Best Wishes for Dharma



Happy Birthday Dharma๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Happy birthday Dharma dear
As you celebrate another new year.
Don’t worry about grey hairs and no hairs.
Just drink and be merry ย but don’t fall downstairs ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


Ranjit and Praxy


Dharma’s Mini RU in Florida

Birding in Florida w Dharma


Happy Birthday Dharma!

Enjoy this special day Dharma, ย  Best wishes to you and your family ย & many more to come with much health and happiness. Kathy and I enjoyed hosting your recent mini RU at our house and the “Photo Safari” we did afterwards. ย We hope to see you again soon.

(Please send me some of your Florida bird photos for inclusion)

Sam & Kathy




Happy ย Birthday to you Dharma !
May you have many more days like this in the years to come, and may you
enjoy with our family and friends, ย ALL the days ahead of you, as if it is
Happy Birthday Day .

You sure start off the month of Dec in a good way- for the Class of 64 .

It was great seeing you in at Beruwala- specially your marvolous skit from
USA folks .
Oh my god- I laughed sooo much- and I am still laughing , and thank you for
that lovely fun memory- so I can laugh in my sleep !!
You must take up Script Writing and Play Acting along with your
photographic skills as part time retirement job !

I had a ย hard time picking photos of you- so I picked mostly of you,
lugging a camera – no matter where you are- in the tropics, or in Alaska .
The only photo I could find you without a photo was the one on the dance
floor with your lovely wife – in UK – 1989- where you cannot hold a pretty
woman and a camera at the same time !!!

Thank you so much for all the lovely Nature photos that you sent me, ( and
the blog ) ย specially the leopard in SL ย .

I love the photo of the group of us in that lovley morning beach walk at
Beruwala, and I can almost feel the moring tropical sun on my head, and
smell the salty air and hear the ocean, even as I am writing this …
What nostalgia …
Lets hope we can meet again- and oh by the way- must appoint you as the
Official Photographer for Class of 64 2018- Beruwala !

Have a Happy Birthday and hope we meet again soon .

Deepthie .

52 thoughts on “Best Wishes for Dharma

  1. Dear Dharma,
    I wish you the very best on your birthday and for many years after. I consider myself very fortunate to have a true friend like you. Kalum and Tanuja were very keen that I wish Uncle Dharma a very happy birthday.


    • Thanks CJ, Our feelings are mutual regards our friendship. I guess the alphabet “A ” brought us together including Ana and other in the ” A team” . Very fortunate indeed. Please convey my regards to Kalum and Tanuja. The “apple does not fall far from the tree”
      Best to all. dharma


      • Thank you very much for your kind wishes. Means much to me. You are the one who coaxed me to throw my hat into the “BD Felicitation” group. Thank you for keeping the whole batch active in the blog. Also you contribute more with literary and professional
        material that makes us proud. Thank you. Keep up the good work. Regards to Thavamany.


  2. My dear Dharma,
    Send greetings for a fantastic birthday
    With joy and contentment all the way
    May you have good health and peace
    And a joyous stress free long happy life


    • Dear Ariya, I screwed up my reply to you – Senile carelessness. Thank you very much for your kind wishes. Means much to me. You are the one who coaxed me to throw my hat into the โ€œBD Felicitationโ€ group. Thank you for keeping the whole batch active in the blog. Also you contribute more with literary and professional
      material that makes us proud. Thank you. Keep up the good work. Regards to Thavamany.


  3. Dear Dharma
    Many happy returns of the day & Gods choicest blessings to a well loved friend. We are fortunate to have dear friends like you
    Aley & Roshani


    • Thanks for your birthday wishes Aley and Roshani. Appreciate your friendship and for your help and prayers when we needed them, especially in SL..


  4. Thank you Sam for the wonderful heron photo display of the photo safari you did with Dharma.
    I hope you can take me for a similar photo safari – or rather a bird safari- when I am there in February .
    Thank you for the lovely photos of ‘mini RU in Florida with Devacanthan , Johnpulle, and Wimal .
    Dharma- The Birthday Boy — you look swell in all the photos , and like what Praxy said in her greeting ” dont worry about no hairs or grey hairs and dont fall down stairs !! ” as we all want you at the RU -2018 in Beruwala !! — And be the ‘official photographer ‘ .
    Good Wishes to you Dharma, and to all those fun folks in Florida .


      • Hi Praxi,
        Thank you for the B’day wishes and comments. Also for playing an active role in the RU blog, especially the BD Felicitations. Thank you very much. Please keep up the good work. I remember your saying you were getting with drawl symptoms when you had no RU news after the RU50. Now you have been cured for ever thanks to Sam, Deepthie, Ariya and other contributers. Yes, as you said, I will join the 2018 RU if I am able.


