Batch’64– “Funny– Events”– in– the– days– gone- by





Dear all
On the topic of funny 😁 events in the days gone by I thought of writing about our Medical College rags. I am writing this in the hope that others too will contribute to
the blog with their 😁 funny stories for friends to share.

When I started my faculty  days I was boarded at St Anthony’s convent at Borella and we used to go by 🚌 bus to Medical College.The Rag week was terrible for me and big Soma……m  was a real pain. He asked me to put a skull cap on my head and when I smiled he asked me to put the smile 😊 in my pocket. So I  smiled then put my finger across  mouth and pretended to put it in my pocket….a pocket that I did not have.
That same day after lectures I boarded the bus back to St Anthony’s convent and when the bus conductor came to collect the bus fare I opened my little handbag 👜 to get the money 💰 I felt something hard and smelling of formaline. The conductor was still waiting to collect the fare so I had a look inside my handbag 👜 to find it was a penis. I just shrieked and the conductor wondered what was happening and asked ‘’ai mokada nona’’ I said “ no nothing “ and paid the fare. When I got to the convent ( I don’t think I told anybody either )but wrapped it up in a piece of paper and put it into the bin. I am sure Soma would have been the culprit along with I think Sera—–e  who used to ride a scooter.
This is my funny story. Praxy


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26 thoughts on “Batch’64– “Funny– Events”– in– the– days– gone- by”

  1. Sam I burst out laughing when I saw the picture of the bus and the conductor. Very apt and ever so funny . I do not know how on earth you managed to get such a nice picture of the bus and the rest. Praxy

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      1. It is fantastic . I will never forget the 🚌 bus . But how did you put St Anthony’s Convent on it !. Praxy


  2. Now that we have all matured it sounds like a funny story. Poor Praxy , at the time I understand you being furious.
    It is a good that the conductor did not see what you were carrying in your hand bag ,he would have made sure to stay far away from you.



    1. Nisantha if the conductor saw what was in my 👜 handbag I am sure he would have reported me to the 👮 👮 Police. Praxy


  3. My dear Praxy, really enjoyed your story
    Though I was aware of genitalia in purse
    Did not know you were the priviledged ‘victim’
    Hearing your plight sure others will get courage
    To come out their with tales of ragging mayhem

    it is extremely gratifying and hugely encouraging
    To see so many batch mates who at the begining
    Were not engaing are sending their felicitations
    Through Sam’s web, latest are Biga & Devaccanthan



  4. Oh My God !!!!
    OMG !!
    Sam- Web Master – what a lovely bus this is .
    All in The Bus Goes Round and Round !!

    For this to have happened to A Good God Fearing Convent Girl – This takes the cake !!
    The Priviledged Victim — nicely put by the Class Poet !!

    I do remember Praxy relating this story to a few days later, and I was just plain horrified, and told no one , as I was too shy– yes- Deepthie was a very shy girl back then !!

    Then just a few days ago- we talked about it- 53 yrs later , when we planned this ‘ fun stories project , and laughed soooo much —

    We were soooo naive back then- I cant believe how ‘green’ we were coming into Med School, straight from the Convent !
    No wonder some sweet girl had to ask at the Anatomy sig- ‘where do babies come from ‘ !!
    This is how it was back then- even at the age of 19 – 20- we were sooo innocent- not like the ones now .

    GREAT Story Praxy, to start off the Fun Stories Project .
    Lets see who can beat this one !


    1. Dear 🦅D
      Yes coming straight from a convent school where we were over disciplined and under sex- educated, and so naive we were really holy molies😑😐😑😑 As you mentioned 53 years later and a lot wiser we can relate these stories with great 👍 delight and reminisce and laugh.Big Soma……..m was a villain and he made me cry on so many occasions and I hated him. But they were soon forgotten as we gained maturity and when, I went attended his funeral here in 🇬🇧 UK these memories flashed across my mind. I love the 🚌 bus in that BLOg. I think Ranjini, and Marina were also
      there with me but I don’t think I told them even what happened😳😳😳😳😳Cheers. Praxy


      1. Praxy of St Anthony’s Convent !
        Just wait till Ranjini and Marina sees this !
        For the world of me, I cannot recall who is ‘big soma’ is .
        The other guy in the scooter- I think I know him -nice fellow he was .

