” ha! ha! Just 🙃 joking. Wimal was the one who invited me .Probably he felt sorry 😐 for me and decided to invite me. Take care . 😊 enjoy your holidays. Praxy


    1. Hey to that Very Cute Bionic Woman !

      Using a bit of space from the Baila Master’s B’day treat here –

      I like to tease you – you know that- as you sure know how to take up a good joke ! and I like to tease the Jeevaka Boys too- as they too know, how to take up a good joke !

      Have a Good Holiday Season all of you .

      – and Esiri- have a nice Sing A Long Birthday Today, and lots of fun, where ever you may be today .
      I wish I was there to join the Party !- not sooo lucky as Piching and Nisantha- but, I had my ‘fill ‘ during those fun filled days in Pitts ,



      1. Dear 🦅D
        We have been friends since school days and to the septuagenarian age and we understand each other well.😁😁 Whatever we say to each other we both know are said just for humour and teasing each other.I too know that both of us can understand jokes without getting offended and are ready to “ crack jokes “ on others too as we are both “ mischievous and naughty😝😝😝.Praxy


  7. Dear Esiri it gives me great pleasure to wish you many happy returns of the day. All the best now and years to come. Our friendship has continued from the Jeewaka days till now. It is nice to know that our friendship has filtered through to our families and brought us close together as one extended family.

    Our batch mates may become envious when I tell them that Piching and I get to hear you sing more often than them , at the numerous parties we have had over the years.

    Please keep on singing make everyone happy.

    Theruwan Saranai.

    Nisantha and Piching


  8. Hi Essiri

    It is my pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday and all the best in the years to come. i have heard so much about your talents in singing etc. from Deepthi. Hope you will have a wonderful Celebrations with your family and friends.



  9. Hi Esiri,

    Wish you Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with many more. Enjoyed your performance in

    Washington on U tube. Keep up the Good work.

    Wishing you and the family compliments of the season.


    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven


  10. Dear Esiri,

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns of the Day.

    Also wishes for a “Happy, Prosperous & a Peaceful New Year”,



    1. Dear Batch Mates,

      Thank you all very much for your wishes and kind words on this “Boxing Day’ when the Christmas gifts are boxed.A term acquired from Britain.

      It is a great honor to be among this wonderful group .The achievements of this group is immense!

      There is vast talent.

      Kudos to Sam a fellow Jeevakite who brings so many of us together. It is so heartening to have this web site so

      nicely done. Sam you are blessed.

      I wish all my batch mates and their families a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic New Year.



      1. HI Esiri- !
        Thanks for your note , thanking the Web Master on the wonderful job done on the web site .

        Sam let me take this oppertunity to thank you for the brilliant idea of creating this wonderful Web site-
        You got the Class of 64 trapped into the web, good and proper ,
        There is NO escape now !!

        It seems to me, now, we seem to have ‘discovered each other, know each other ” more now, than ever before –
        We have becomes such a close knit bunch, that nothing can take us apart .

        We will see each other with ” new vision and understanding” , with a very special sense of closeness, we never knew before .

        Like what Praxy told me in one of her e-mails to me today , — ‘ the RU 2018 in Beruwala’ may not have all the pomp and pagentry of 2014 but, it will be one great chance for a one great social gathering .”

        Esiri- you will be the one to sing to us, and to keep us all —- ” Adi, Adi Yang Nalawi Ridi Thotillay ‘ — Swinging in the Silver Swing ( Ridi Thotilla ) and we will ALL join you, in the best way we can !

        See you all in Beruwala – 2018 – !
        Happy Holidays and Happy New Year .

        eagledeepthie .


  11. Dear Esiri many happy returns of d day.I’m sure u will have a wonderful and fulfilled day with ur loved ones.I will at d same time wish u a healthy and prosperous New Yr.and hope to c u in Ranjani


  12. Hello Esiri,
    I typed a long greeting to you from my daughter’s computer in Chicago, & lost it while sending because the computer was not recognised by web site.
    Anyway, summary- It is a pleasure & honor to wish you ,my dear friend,Esiri, a very happy birthday. Iranthie joins me in wishing you a great day. We recall our days in Altoona with your family, & I recall with great pleasure our days for “Sweat & Toil & Great fun at JEEVAKA”. When snow covers Altoona, you know you have a friend here in South Florida with open arms to you & Chandrika, to spend some time with us. Temp today in Marco Island is 82 degrees, when Chicago is 1 degree!!!

    Have agreat time ,my dear friend. Regards, WIMAL.


    1. HI Dostara Wimal !
      The Temperature here in my rural ontario town is MINUS 24 Deg C !!! – but, going to ‘warm up ‘ to minus 16 by mid day !!
      We had 20 inches of the white stuff in 24 hrs- dec 25- 26- till we got almost buried in it .

      I will be there with you and Iranthie- in february- when the temp dips even lower.

      I hope Marco Island does not get too , too hot for this cold blooded creature from Canada – 82 deg- I will have to walk around in a swim suit !!

      See you all in 6 wks or so .


  13. Happy Birthday Esiri. Wish you many more happy healthy and songful ones! Looking forward to seeing you and listening to you in. Beruwela. All the best to you and your family.


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