    • Hi Deepthi, Thank you for your Birthday wishes and recollection of the fun times we had in past RUs. I was shocked to see the photo of us dancing in Warrington. I don’t know how you manage to pull out pictures from the past for virtually everyone in the batch. More than that your personal contact with them. You have visited so many places. Your interest in birds is great. You take great pictures with your simple “point and shoot” camera. Your cultural knowledge and contribution are educational. Your involvement and contributions to the RU blog is a life line for all batch mates to be in contact. It is hard for me believe the tough time I hsd reaching you for the RU 2014., unanswered emails and phone calls! Finally contacted you thru Rajes She said you “did not want to do anything with the batch” and then I see you in the van going to Edens for a final look before the RU! It was most pleasant shock and the rest is history. Thanks again for all you do for the batch. Keep up the good work. See you at RU 2018. I will try to send my pictures from the “bird Safari” with Sam. I am afraid of crashing your computer as before. I will send only a few and small size pix.
      Sorry, I decline to be official photographer. Thank you for confidence. I do not wish to see the RU thru the lens alone.


      • Thank you Dharma, for the nice words !
        Coming from a REAL photographer- I am pleased that you enjoy my bird/ wild life shots with my ‘point shoot ‘ .
        Yes _ I got ‘hooked ‘ on the RU- 64- after 2014.–thanks to all the persistent phone calls, e-mails by you, Lakshman Senanayake and Lucky Fernando .
        I get most of the pics from the CD that Selvarani sent me – I had the foresight to send her a lot of hard copy photos, back in the day, when we did not have ‘digital magic – Emails ‘ etc .
        She had them ‘stored safely ‘ for a rainy day !!
        Most of my 50 yr collection of photos got destroyed by water damage, and a few of them, I had in other albums .
        Your photo with Yogamani dancing- came from Selva’s CD – as Mahesan also took great photos at every RU .
        I am really looking fwd to seeing all of you, all over again in 2018- Beruwala RU- 64.
        I agree- I too want to see the RU, mostly with my natural eyes, and sometimes through a lens .
        I think, it is well worth the expense, hiring an ‘official photographer’ as at the end of the day- this is all we have left ..
        That guy who took the photos of the ‘block concert’ did a GREAT job !!!
        Start writing a script for the next Block Concert !– your new Day Job !

        I was sad today, to see the passing of Sanath– More the reason why we should get together Soooooner rather than later .. hence another good reason to have the RU in 10 Full Moons !
        See you in Beruwala .
        by the way- the Snowy Owls are in your area too this year- apparently a bumper crop of them in the Great Lakes Areas of Canada and USA. Check out e-bird


    • Thanks Asoka and Arhndathi for your B’day wishes, Sorry I could not meet with you few weeks ago when I was in Miami. I should have planned better. Next time. Thanks again. Dharma


  5. Dear Dharma
    Wishes for a Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns of the day.May you be blessed with many more to follow in Good Health, Happiness & Peace.



  6. Happy birthday Dharma, my old school friend.We have been very good friends from St. Johnโ€™s college Jaffna and in medical college and Bloem. Remember the Bloem trips.?
    What happens in Bloem stays in Bloem!.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Best wishes
    Ana and Indira


    • Thank you Ana and Indira for your kind wishes. Yes Ana, I cherish the friendship we have had since since St Johns and thru med school in the “A team, and Bloem. Yes the Bloem trips are memorable, especially at Galle where you helped me with the arrangements and had to have “50cc 50% deextrose IV by MBS! Also our trips to Borella sleazy joints to learn to play billiards!!! I think you are still working and teaching. Keep up the good work and keep hitting that little white ball. All the best to both! “Old man” dharma.


    • Thanks “Cossck” for your kind wishes. I wanted to visit when I was in UK for few days but could not due family commitments. Wishing you well.


  7. Dear Dharma,

    It is with great pleasure I wish you a wonderful birthday.Thank you so much for putting together
    the OB skit for the last reunion.It was masterful and a great hit.I did really enjoy it with the rest of the group!

    You are indeed a true gentleman .You are loved and respected by everyone.

    Wishing your family the very best.

    Kind Regards,



    • Thanks Esiri for your wishes and compliments. Thanks for joining the skit at such short notice and make it a successful one. You made great “COD’. I enjoyed writing and presenting it. Proud of your work and “Pop Star” status. Cant wait to hear you and Fizal pick up the Mikes at the RU 2018. Thanks again Esiri.


  8. Dear Dhama
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and have very long healthy and happy life.
    Indragee AMARASINGHE, groupmate during medical student days.


  9. Many happy returns of the day Dharma. All the best now and years to come.
    Everyone is talking about grey hairs and no hairs. Even with no hairs you will look great. Take it from an expert.
    I do not know what plans you have for the skit for our next RU 64. The OB skit you put together at the last RU 64, is hard to beat. As you can see people are still smiling and laughing thinking about it.
    With best regards,

    Nisantha and Piching.


