Funny –Events –in–the Days –gone –by– Ariya





To follow interesting experiences of Praxy and Deepthie

Bring to your attention, a dilemma I faced, an uncommon story!

Unlike the two descriptions  before, no sexual connotations here

Yet similar to theirs, the ‘Raising a toast’ too, is an authentic tale

Background was a retirement party, in a Manor House in Yorkshire

A distinguished, respected physician, was leaving after years forty

Erudite compassionate service celebrated by friends and colleagues

In a grand manner, gents clad in black tie, ladies mimicking fairies

It was customary to invite only close friends and the distinguished

The City Mayor headed the table cladded with his regal paraphernalia

I was included for being ‘The Trust lead Clinician in communication’

Crystal chandeliers, well laden tables, plenty of painted faces, very happy

In spite of soothing music and glittering razzmatazz, I truly felt a bit uneasy

The rest of the gathering were quite animated and vociferously happy

Ladies each dropping hints pompously about the richness of the hubby

Hints of royal connections, new acquisitions of grand mansions and horses

Gossip was dull, to the lad from ‘Narigama’ yet pretended to be a well-healed bunny!

By class as well as physique, I was truly ‘a page boy’ among the knights, shining

However British sense of restrain and pretentious equanimity probably saved my bacon

Glances by man seated across dinning table raised my eye brows and a bit of concern

His sardonic gestures and irritating stares were silently questioning, my inclusion

Must confess, though hail from south of ‘Bentara Ganga’ with toughness and determination

There were few nervous beads of sweat popping, bothering my upper lip and concentration

Alas, time arrived to ‘raise a toast’ to the most decorated physician and colleague, leaving

The brute in front took his chance for a sarcastic shot at me, when all stood up for ‘toasting’

Everyone was ‘raising a toast, with a glass red or white wine, in their right hand

Being a proud ‘teetotaller’ I did the same, but a glass of orange in place of wine

The brute in front took his opportunity to teach, ‘non-pale faced village kolla’ a lesson

For every ones attention he snarled at me, ‘you raise a toast, not with orange but wine’!

Because of my habit of reading bizarre things during my inquisitive childhood

Flashes of anger and a sober thought were equally tying to get my attention

Had in my mind the reason why the term ‘ toast’ was used to honour someone

Of repute specially when they are hanging their boots and leaving the colloquial ring

When giant of a pale face proud man, was trying to hint the crowd my unworthiness

To be among the good and the great of the high society, in the most polite voice,

I did challenge the guy who was nagging me over the glass of orange In my hand,

Whether he would be polite enough to explain us the relevance of raising a toast!

A sudden bombshell like silence changed the entire atmosphere

The lady paediatrician who too was annoyed by this brute’s gesture

Saw the pale face become red and knew it wasn’t entirely due to sips of wine

More joined,  willing him to give ‘the village kolla’s question, an answer credible

I may be five foot nothing but started to feel like a giant of eight or nine

Fair number of colleagues joined pestering for an answer, he was mumbling

Finally with his proud tail tucked between the two massive muscles glutei

Turned to me, crest fallen and admitted of ignorance, of toast, wine connection

I knew that mighty prey is now well and truly stuck between my jaws

But to suit the occasion realised  benevolence is better than being pompous

Gently narrated the origin of the concept of raising a toast to a good fellow in society

Hope you do not mind if I give text of my ‘victorious proud presentation’ in summary

In the twelfth century quality of wine and ale was not  palatable

No where near the sweetness one tastes today in a good tipple

Was a common practice to dip spiced toast  to draw out bad flavours

A young man once quite high lost his piece of toast in his drink for hours

When remembered he could not believe his eyes the horrible concoction

Has now become a clear fluid in glass the toast peace left at bottom

When sipped the fluid tasted completely free of horrible taste or smell

As in few hours piece of toast had completely purified the drink ‘wine’

So to indicate if a person had been a good soul to the society clearing the mess

The term raising a toast was used when  lifted the bloke to indicate his good deeds

Signifies that the society became honourable and worthy because of ‘ his actions’

The term toast joined the vocabulary to express the gratitude to those humble souls

Thank you,


8 thoughts on “Funny –Events –in–the Days –gone –by– Ariya”

  1. Well done Narigama Kolla from the other side of the Bentara Ganga !

    I am sooo proud of those folks who stand up to those who think they are mighty and powerful, and the rest of us are ” nothing ‘.

    Ariya- you did well ,and I am NOT one bit surprised either !!!

    It is good to teach some one to swallow their own medicine and eat their own words for a change .
    The great man, Sir Winston Churchill once said ” eating your own words is a healthy diet ‘ !!

    I hope the ‘ BIG pale face that turned red ‘ learned his lesson- Not to mess around with Small Person- !
    Thank you for the story on The Origin of A Toast !


  2. Thanks Dilisena Tharuwa for approving my stand

    Strong or weak, knowledge is power, someone said

    Appeal to all batch mates to take a leaf from stories told

    Publish interesting incidents as everyone is itching to read



  3. Ariya I already commended you about your actions at the party. It is worth repeating. The pompous bloke did not expect the “Village kolla “ to retort the way he did.

    The British are described as people with a stiff upper lip, arrogant and reserved. Having lived in the UK you know it better than I do. They would describe their Athletes, their stars , their achievers as the Worlds third best , ignoring the first and the second.

    Well done Ariya , I congratulate you.



  4. Thanks Nisantha for your encouraging pat on my back

    It is one of the pleasures to our glorious past to look back

    We may be little people from a tiny former colony, no doubt

    Push overs or to be swept under the carpet, certinly are not

    kind regards,


  5. Hi Ariya
    Well done. thank you for educating us. i simply enjoyed reading your contributions. Please keep up the good work.



  6. My dear Sam,
    You seem to have pulled up all the stoppers
    Come out with graphics to match event and scenes
    The picture painted so real giving me goose bumps
    Thank you wizard, cannot fathom enormity of your talents


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