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Snowy Owl- the Iconic Arctic Bird- says  –” Wish all of you  A Very Happy
and Healthy Year 2018. ” .

Snowy  Owl ( Eng) – Bubo scandiocus (  Latin )  Ukpigjuac (   Inuktitut )–

A regualr Winter Visitor to the  Lower Great Lakes Regions of Canada and

Photo by EagleD  – Dec 28th- 2017 ,  Near my home, Temp minus 20 deg C .,
perched on top of the tallest  spruce tree  in the area .



New Year Greetings from Sree



2018 New Year Resolutions and greetings

-from Ariya


My New Year Resolution Benevolence, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity towards all beings

Shall strive for harmony, sharing happiness and peace In this world over the short time, I am destined to live, Four-fold noble practice, to counter anger and cruelty, Imposters, jealousy & bias towards own, must be dimmed

Antidote for anger, benevolence, I should learn and adhere To the heinous crime, cruelty, compassion is the act humane Jealousy, the green-eyed monster, doused with sympathetic joy Avoid partiality to own views, kith and kin by way of equanimity

Loving kindness, also called benevolence is a quality sublime Being aware of illnesses and dangers to others and protect in time Good example here is how a pregnant mother, protects her baby From possible dangers & illnesses, even by giving up her pet hobby

Compassion, my heart should soften, seeing others suffering I should endeavour with all my might to reduce their burden It is ‘Karuna’ described as a fragrance of the quality humane Like Metta, kindness should be extended beyond kith and kin

Sympathetic joy or ‘Muditha’ a sublime quality, opposite of envy Genuine rejoice over others success conquering thoughts, jealousy Congratulatory attitude coming from sweetness of heart and rejoice It is that heavenly attitude makes friends and the world very happy

‘Upekka’ equanimity, the toughest status of the four, must develop ‘Discerning rightly and viewing justly with absolute impartiality Ups and downs are the rule, I should face the fame and the infamy, Loss or gain, praise or insult, as well take pain and comfort equally

I wish a very happy New Year, 2018 to all my batch mates!

Ariya De Silva



London Fire works


Funny story from Ariya

Seelan edit-DSC_9457 (3) copy


Careful when a rich aristrocat takes a small loan !!


Dr Seelan from Botany Bay, James Cook Island, Sydney, was on his way to Sri lanka. He did appear to need a loan and walked to a bank near the airport. When interviewed by an executive of the bank, he told that he was flying to join a reunion of Medicos in Colombo, Sri Lanka and would be away for two weeks. He needed to borrow $5,000 though was not a depositor of the bank. The bank officer informed that they would need some form of security for the loan. Dr Seelan handed over the keys of his spanking new Ferrari. The car was parked on the street in front of the bank and produced the title and everything was in order. The officer agreed to hold the car as collateral for the loan and apologized for having to charge 12% interest. The loan papers were signed and Dr Seelan awaited till he witnessed an employee driving his Ferrari into the bank’s private underground garage and parked it.

Later, the bank’s president and officers enjoyed a good laugh at Dr Seelan’s expence, for using a $250,000 Ferrari, as collateral for a $5,000 loan. Two weeks gone, Dr Seelan returned, repaid the $5,000 and the interest of $23.07.

The bank manager said, “Sir, we are happy and honoured to have had your business, and this transaction did work out very nicely. However, we still remain some what puzzled as to why you had to keep for a meazly loan of $5,000, such a valuable asset as the surety! The fact of the matter is as a result of our doubts while you were away, we did check on your financial status. We found out that you are a highly respected diagnostic and interventional consultant radiologist in Sydney, a multimillioneer, a sophisticated investor with a fleet of very expensive cars, an owner of a superior class yacht, a renown investor in real estate with financial interests all over the world and a distinguished Alumni of Colombo Medical faculty. Dr Seelan replied with a sheepish smile, “Where else in Sydney can I park my new Ferrari for two weeks for a meazly sum of $23.07 and expect it to be guarded and returned securely?”.

Abey’s Tropical Garden




I read with interest Dharmas account on Curry Plant (Karapincha) and I noted that it grows in your garden as well. I suppose most plants grown here in Sub-Tropical Brisbane are found in Florida too. I got a few pics to share with everyone.

