Update –from– Dharma

I  went to London in November this year on a 4 day trip to surprise my sister at her 70th B’day luncheon.  It went well. There, I met Arulrajah and his wife Ruth.   The next day Sathyanayagam  travelled 2 hrs in the rain to met me. We had dinner at an SL restaurant.   The next day Biga and Sunila came and we had dinner at the same place. Had hoppers and Masla Thosai.  As we sipped our drinks, I told Biga that I thought Kingsley  lived in this area, Cockfosters.  Immediately Biga called Kingsley and he joined us in 10 minutes!  We had a good time.



6 thoughts on “Update –from– Dharma”

  1. Dear Dharma
    That sounds a great mini ru.
    We are also in UK though may be a bit further from London. But if you come to UK you ar most welcome in our 🏠 house too🙂Praxy


  2. Hey Dharma,
    Thanks for the nice pics .
    Seems like you are really travelling around with old friends – Alaska Cruise with Satha/ Selvi Sathi and others, and then Florida with Sam and others , now in UK with more mates !
    Good to see Sunila and BIga- once again- as I have not seen them since we left med school .
    Hope your next travel destination with mates will be in Beruwala- Oct 5, 6, 7, 2018 !
    Good wishes to all of you .
    Deepthie- here in Ontario, in the middle of a huge snow squall !


  3. Can see from your faces that you all just had Masala Dosai.
    Reminds me of the Dosai Kadai at Punchi Borella Junction ( Susila Lodge)


  4. Thanks Dharma for showing photos with Arulkumaran,Biga and Susila,and Kinsley having meals in SriLankan restaurent in London.


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