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  5. Praxy- I forgot to mention- I just LOVE your Digital Art work on the main page , that one sees as soon as you rt click to open the page .
    Very Creative and eye catching – so we know, something real crazy is going to come out of it !


  6. Dear Praxy,
    I remember your tormentor very well
    Not only girls, he was harsh to boys as well
    I think Two years our senior, a well built guy
    Wore thick black – framed glasses and a menancing look
    put us, even shy looking blokes of the feeble variety, through hell

    He tried to impress us the ‘shivering lambs’ with prowess of knowledge
    Famous question in his lip was to describe the ‘duodeno- jejunal junction’
    Probably to impress girls he approached, ‘ timid me’ with thabove question
    To his horror I gave the answer poor guy could not impress the girls and ran!


    1. Yes Ariya that is the correct description of Som.He was a menace and st that time zone felt that he was a devil in disguise. Poor fellow he is dead and gone . May he rest in ✌️ peace. Praxy


  7. Dear Praxy, thanks for taking us back to 1964 year when we we had to tolerate ragging. What you may have seen in your hand bag could be a sossage not penis as you may not have seen that organ before.


  8. I too agree with my school mate, class mate, batch mate and Good friend
    For two reasons, your modesty and medical men do not do things uncivilised
    A sausage is obviously brown, cold, squiggly but unsure of the smell formalin!
    Amidst exciement and fear of the rag week, our sensory organs could mislead


    1. Dear Ariya as I told Indragee sausages do not smell of formalin.
      Hey you guys and gals why don’t tell us the things that happened to you at Rag week . We are all mature so now w can enjoy 😉 those incidents😜😜😜😜😜🤡🤡🤡🤡🤠🤠🤠🤠. Praxy


      1. My dear Praxy,
        You have given a brilliant start to the project, down the memory lane
        Our guys and gals are very quiet as if nothing had happened to them
        I was fortunate as my brother was in the senior batch so was immune
        All his friends & batch mates protected me from rag onslaught or harm

        There are however incidents and stories along my unholy student life
        Mostly mischief and the internship was colurful cannot really expose
        We have to be sensitive to our colleagues and bosses that does restrict
        My brain is getting knotted trying to find ways to keep sensitivies intact


  9. Yes Indrajee, she had not seen a real one before or had she? At a subsequent sig with Dr. Vandenreeson she was asked with what tissue it was made of. Praxy ‘s reply: BONE, to which the Demonstrator said: Then I feel very sorry for you.
    Praxy, you are involved with so many penile stories !


    1. I know Narme and that is because we were so innocent 😇 😇 and naive,brought up with conventional values and strict upbringing both at home and worse at school with those nuns who had only discipline ☹️☹️on their minds . But looking back it was for our own good and we still applaud them for all they did . 👏👏👏. Praxy


  10. Dear Narme, what about a question a mate to Dr Ollevelle
    How and from where do babies comeout looking so swell
    The senior doctor swiftly recognised it was a tricky corner
    Thank God! enzyclopaedic Deepthie, came to Dr’s rescue


  11. Love all the ‘ Sausage ‘ jokes, ‘ Bone ‘ jokes and ‘ Where do babies come from ‘ jokes !
    I remember like yesterday- the Anatomy Tutorial with Dr Olivelle- ‘ Deepthie you can tell her where babies come from ‘ !!
    More details on this- refer to the 2014 Class RU- Sovernier Book !

    Well- how did Dr O know that I KNEW the answer to this age old question ?/

    I dont think I told her the answer as I was I was too busy laughing, with my dear sweet friend going red as a beet next to me, Lakshman Sena the goody goody boy that he was writhing and shaking , not knowing what to do , and of course Paul, behind me just howling his head off in laughter !!

    Ok guys- YOUR Turn for the Next Class Joke .
    I am reserving mine for a later time — a good one on the Hopper House Days .


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