Happy– Hollidays!!


Dear Batch mates,

Wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you are enjoying the blog as much as we do creating it. I must give special recognition to my “Siblings” as we call ourselves, my blog team, Ariya, Deepthie & Praxy, for their unwavering support & contributions to keep it alive and interesting.

Needless to say that the blog has grown since 2015 with the current stats showing close to 60,000 views this year from 10 countries!




Many thanks to Seelan who sponsored half the word press subscription cost. Thanks to Esiri, Nisantha , Eddie & Deepthie for your contributions as well.


Let’s not forget the four  beloved batch mates we lost this year. Our thoughts and prayers are with their their families during this holiday season

Lastly, consistent with the seasonal mood Ruthraj Edwards, has submitted the following post regarding his beautiful “Pohutukawa” in full bloom from his own garden. Thanks Eddie.



Hi All,

In one of my last posts, I did promise to send pics of my tree when it is in bloom.Herewith is pic of the tree in our  garden. It is still not in full bloom but the display will be complete by Christmas day. Metrosideros excelsa(New Zealand Christmas tree aka “Pohutukawa” in maori) has 12 species, all endemic to New Zealand.It is an evergreen from the myrtle family. The local Maori call it “rakau rangita” as they regard it as a chiefly tree and it’s flowers are known as ” kahika” Our garden specimen is only 7 years old but around New Zealand there are many magnificient specimens growing to over 30 metres in height and long lived at more than a hundred years.
This tree in bloom is a salient feature of coastal New Zealand during Christmas.It is nature’s natural decor of green and red.
May I take this opportunity to wish you all(whether you celebrate it  or not), a happy Christmas and hope that the New Year brings you all you desire.
Best wishes and warm regards to all our batch mates and their families.

Eddie and Indra,
New Zealand.

Dear All
It is wonderful to have friends who care
And wonderful memories of our faculty days to share .
In this month of December Christmas is a perfect time⏰
To reminisce the fun we had with a glass of 🍷 wine.
So Ranjit and I wish you a  Happy 😃 🎄 🌲Christmas and a prosperous New  year.
That will bring you lots of fun and plenty of good cheer.💃🏼🕺🏽🥂

Praxy and Ranjit


Oh! Christmas tree


This video doesn’t exist

Merry Christmas!



”  Seasons  Greetings  to the Class of 64 from Eagledeepthie in Snow
Country “

Here comes Greetings from My Home to Your Home from Eagledeepthie to her
siblings !!!

Wish all of you All that is Best for the Holiday Season, and for the coming
year .


35 thoughts on “Happy– Hollidays!!”

  1. Dear Eddie,
    What beautiful tree and what a display. Stunning. please send us another one when it is in full bloom. It is so nice and thanks for the accompanying of its description. Wish and your family a joyous Christmas and a prosperous healthy New year. Praxy


  2. To all batchmates and their families,
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Contented New Year. Hope we will meet personally before 2019 dawns. Thanks to Sam, Seelan, Ariya, Deepthi and Praxy for keeping us connected.
    Narme and Nirmali Wickremesinghe


    1. Thank you Narme for the Greetings and I wish you and your family the same .

      It was real fun playing around with the Blog that Sam has taken so much trouble over, to keep us all in the loop .
      See you in Beruwala- oct 2018 .


  3. Thank you Eddie for the lovely photo and the note on the Pohutukawa flowers , and Holiday Greetings .
    I was waiting to see it !
    Reminds me of the ‘bottle brush ‘ flowers I saw in Aust an see it also in Phoenix, Arizona.
    see you in Beruwala oct 2018 !


      1. Yes it reminded me too of the bottle brush but this flower is so pretty. I have never heard of it before. I planted two bottle brush plants in our garden in the Summer and hope they will tolerate the winter and flower next year. Praxy


      2. Thanks Eddie !
        I must dig through my old photos from the two NZ trips taken in Dec 1991 and march 1998 and see, if I have any photos of Pohutukawa .
        I love the sound of that name ” Pohutukawa ‘— has a lovely ‘old world charm ‘ to it .

        I will watch the NE fireworks from NZ as you folks greet the New Year before any one of us here in the west .
        All good wishes to you and family out there in NZ ! this holiday season and for the NW year .



  4. I love that Doggie in the Video !!
    This is my New Year Wish- to have a ‘handy helper ‘ around the house, that gives me Unconditional Love, and does not Talk Back !
    Thank you Nisantha .


  5. Sam-Thanks for the New Look !
    What happened to my Greetings to The Class of 64 ?

    Anyway== Here is eagleD- wishing The Class of 64 All Good Wishes for the Holiday Season, and Good Health and Happiness for the New Year .
    See YOU All in Beruwala- oct 2018.


  6. Thanks Eddie for the picture of the New Zealand Christmas tree ” Pohutukawa ” . It looks pretty with half the blooms. Would like to see it in full bloom.

    Compliments of the season to you Indra and all your loved ones. May the New year bring you all Peace Prosperity and Good health in the years to come.

    We also take this opportunity to wish all our batch mates , their families and loved ones a happy holiday season a new year and beyond of Peace Prosperity and Good health .

    Nisantha and Piching


  7. To all batchmates,

    happy X mas and a peaceful and happy new year to you and your families. greetings from Mississauga.



  8. Dear Eddie and Indra,

    Thank you for the excellent picture of Metrosideros Excelsa .Pardon my pun.I could not resist, being the punster of the batch as Ariya can attest to.

    The flowers from a distance reminds me of the Gloriosa Superba flowers from back home.The story is that 2 botanists exploring the jungle came across the flower .It was so beautiful one called it glorious and the other superb.So the name Gloriosa Superba.In Sinhala it is Niyagala.The yam is very poisonous and deadly if eaten.