I got Guaua, Palmer Mango, Crotons, Bananas, Kariwila, snake beans among others in our garden.Our main problem are the pests like opossums, mealy bugs, bats, fruit flies etc.

I note with interest that there are some keen gardeners among our batch mates. 

Happy Gardening and a fruitful new year to all !






“Very Curry” Christmas– by Dharma




I emigrated to the US in 1975.

The  “Currys” emigrated in 1982 (illegally, Don’t tell Trump). and have been with us since then on the basis of  “The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) “. Two of them are 35 years old (Scientific nameHelichrysum italicum)

They go on summer vacation outside to the patio and invited indoors for winter. On  Dec 25th 2017, the temp outside was about 20F (about minus 6C)!!  Inside it was about a balmy 72F/20C.  2.5 inches of snow on the ground ! (can see the snow out of the window on the picture)

Before they come inside in fall / Autumn, they get a good shower including insecticidal soap. This is for prophylaxis.   Regular insecticides are toxic to us. They are vulnerable to spider mites and scale indoors.  In spring they are re pottedonce in 2 or 3 yrs.

They are very hardy. Even if they shed all the leaves indoors, they will bounce back in spring, much to our delight. One spring we threw out a plant which appeared dead in the pot. But, lo and behold, like the Phoenix,  when it got warmer it started sprouting tender leaves!  A “hard to kill” plant.

We have propagated many new plants arising from the roots. Very limited success with seed. We usually prune out flowers so that all the energy goes to foliage production. The flowers also have the characteristic aroma. We distribute daughter plants and leaves to  family and friends. Sometimes the distributed plants die. We think it is not due to lack of care but they miss our tender loving touch and voice Without that, they get depressed and commit suicide!!~

It is nice to be able to pluck fresh leaves for cooking from the adjoining room or patio! The leaves add flavour to any curry, even the lowly “Pol Sambol” takes on another dimension!!

We in the temperate zone make so much fuss to keep them going. While I was in Florida, I found at Wimal’s, Devacaanthan’s and Johnpulle’s  they have Curry trees and daughter plants growing around the mother like weeds. Reminds me of our home in  ChavakachcheriSL. Sam has a nice bushy pot for easy access on his patio. Sam is a good cook, I tasted his egg plant ( brinjal /obergene) curry, it was very good.

Curry tree – Wikipedia (plus)


The curry tree (Murraya koenigii,  Karapincha (S) Karuverpillai (T) is a tropical to sub-tropical tree in the family Rutaceae (the rue family, which includes rue, citrus, and satinwood), which is native to India and SriLanka. Its leaves are used in many dishes in India, Sri Lanka, and neighbouring countries.

Best– Wishes– to– Esiri– Karunaratne!




Wish you all that is best on this Special Day  today and all the very best
to you, during ALL the days ahead of you .

It was just great meeting up with you Esiri- over the past 25 yrs or so –
specially at the gatherings in Pittsburgh during the New Year Celebrations
in April .
You were always there for us to sing a song, and take us back to a time
when life good and simple .
For this- I am truly grateful to you , as I too love to sing, and no one to
sing with !

That bus trip to Bentota from Kynsey Rd- I sure lucked out getting on the
same bus  and what a  great time we had .
I have some real neat videos taken  of you singing .
But, the song I loved best on that days was Wada Kaha Sudiya !

Sam posted the concert you did in Washington- and this unleashed a flood of
memories when  you sang ‘ Olu Nelum Neriya Rangala ..’
What a lovely song that is …  I am still floating around in the Ridi
Thotilla !

Now on the fun side-did you hear any songs, when you listened via the ‘tube
‘  to what was in the belly of that woman called Dharma  at the concert in
Beruwala ?
You did a  GREAT role as the nurse, and had   you not mentioned it in the
blog- I would never had guess who it was – you were more than perfect in
that role as Nurse Nona, during that mot outrageously crazy item, hatched by
Dharma !

I am sooo glad that you took on the invitation to be the Lead Singer- for
our next RU in Beruwala- Oct 2018 , and with you, Zavahir, Anslem, Gaspar at
the mike- we can all have some real  good song and dance sessions .

Now I have a small complaint- how you goody goody Jeevaka boys invited only
Praxy for your parties and not me ?
As we  say in Sinhala “‘Eh  mokada- mama kaluda ?  ‘ !!!

