6 thoughts on “Batch’64– Entertainment”

  1. HI Sam- I cannot recall this song at all .
    nice song .
    Anyway- I was thinking our own Bionic Woman will look great on the stage , at Beruwala on friday night, with a green grass skirt twirling around !!

    Baila Kumari !


      1. Dear Sam.
        I have not heard that song before but it is a wonderful song. The dancing is lovely too and I enjoyed listening to it. I am still in SL but Ranjit left on Monday. I will be leaving here on Saturday night and will be in UK on Sunday morning.
        I am so happy with the response we have got for the RU. Although it is going to be a ”low key” one, I am sure it will turn out to be a great one judging from the response so far. Cheers. Praxy


    1. Dear Eagle D/ Bail Kumari
      Yes of course the bionic knees will carry me through to every step of the way.
      Sorry my responses to the blog have been a bit slow as I have been very busy here.
      Cheers. Praxy


  2. Thank you Sam, flashback of a beautiful song
    Took me back to my youth fifty years or so long
    To get up and dance to yester year’s melady
    Heart is willing but reluctant flesh, is my tragedy


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