    A Sinhala poet said.Kala rasaya thibunath Niyagala male.Mala nedha kavoth Niyagala ale.Just some humor.

    In addition compliments of the season to you and every batch mate and their families.

    Special Thanks to Sam for being the Web Master and doing an amazing job with it, bringing all batch mates together and spreading warm feelings and joy in this holiday season.We are blessed to have you do this.I am especially proud you being a fellow Jeevakite.



    1. Thank You Esiri for your wishes and your interesting story about Gloriosa superba (niyangala).
      Fortunately, Metrosideros has no sting in it’s tail.!
      Please keep the puns coming . It makes our site interesting and participatory.
      Niyangala(S) Karthigaipoo(T) is interestingly the national flower of both Ziimbabwe and Tamil Nadu!
      The cause of the deadly effect is due to the abundance of Colchicine in the yam.In local remedies it has been used as an abortifacient and an antihelminthic.
      Perhaps an enterprising local should start an industry manufacturing colchicine. Eddie.


      1. Hi Eddie,

        Thank you very much for the info. on Niyangala.That was enlightening especially about colchicine.

        If this could be extracted from the yam then no need for importing colchicine for gout! Great idea and the extracting process could be named after you in honor of the idea!This could be Edited if you do not agree.

        As far as using it as an abortifacient, they should abort the practice.It sounds too dangerous.Pardon my puns.



    2. Dear Esiri,
      You are correct about the NIyangal root being poisonous. I can vividly remember how when I was small I thought that the Niyangla root was ginger and I ate a bit of it and I was taken to hospital immediately as my mouth became swollen and itchy itchy and I was feeling nauseous. Of course I got a good ”telling off” from my parents. Praxy


      1. HI my dear Praxy, Eddie, and Esiri !

        What a wonderful discussion on the good old Niyangala !
        Learning a lot about it – including it being the National Flower of Zim and Tamil Nadu, and about Colchicine .

        Eddie – get cracking on the isolation of the natural product- for Gout Treatment !- -no – just kidding !

        From what I remember , it was the #1 suicide method- to eat it – a sure kill- among village lasses who got jilted by a lover !!

        Praxy- you took a lovely photo of my near the Niyangala flower, when we were at the Mother Theresa Orphanage in Galle some yrs back .
        I love the flower- and knew to stay away from it- and admire it from a respectable distance .
        Praxy- Imagine the horror of you parents when you bit into the Niyangala .

        The real killer here among plants is the sap of Water Hemlock- the same thing that Socretes was made to drink by the Greek Powers , way back when .

        perhaps we should start a project on Killer Plants !!

        Anyway — Good wishes to all of you !


    1. To all Batchmates, – Wishing you all a happy new year and enjoy the Chrismas events as well

      Indragee Anarasinghe


  9. A v.merry and happy Christmas to all my batch mates.looking forward to c u all in 18 at Beruwela.a special thanks to Sam for starting d blog and Deepthi .Praxy.Seelan and Ariya for keeping it lively.thanks Eddie for d lovely Xmas tree endemic to NZ.which we would never have seen here and hope to c it agai in full bloom. Thanks to Esiri on d update on Niyagala and Eddie for d medical point of view.Wish u all a v.healthy and Prosperous New Year 18 .love Ranjani


    1. Thanks Ranjni for the Greetings , and wish you and Tiri the same .
      I am looking fwd to seeing you again in Beruwala , next october .

      We ALL have to thank Sam in a BIG Way for starting this Blog and keeping all of us Hooked on The Web !
      We ALL do what we can to keep the fun going , as it belongs to ALL of us .
      Thanks Ranjini for supporting the blog !


  10. Dear Eddie,

    The huge collection of beautiful red flowers

    Thanks for sharing via web with batch mates

    If I recollect my school days, Botany lessons

    Luxuriously grown ‘Gloriosa Superba flowers’



  11. What a fine way to say good bye to 2017 – with Sam’s summary of a successful year of the Web site he created & Eddie’s Christmas tree from the bottom ( TOP) of the world !

    Long live the web site !!

    Almost all the batch mates followed the web site, read & enjoyed the contents. Many took part actively. Hopefully this will increase next year – very helpful to keep Alzheimer’s away !

    Jean joins me in wishing all batch mates & their families a wonderful Christmas as well as a HAPPY & HEALTHY 2018

    See you all at the next RU 2018.


    1. HI Seelan and Eddie !

      What a way to say good bye to 2017- with a wonderful Christmas Tree from TOP OF THE WORLD !!!

      Living in Igloo Country- the Pohutukawa from NZ was a real cheery addition , a welcome relief from the Poinsettia displays over here, for want of Natural plant in the Great Outdoors !

      Many Thanks to The Web Master-
      We ALL had a great time ‘talking to each other ‘ all around the world .
      Now, the Web is even more ‘user friendly ‘ than ever before —

      Long Live the Web and Long Live The Class of 64 !!

      Well Done Sam !


      eagledeepthie .


  12. A very merry Christmas and Happy and peaceful 2018 to all batch mates and their families. Looking forward to meeting you all in October 2018. Thanks to Sam for maintaining the blog and Deepthie, Praxi and Ariya for helping Sam and keeping the fire of friendship burning. Eddie, Seelan and others continue to entertain and educate. Glad to see the diversity of interest and hobbies. dharma


  13. Wishing all the Batch mates and their families.

    A Blessed Christmas and a Happy and a Prosperous New Year.

    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven.


  14. Wishing all the batch mates and particularly blog master and his helpers , a very merry Christmas and happy & healthy new year. You all are doing a wonderful job in keeping batch comradery alive although we are scattered around the globe


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