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Here is something  for the web for Winter Solstice Day- Dec 21 .


Winter Solstice Day- Dec 21- The Shortest Day of The Year .

From then on , days get longer and is a reason for   much celebration, to
hail the Return of “Grandfather SUN”  by most Aboriginal / First Nations People
of the World – . from the Arctic  America/ Canada and beyond

The  Full Moon-Grandmother Moon as she is known among them,  and the
December Full Moon – also known as Little Spirit Moon by the Ojibwa peoples

The Full Moon is Sacred to All First Nations  Peoples of  North America,
South America , Canada, Australia and New Zealand , as it is to ALL
Buddhists around the World .

It was a very Spiritual Moment  when all  three  events occurred in ONE
Day- Dec 21st 2010, ie the  Solstice Day,  Full Moon and the Total Lunar
Eclipse .

Total Lunar Eclipse can occur only on a Full Moon day, and  this can occur
twice a year , if the earth is exactly between the moon and the sun .

I watched this momentous moment, from the front door step of my home, on
that very, very cold December morning , starting around 2 am and ending
around 4.30 am .

The Creator gifted to me- clear cloudless dark sky with no wind, and good
‘seeing ‘ in the dark sky  , and my little digital took these pics , that I
am sharing with the Class of 64 .
The Moon turned a beautiful copper -red orange — the best  color seen by
an unaided eye .

You can follow the time sequence on the photos .  

We just experienced another rare phenomenon- on Aug 21– Total Solar
Eclipse- when Grandmother Moon kissed the face of Grandfather Sun, on her
Journey to Beyond , plunging us into a  Moment of Darkness for Relfection
…  Earthlings watched  in awe ….this endearing moment of  Heavenly
Beings  .

The only time, the Man in the Moon has a Place in The Sun- some one said !

Here is good story- a TRUE story !- Specially for those living in North
America ! (  Some of you might already know this story)

In  1503-   Christopher Columbus  and his motely crew lands on the Island
of Jamaica , their ships damaged beyond repair .
The Hosts – Arawak Natives – decided that  now that the visitors began to
stink like rotten fish after 2 wks !  they must go .
The visitors obviously  had out lived the generotisty of the Arawak hosts,
who were treated with baubles like glass beads, and trinkets  , in return
for ther generous hospitality/  food .

Sharp eyed Columbus- deviced a nice plan.

 With his  navigational and astronomic skills, he  noticed that a Full Moon
is due on the 29th Feb 1503 and informed the Arawak Chief, that the Gods
will punish them by stealing the Moon and darken the Full Moon Night .

Within a few minutes the darkness   came over , and  scared the day light
out of the simple Arawak people when  the Moon light vanished and the
Arawaks were plunged into darkness  .
Arawaks promised Columbus the sun, moon and the stars, only if he could
bring back The Moon !

By the way- this is when Columbus thought he was in India and he was
surprised to  see the people ‘ Red ‘ and not ‘ Brown ‘ .
So he  called them Red Indians – and look what happened to them ….

 And …..The Rest is History !!!

Here is my Christopher Columbus Story .

I was in Arizona attending an Apache Event in late  february  some 10 yrs
ago , around the same date as Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica .

The sharp eyed Apache Chief singled me out of about 200 Apache people  in
the gathering
”  You sister over there at the back – where are you from ? “

I was  scared stiff like the Arawaks of long ago .
Here is  my reply .

”  I am the one that Christopher Columbus came looking for  500 yrs ago,
and instead of finding me, he found you ‘  .

The whole crowd roared with laughter  and  the day was saved for me .!

A few days later,  this same Apache  Chief, accompanied me  and a few
others, up to the Sacred Cave  on a very memorable climb up the Red Rocks of
Sedona , after a very lovely Sunrise Ceremony .

We still  laugh about this  joke, even 10 yrs later !

I hope  all of you enjoyed the Winter Solstice Day and Lunar Eclipse Tales!


5 thoughts on “Update– from –Deepthie”

  1. Dear 🦅D
    Thanks for your wonderful account of the winter solstice. OMG you are an encyclopedia of knowledge. At least you are educating people like me . 🙏 Thanks for all the effort you put into these stories and pictures. Cheers. Praxy


    1. Thank you Praxy- so far the ONLY one to read my story .

      The rest of The Class of 64 have all gone into a state of Total Mind Eclipse !

      For your info– the last time this same phenomenon of the Winter Solstice and the Total Lunar Eclipse happened was a little over 350 yrs ago .
      When will it happen again ?
      I dont know- I wont be around – but, the Bionic Woman may be around !!
      eagledeepthie .


  2. Thank you my dear Web Master for the post-.
    Worth the effort I put into taking these photos , freezing my butt and fingers out, on that very cold morning from 2 am to 4.30 am .


    1. Hi Deepthie, Thank you for the pics and the explanation.I have two comments.
      First, on matters lunar, we had great fanfare on TV in N.Z about the “supermoon” on the 2nd December 2017. The moon appeared larger and brighter when the moon reached the closest distance from earth in it’s elliptical orbit.The next is due on Jan 2, 2018.
      I have also noticed your profound interest and stories about the first nations people of North America.Do you have a reason for this or is it for all first nations people, including the Veddhas of Ceylon.?
      Lastly, the eagle is your “nom-de-plume” Why ? Is it because of the many birds held in superstition by the first nations people of N. America, the eagle by reason of it’s majesty, solitary and mysterious nature is an object of worship.?


      1. Thanks my dear Eddie for your comments !
        We too had great fan fare on the Super Moon on Dec 3rd- and I went out in the night and took some great pics , just outside my yard .
        it was totally eeeerie- the way it was that night with some clouds etc like a spooky movie scene .

        As to your second question – about First Nations People and my interest in them — I think I am an ‘ Old Soul Come Back ‘as they say !
        We will talk more about it when we meet in Beruwala .

        Eagle- I was always fascinated by the Bald Eagle- dont ask me why —
        So, some years back, my sons changed my internet set up and gave me this name – as they knew I loved this bird .

        Today- I suddenly felt like going ‘bird watching ‘ and took a solo winter hike in a Bird Watching area about an hours drive from home – and there it was – flew over me, and perched on a tree quite far .

        So, I hiked on the hard packed snow- where I knew I would get a better view, and was well rewarded .
        I have not yet gone home- using the FREE internet at the local library – as I am having major issues with the service provider .
        If the photos come out ok- I will e-mail you – and lets call it ‘ Soltice Eagle ‘ !

        Again- lets talk about ” eagledeepthie’s Eagle Encounters ” when we meet in Beruwala !

        About Veddas- in Ceylon- I was truly fascinated by them, even as a very young child- read every book about them .–RL Spittel’s books -, Tissa Hamy, etc .

        According to legend- Kuveni’s two children by King Vijaya- were the original ancestors of The Veddas of Ceylon .

        Check the RU- Souvernier- on Kuveni- the re-creation of that old story as a stage play in Toronto- Ottawa , in 1978- with permission from Henry and Manel Jayasena –.

        Thanks again Eddie and Happy Winter Soltice – eagleD


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