Best —Wishes –to– Selva !!

Happy Birthday to you my dear good friend Selvarani- on this 14th day of
December – just 11 days before Christmas Count Down Day !
Well my dear, I am counting the days, when we would meet again – some where
– I hope it will be Beruwala again – Oct 2018 .

I had a hard time picking photos of you- and deliberately omitted the
‘concert item’ from 2014- as you are wearing a surgical mask, that covers
your lovely face !!
Also- I had  a hard time picking your photos- as there are sooo many !!

These are photos of RU of past- from ’89 in UK, ’94 in Bentota, 2014 in
Beruwala, and the other two at Indira Ana ‘s family functions- wedding of
their daughter Shamila  and the birth of their first grand child- 16 ys ago
My God Selva- we are now grandmothers- wow !!- with 16 yr old grandkids- so
is mine .

Thank you soo very much for sending me the CD of photos of our class of 64
taken over the years, and this is what I use to ‘pick the pics ‘ for the
Birthday Greetings .
This is a priceless CD of photos of the class .

I have a million sweet memories of us girls back in the 60’s- all the fun
things we did, going around in your car,- as only you,  and  Kumi had cars
and had the  nerve to drive around Colombo !  ( I am not sure if Indira had
a car too . )
All the fun parties we went to – the Big Christmas party we had at Indira’s
place from some charity donation you were organising , and so on .
Then, visiting your home, time and time again – just for afternoon tea,
scrounge a lunch on Sunday, when I was sick of the Appa kade food !
Your mother was the Mother for all of us back then, and you are sooo much
like her now .

You were one of those girls- along with Anoja ,who we could depend on for a
sensible solution to a problem – both of you were always the part of the
solution .
Such a great solid , dependable , yet happy go lucky  person  you were, and
still is .
I could go on and on- but I have to step on the brakes now !

Good wishes to Mahesan- that lucky who ‘got you’ !

Have a Happy Birthday to day  with family and friends .


Happy Birthday Selva💐💐💐💐💐💐

Earlier on we got your birthday wrong .
But at last  today your birthday has dawned . So we wish you many happy returns of the day.
And all God’s choicest blessings to adorn your way.

Ranjit and Praxy

‘Selva is the Rani of our batch for sustainence of youth, quintaessential
She is the lady who expresses her inner sweetness equally to every pal
In benovolence Selva has certainly found an effective antidote, for aging
Send my wishes for good health & a long reign for ‘the batch cake queen’

14 thoughts on “Best —Wishes –to– Selva !!”

  1. Some or other your last birthday turned out to be in January. We got it wrong!! Because the birthday salutations was at the initial stages, I even sent a greetings by email. I realised that we were wrong when you replied !!

    Cannot escape this time !! Don’t worry you are still young.
    Many happy returns of the day fro Jean & myself.

    History cannot be forgotten. Your Veterinary Uncle Prof Brito Babbpulle was my brother”s Teacher ( 1st batch of Vets from Ceylon & well liked by him as a good student) & he was a friend of Prof Waas ( Warden of Bloem). He helped me to get into Bloem soon after I got into Med School in 1964. Your uncle thought that I will be a good student like my Bro.
    Best Regards


    1. Hey Seelan !
      Thanks to Selva’s uncle and Prof Wass, we girls at the Hopper House had the delight of listening to your special nocturnal, gini watura fortified ,special rendition of ” My My My Delailah” with along Johnpulle, to add to background vocal tones !! ”
      This sure entertained us in a good way , as I exhausted all my Holiday Fire Crackers in one go and we could now listen to some Good Music !!
      Make sure both of you sing this song at Beruwala, when we meet next- October 2018 , to ‘re-visit ‘ those good old days !!


  2. Happy birthday Selva, wish you many more happy and healthy ones. One of the nicest batch mates. Thanks for all your RU controls, including being. Part of RU 14 skit. Amazed you are working still and residents hours. GNU. Dharma


  3. Hi Selvarani, many happy returns of yesterday to you and wish you all the good tidings the festive season brings in..You may recall that We had our catholic/Christian get together in 1964 prior to entering the uni/medical college. Myself, Cletus and another good friend of mine attended the week end event. The first time I encountered Babapulle clan was when we met your cousin who entered the Vet science faculty along side us who took an instant liking to Cletus’ so it seemed. No doubt all in good fun. The poor bloke Cletus was so scared we three scooted off to Cletus, brothers place in the middle of the night and slept there. That,s a bit of history for you 54 years old.
    Kind regards, have a lovely day, Annesley


  4. Yes – I do remember Adrian Babapulle quite well – a very friendly likable fellow he was, very active in the Catholic Students Federation when we still in school, before I entered med school .
    I too vaguely remember this weekend gathering , and I am sure Praxy was also with me that weekend- as we were real goody goody convent girls !
    Can’t remember if Ranjini attended this gathering .

    Good story Annesley — all in good fun !


  5. Hello Selvarani
    Many happy returns of the day. May the coming year brings you joy,good health and prosperity. We are glad that we were able to meet you in NJ 2 years ago along with Rahula. Regards to Mahesan
    Satha & Selvi


  6. Many happy returns of the day Selva. All the best now and years to come. I do remember the good old block days . Babapulle , Bandaranayake , and Baptist we sat together for almost 2 years until we started our clinicals.
    Best regards to you Mahesan and all your loved ones.

    Nisantha and Piching Banda


  7. Many happy returns of the day dear Selvaranee. May God bless you for many more contented birthdays.
    Narme and Nirmali, Nali and Niluka


  8. Hello Selvarani,
    Happy Birthday wishes to you; eventhough it’s a bit late. Just returned from Sri-Lanka today. May you be blessed with many more and be showered with the choicest blessings life has to offer. If my memory is correct we had a a bunch of Babapulle’s at St Joseph’s , who were a jolly, lively and fun loving bunch. I suppose they were your cousins.

    Best wishes to you and family.

    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven, FL


  9. Dear Selvarani.

    Wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day & Best Wishes for your Birthday and many more to follow.Do remember the delicious snacks you & Indira gave us when we were doing the casualty nights during the surgical appointments.
    Glad I had chance to meet you at RU 64



  10. Hi Sevaranee

    Happy belated birthday and wish you a very long,healthy and happy years ahead. Sorry i missed the date. I did not look at the blog for a few days.



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