Funny Story- Praxy


An interesting offer😀😀

When I was in SL I went to St Philip Neri’s church in Fort. On the way out I got into a trishaw and the driver started chatting asking me all sorts of questions
Trishaw driver. ( TD )-  Where are you going?Me- Flower Road
TD.  – Madame do you visit this church every Wednesday?
Me- yes.
TD – Shall I come and wait for you next Wednesday at the same time?
Me- No not necessary
TD- Are you visiting SL?
Me – No I live here
TD- Do you work?
Me- yes
TD what is your job?
Me- a cleaner for Abans.
TD – I can get you a job in Korea. Give me your address and phone number and I will  get back to you. I am going there on a job and you can go with me.
At this stage I got worried and said that I am going to Flower Road to  meet my husband
TD – Where does your husband work?
Me- Ticket conductor on trains and after work he will pick me up.
T D- Today the trains are on strike so how come he is working?
Unfortunately I did  not know that the trains were on strike that day.
Then I pointed my fingers  at a man down Flower Road and said that he is my husband and that he is waiting for me and saying this I told him to stop the trishaw and got out. As I  handed him the money he stroked my hand  and I was lucky to get out .


25 thoughts on “Funny Story- Praxy”

  1. Another great story

    My Dear Praxy, Please accept my congratulations

    Brill story telling, word by word taking us to the summit

    What a lucky girl you are, aguy put a penis in the purse

    If that wasnot enough a Trishow driver is offering you jobs!!




    1. Dear Ariya
      I am 🤔 not sure whether I will be able to help with organising the next RU as I will be in Korea 😂Hope it is the South and not the North😊😊Praxy


  2. Hi Praxi,
    Very sobering encounter.I’d say you were very fortunate the taxi driver didn’t take the matter any further..
    I think the girls travelling alone not just in SL but all over the globe needs to have their nouse about them.


    1. Dear Annesley
      Good to hear from you .Actually I thought it was funny 😁 at that time as I felt he was honestly trying to help me as I told him that I am a cleaner at Abans. The only worrying bit was when he stroked my hand as I gave him
      The money . Praxy


  3. Thanks Praxy for sharing this ordeal in Colombo.As a rule it is best not to get into conversation with the driver(although they are a wealth of knowledge of current affairs.), especially when a lady is travelling alone.As is usual there are some good guys too.They all have the knack of “smelling out ” a recently returned traveller to Colombo.(Dress, demeanour,aftershave, perfume.!). One asked me, why I was travelling by 3 wheeler and when I told him that I had no other transport, he retorted by saying that he thought that I had left my car in the garage.!!.Regards. Eddie.


  4. Taxi drivers can be dangerous all over the world . Especially countries like Sri Lanka , India ,Thailand . We hear horror stories emerging even here in the US and Europe.

    All I can say Praxy is that , you still have not lost your good looks. Please be careful.

    Apparently lot of Chinese Twilight ladies have appeared in Sri Lanka. Piching’s sister on one of her visits to Sri Lanka was in a Tuk Tuk and the driver was ready to pay her for her services, and propositioned her. She quickly got of that Tuk Tuk and made a hasty retreat.

    Thanks for sharing your story Praxy. There is a good lesson to be learnt.



    1. Thanks Nisantha . I try to go in taxis when I am in SL but the problem is they get late to come and if so an on a hurry I hop into a trishaw. Yes I have to be careful Praxy


  5. That was a lucky escape, Praxy. Please tell your story in Thailand searching for a snake farm in a tuk tuk.


    1. Dear Narme that was in a proper Taxi where the taxi 🚕 driver did not understand where I wanted to go . He thought I wanted to go to a VD clinic instead of the snake farm and finally took me there. I wanted to see how venom was extracted from the snakes 🐍 but instead saw many ladies waiting for blood tests.😃😃.Praxy


      1. Praxy- how – come these things only happen to you ?
        One Taxi driver makes you a proposition, and another takes you to the VD Clinic !

        May be they think ” here is someone naughty and nice ‘ !!!
        My advice- start looking like a Plain Jane — again- a Woman is A Woman’ for bad men .
        We have to learn to be on our guard ALL the time from these two legged predators .


  6. Dear Friends

    One of my very wealthy patients of Pakistan origin went on holiday to Pakistan. A taxi driver took him to an unfamiliar location and pushed a grenade through his back passage. This gentleman some how wriggled away and got another taxi, reached a private hospital and got that removed by a surgeon . He returned to U.K with a massive scar on the abdomen. Fortunately the grenade did not blow off.

    We have got to be very careful when we travel in any part of the world now.



  7. Lucky escape Praxy ,probably your prayers at P.N, church rescued you from the taxi driver . You’re not only pretty smart too.
    Wish you A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


    1. Dear Marina
      At the time I was not 😟 😟 scared but thought it was 😁 funny the way he offered me a job in Korea.May be he felt sorry for me working as a cleaner 😀Praxy


  8. OMG- Praxy- this is one helluva scary story .

    You had a very lucky escape for sure.
    It scared me from the word ‘get go ‘

    You wrote a very good story- ‘ as it happened ‘ and keeping the suspense right to the end .

    Beauty- got the taxi man ‘ looking for something ‘
    Brains- got you off the taxi —

    YOU are one LUCKY Beauty with Brains !!!
    Also- ‘Some One UP There ” – was Looking after you …

    This is one reason, that I dont travel alone in SL- and dont want to travel anywhere in Asia/ South America ,Mexico alone .
    The only drivers I trust in SL are the Driver/ Guides from Walkers Tours — when I did my solo drive for 4 days back in 2014 to Trinco and back.

    Somehow, I feel safer in America- where I spent 8 wks alone , in Arizona, driving alone , hiking alone etc,have been doing this for 10 yrs now .
    I hope I will be ok next year .

    Be Careful/ Be Observant — this has to be the Buzz word now– see what happened in Melbourne , just y’day — lots of crazies in the world today ..

    Anyway on a lighter note- Happy Holidays and Happy New Year and Happy Solstice Day today to ALL .

    Read my story on Winter Solstice on the post today !- a lot less scary !

    eagledeepthie .


      1. Dear Sam
        Actually it was 😁 funny too as I carried on pretending to be a cleaner married to a conductor on the trains 🚂 which unfortunately happened to be on strike that day .Praxy


      2. Yes I agree- lets start a new series- Scary Stories !

        I really have none to add to this new series – my life is very dull and boring !


    1. Dear 🦅D
      Yes I have to be careful. At that tone it never occurred to me what could have happened till the last moment when I paid him the 💰 money and he stroked my hand.
      Cheers. Praxy


    1. Dear Ranjit
      Your comment made me 😂 😂 laugh. A septuagenarian having sex appeal 😝😝😝😝😝I have not told Ranjit de Saram about it at all.Praxy


  9. Hey Praxy, I missed this message ! Never take a risk again – travelling alone in a 3 wheeler.
    The man stroked your hand – was it on the palmer or dorsal aspect? If on the palmer aspect he might have been a “Free Mason”. Was it ticklish?


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