    • Hi Nisantha and Piching, Thank you for your kind wishes. Yes, I too enjoyed writing and presenting the skit. Thanks to you with professional role and Piching’s Seductive Med Student, it was a hit with the batch mates though some may have thought it was “Filthy”! Thank you for willingly participating and give great suggestions. It was a combined effort. As you said it will be difficult to match that. It must have been a “Flash in the pan “. Not thinking about RU 2018 skit yet, may be never!! Thanks again for everything.


  10. Hi Dharma,

    What a way to start December. Number one is supposed to be a lucky one. Wish you the very best and all good blessings on this day I am sure Yogamani would have cooked a lovely meal for the lovely man. enjoy today and everyday. At this stage of our lives everyday matters. God Bless you and your family.



    • Thank you very much for your kind wishes Rajes. Yes I have been lucky, damn lucky including getting into med school after multiple attempts and as result spend 5years with great batch mates like you. Also continuing friendships to this day. Thanks to Sam, Deepthi, Praxy, Ariya and others. Your help in tracking and roping Deepthi into the “Batch Fold”. You can see what vital role in all aspects of the Batch! thanks again. dharma


    • Thank you very much for your kind wishes Rajes. Yes I have been lucky, damn lucky including getting into med school after multiple attempts and as result spend 5years with great batch mates like you. Also continuing friendships to this day. Thanks to Sam, Deepthi, Praxy, Ariya and others. Your help in tracking and roping Deepthi into the โ€œBatch Foldโ€. You can see what vital role in all aspects of the Batch! thanks again. dharma


    • Thank you Maithri for your kind wishes. Your error was minimal while I found I had incorrectly addressed my note to Rajes to you. Sorry, hope you understand. It is because I was careless. Sorry and thanks.


  11. My dear Dharma,
    Jean joins me in wishing a very happy birthday today & for EVER.

    I can VAGUELY remember the way you held my completely Severed Ulna artery & Median nerve with a towel from Bloem to the A&E in a taxi . Arul, Asokan & Almeida are the others I remember. Basically you saved my life. (Asokan’s Uncle was the surgeon)

    On a different note: I notice Devacanthan in the 1st Photo. I haven’t seen him since Med School. He still looks the Same. Yesterday I spoke to Sivakumaran. He came to Sydney for a wedding – short trip for 3 nights. Unfortunately I couldn’t meet.

    Seelan & Jean


    • Thank you Jean and Seelan for your kind wishes. I don’t know about “Forever’. Oh yes, I remember that day of your “accident” like it was yesterday. Forget about about ‘Saving your life”. You are a “tough cookie” , indestructible . You learned to write with your left hand and finished med school with no exception for your injury. You wrote a chapter in Emergency medical book and built a great successful radiology practice. Admired by many for your instant wit and friendliness. Glad to have you as my batch mate and friend. Thank you again.


  12. HI Seelan,
    It is good to recall the day you had that bad incident you had — makes us think of life in a different way- to be in the right place at the right time, with the right people around you …

    Yes – Devacanthan- I too have not seen him since we left med school and sure he still remains Evergreen- the same as he looked 53 yrs ago – I wonder what the secret is …

    Pity you could not meet with Sivakumaran- and lets hope we see him in 2018- Beruwala – another one I have not seen since med school days .
    Being in the S gp- we were very friendly and he was my ‘physiology tutorial helper’- I think, he even wrote a little book let on Physiology tutorials or something like that .

    deepthie .


    • Thank you very much Narme and Nirmali for your kind wishes and prayers. Yes it is well known secret that i love to watch and photograph birds.


  13. Dear Dharma
    Wishing you all the best for your special birthday
    I hope all your wishes come true
    May God bless you
    Thanam & Deva caanthan


    • Thank you Caanthan and Thanam for your wishes. Glad to have survived three quarter century. Thanks for hosting me a few weeks ago and joining the micro RU at Sam’s place in Sarasota. I really enjoyed your daughters Renuka and Ambika. Our family remembers them from Warrington in 1989. Thanks for everything. dharma
      PS, Note comments by Deepthi and seelan


  14. Hi Dharma,
    Happy Belated Birthday wishes. I was traveling the last few days.
    May you be blessed with many more

    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven


  15. Dear Dharma,
    My belated greetings to you. Many happy returns and all the very best. Sorry for being late.
    Returned from a cruise only last night. Hope you enjoyed your day. I will toast to your health tonight.
    Best wishes
    Selva & Rajini


    • Thanks Selva, Kind of you to send birthday wishes. Thank you to you and Rajini. I do need your wishes. Glad you are enjoying retirement and traveling. Best wishes to both.


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