Ok- ok  – I get it – no one was as cute as sweet as little Praxy—  just
kidding – like to make a little fun here!!

Anyway Esiri- Have a Very Happy Birthday, and sing a long your , on your
Journey Through Life !

Good wishes to Chandrika –

Deepthie .

Happy Birthday Esiri 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
Dear Esiri you have enriched our lives
With your music and singing that everyone likes .
So it is s great pleasure to wish you many happy returns of the day
As we raise a glass of champagne and sing hip hip hurray 🍸🍸🍸🍸


Ranjit and Praxy


My dear Esiri, you are one of the most popular guys in our batch

With plenty of supreme abilities and qualities, not many can match

But those are not my reasons of you being selected as the mate, best

Not even the mastery of songs and beautiful voice you thrill all of us with,

It is what you make of me,  when I am with you and your willingness to

Wish you a happy birthday and a sparkling future, tremendous

Fulfilling all your desires, expectations and even wild aspirations

May you throughout have excellent health and happiness

A very long fruitful life as you are a maker of pleasure, to all of us



Dear Esiri

It gives us immense pleasure  to wish you a very happy Birthday and a joyous New year with much health and happiness  in years to come. Our families  are fortunate to have shared such a longstanding & close relationship over many years.

Enjoy your day!

Sam & Kathy


Best– Wishes– to– George –Jayatileke !!



Happy Birthday to you George, on the Special Day Dec 21 !
I hope you  have a fun filled day, and  I suppose , knowing you, ALL your
days are ‘fun filled days ‘ !

You were such a Mr Happy Face,  happy go lucky guy,  ever ready with a joke
during class, sigs or where ever you happen to be, with that for ever
smiling face and eyes,  always teasing us girls, and we loved to return the
gesture !!!—- as you can see in this photo , and how I love this photo !!
I think- the girls are- from Lt – Rt- Sunila- leaning aginst the wall , Rani
G,  and Swarn with their hands over your head,Peeching,  Anoja,  Indrani  De

The Anatomical Soc photo- we can look very  distinguished and  serious ,
looking like real doctors even as far back as 1964 !

We sure missed you and your lovely wife Shalinee  and so I found this
lovely photo of you,  ,  and Shalinee and your equally lovely daughters (
what do you expect with such  a gorgeous looking mom and dad !! ) taken back
in ’94 at Beruwala , in the souvernier book .
I see that your daughters are almost  the same age my two sons , but the
difference is that you have 7 grandkids  and I have none from my sons, but,
three from my daughter, living in  British Columbia ( Vancouver  )  and I
live in Ontario  .– 5000 km away !
You must be one helluva adorable Seeya !!!

Hope we meet again- perhaps in Beruwala, 2018- October if all goes well .
Have a Very Happy Birthday- lots of Good Wishes to you and Shalinee and



Happy Birthday George🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸
As you add on another year to your life
Don’t ever think of fear fight  or flight .
Enjoy the day with Shalinee by  your side
And sip some champagne with your head held up high.

Ranjit and Praxy.


My dear George,

It is my pleasure to send  birthday greetings
To respect a friendship, solidly withstood all our tests of times
I wish a wonderful birthday with peace & happiness throughout
And a long healthy, joyous life with Shalinee and  your beloveds


Seeya George celebrating his Birthday!


From George Jayatilaka

Update– from –Deepthie



Here is something  for the web for Winter Solstice Day- Dec 21 .


Winter Solstice Day- Dec 21- The Shortest Day of The Year .

From then on , days get longer and is a reason for   much celebration, to
hail the Return of “Grandfather SUN”  by most Aboriginal / First Nations People
of the World – . from the Arctic  America/ Canada and beyond

The  Full Moon-Grandmother Moon as she is known among them,  and the
December Full Moon – also known as Little Spirit Moon by the Ojibwa peoples

The Full Moon is Sacred to All First Nations  Peoples of  North America,
South America , Canada, Australia and New Zealand , as it is to ALL
Buddhists around the World .

It was a very Spiritual Moment  when all  three  events occurred in ONE
Day- Dec 21st 2010, ie the  Solstice Day,  Full Moon and the Total Lunar
Eclipse .

