10 thoughts on “Batch’64– Entertainment—Esiri”

  1. Thank you Sam for sharing with us an exceptional proud moment for our batch.
    Esiri, I just woke up at five in the morning (Sri lanka time) and you brought to my ears a treat and to my eyes tears of joy. Such a talented artist, you are without doubt the ‘Toast’ of our batch.
    Listening to your serene, beautiful recital in front of the most powerful building in the world, brought me goose bumps of joy not only as a Sri Lankan, my own batch mate even more so you are my most admired closest friend.
    Esiri you thrilled us with beautiful voice over fifty years and now the whole world has become your teritory of performance as well as appreciation.
    I am sure everyone in our batch will join me in congratulating your success as a hugely respected medcal man as well as a renown artist of great talent.
    For giving us the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful songs, please accept my sincere thanks gilded by enormous respect and apprecuation.


  2. Above note, was compiled and typed wirh weary eyes, early morning
    Please ignore all mistakes, if you spot, grammatical as well as spelling
    Ideas flow in my mind faster than my trembling fingers can do the typing
    A joy to be a septuagenarian, but draw back is slowness of parts moving


    1. Dear Ariya,

      I am so glad you enjoyed the program.My aim in life is to make others joyful by whatever means.If my songs do that then it is wonderful.I am glad I had the opportunity to this event in Washington DC .My thanks to ITN of Sri Lanka.

      With Best Regards and Metta! To My Wonderful Friend Ariya,



  3. Way to go our man in Washington. That was a lovely collection of songs you sang Esiri. It was a very nice interview. What most people do not know is that , not only do you sing these old sinhala songs you know the history behind the songs and details of the artists that sing the songs.
    Congratulations ! proud to call you my friend.



    1. Thanks Nisantha. I am happy you enjoyed the program. We have been singing together
      from the Jeevaka times which has been wonderful!

      I am also so proud that another Jeevakite Sam is the originator and master of the Web Site.

      Thanks to Sam our batch mates are in constant communication and cherishing every moment.



  4. Dear Esiri you are not only a 👨‍⚕️ but a superstar⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and very talented indeed.We are so proud to have great 👨‍🎤 singers like you in our batch. We 😉 enjoyed your songs.Praxy


    1. Dear Praxy,

      It is indeed nice to see your comments.
      I am glad you liked the program and the songs.The songs I did brings back beautiful memories of the olden, wonderful times in Sri Lanka.

      Best Regards,



  5. HI Esiri !
    This note is coming a bit late- due to unavoidable reasons !
    Love the ‘ Saliya- Asokamala ‘ song– I was almost in tears listening to it … one of my very favorite songs , and I sang it along with you as I was listening to it now .
    Lovely song , a real tribute to true love .

    And, for singing it with The Big White House in the background — !!
    We have all come a long, long way , and we have to thank Mother Lanka .
    Thank you Esiri- hope to hear you sing this lovely song in Beruwala- 2018 !


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