7 thoughts on “Batch’64– Entertainment- Sam”

  1. Lovely fusion of languages and lovely music. It reminded of my school days when at a fancy dress completion I dressed as a fisherman and sang this song. Brings nostalgia back.

    In case Deepthie wonders why she had not seen me, in this fancy dress costume, Deepthie this was at HFC. Kalutara before I joined you at HFC Bambalapitiya. Praxy


  2. Hey Sam, What a delightful morning treat that was – listening the oldie “Suranganee – Suranganee ! ”
    Esiri and us sang this song, over and over again , in the bus on the way to Beruwala. 2014
    Esiri – you can sing for us again in Beruwala 2018 !!!

    Praxy- you must have looked just as cute as that hip swinging pretty woman in the video !
    I love MGR’s ? wife’s looks as he was enjoying the action on stage – she must be a real party pooper .
    These old songs are lovely to listen to in any language- as I listen to and sing a lot of songs in many languages — imagine this in Spanish– I wont be surprised if some one sings this in Spanish. !
    Lovely post Sam !
    Thanks a lot – eagleDsingsong!


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