Total Lunar Eclipse can occur only on a Full Moon day, and  this can occur
twice a year , if the earth is exactly between the moon and the sun .

I watched this momentous moment, from the front door step of my home, on
that very, very cold December morning , starting around 2 am and ending
around 4.30 am .

The Creator gifted to me- clear cloudless dark sky with no wind, and good
‘seeing ‘ in the dark sky  , and my little digital took these pics , that I
am sharing with the Class of 64 .
The Moon turned a beautiful copper -red orange — the best  color seen by
an unaided eye .

You can follow the time sequence on the photos .  

We just experienced another rare phenomenon- on Aug 21– Total Solar
Eclipse- when Grandmother Moon kissed the face of Grandfather Sun, on her
Journey to Beyond , plunging us into a  Moment of Darkness for Relfection
…  Earthlings watched  in awe ….this endearing moment of  Heavenly
Beings  .

The only time, the Man in the Moon has a Place in The Sun- some one said !

Here is good story- a TRUE story !- Specially for those living in North
America ! (  Some of you might already know this story)

In  1503-   Christopher Columbus  and his motely crew lands on the Island
of Jamaica , their ships damaged beyond repair .
The Hosts – Arawak Natives – decided that  now that the visitors began to
stink like rotten fish after 2 wks !  they must go .
The visitors obviously  had out lived the generotisty of the Arawak hosts,
who were treated with baubles like glass beads, and trinkets  , in return
for ther generous hospitality/  food .

Sharp eyed Columbus- deviced a nice plan.

 With his  navigational and astronomic skills, he  noticed that a Full Moon
is due on the 29th Feb 1503 and informed the Arawak Chief, that the Gods
will punish them by stealing the Moon and darken the Full Moon Night .

Within a few minutes the darkness   came over , and  scared the day light
out of the simple Arawak people when  the Moon light vanished and the
Arawaks were plunged into darkness  .
Arawaks promised Columbus the sun, moon and the stars, only if he could
bring back The Moon !

By the way- this is when Columbus thought he was in India and he was
surprised to  see the people ‘ Red ‘ and not ‘ Brown ‘ .
So he  called them Red Indians – and look what happened to them ….

 And …..The Rest is History !!!

Here is my Christopher Columbus Story .

I was in Arizona attending an Apache Event in late  february  some 10 yrs
ago , around the same date as Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica .

The sharp eyed Apache Chief singled me out of about 200 Apache people  in
the gathering
”  You sister over there at the back – where are you from ? “

I was  scared stiff like the Arawaks of long ago .
Here is  my reply .

”  I am the one that Christopher Columbus came looking for  500 yrs ago,
and instead of finding me, he found you ‘  .

The whole crowd roared with laughter  and  the day was saved for me .!

A few days later,  this same Apache  Chief, accompanied me  and a few
others, up to the Sacred Cave  on a very memorable climb up the Red Rocks of
Sedona , after a very lovely Sunrise Ceremony .

We still  laugh about this  joke, even 10 yrs later !

I hope  all of you enjoyed the Winter Solstice Day and Lunar Eclipse Tales!


Funny Story- Praxy


An interesting offer😀😀

When I was in SL I went to St Philip Neri’s church in Fort. On the way out I got into a trishaw and the driver started chatting asking me all sorts of questions
Trishaw driver. ( TD )-  Where are you going?Me- Flower Road
TD.  – Madame do you visit this church every Wednesday?
Me- yes.
TD – Shall I come and wait for you next Wednesday at the same time?
Me- No not necessary
TD- Are you visiting SL?
Me – No I live here
TD- Do you work?
Me- yes
TD what is your job?
Me- a cleaner for Abans.
TD – I can get you a job in Korea. Give me your address and phone number and I will  get back to you. I am going there on a job and you can go with me.
At this stage I got worried and said that I am going to Flower Road to  meet my husband
TD – Where does your husband work?
Me- Ticket conductor on trains and after work he will pick me up.
T D- Today the trains are on strike so how come he is working?
Unfortunately I did  not know that the trains were on strike that day.
Then I pointed my fingers  at a man down Flower Road and said that he is my husband and that he is waiting for me and saying this I told him to stop the trishaw and got out. As I  handed him the money he stroked my hand  and I was lucky to get out .