Best– Wishes– to– Sree!!







Happy Birthday to you Sree, on this Special Day- when every day becomes a
Special Day, once you reach the Seven O !
Sending you All Good Wishes for this day, and all the days ahead , and may
you enjoy this day with Maha and Shobi, family and friends , where ever you
may be .

 It was lovely to see you , Maha and Shobi- after all these years, as you
can see from the old photo taken at Rajes’s place back in the 90’s when
Shobi was just 10 yrs old or so ! and I hear from Rajes, that she is now
married and living happily ever after !!!
I can almost ‘ see ‘ her now, even as  I am writing this, in her lovely
white organza  dress !

It was nice to see you, Maha and Shobi- again at Beruwala . 3 yrs ago .
Time does fly by, sooner than we think , so I hope we all meet again some
where sooner than later .

Good Wishes to you , Maha and Shobi –

Deepthie .( Maha’s 3rd Floor  Girls’ Hostel Mate , along with Rajes ! )


Happy birthday Sree🎈🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Thanks to Sam’s blog, we know it’s your birthday today,
It’s  a day to enjoy with your kith and kin and be happy and gay.
So we remember you on this wonderful  and memorable occasion,
And gladly send  you our best wishes for a cheerful 😀 and great celebration.

.Ranjit and Praxy


Happy Birth Day Sree!

I was just informed that Sree is an avid yoga fan including Aerial Yoga, & attends Yoga classes 7 days a week. Recently, he joined the world Yoga festival in UK and got the blessings of 99yr old senior most Yoga trainer in the world, Tao Porchan-Lynch. Well done Sree!!



23 thoughts on “Best– Wishes– to– Sree!!”

  1. Hi Sree,
    It is indeed a great pleasure to wish you a very happy B’day today.
    I hope you will enjoy many more B’days in years to come. kind regards to Maha.
    from Annesley


  2. My dear Sree, Please accept our good wishes on your big day
    You are such a nice fellow gods will bless you every single day
    Your heart is pure which I know by long association at Bloem
    Yoga practice will keep your mind very alert, proper and prim

    For you to have a healthy long life with Maha, is my pray
    I wish you will continue that smile on the face everyday
    Contentment and peace is assured by upright good living
    May lord be kind and provide you with every desirous thing


  3. Dear Sree,
    Many happy returns of the day. The yoga you are practising keeps you not only young but also increases the lifespan. You now have the blessing of the 99 year old Yogi, you will outlast most of us into the 100’s.
    Its not long ago we had a good chat on the phone. I just explained to Jean that there are 2 Sreetharans she met -with 2 different spellings. She remembers you Maha & Shobha well.
    Best wishes from both of us.


  4. Many happy returns of the day Sree. All the best now and years to come.

    Wow ! Yoga seven days a week . I am not into Yoga but Piching is ( only twice a week). I do my usual stretching after exercise and that is it.

    Keep up the good work Sree.

    Nisantha and Piching


  5. HI Sree- here I am, wishing you Happy Birthday again !
    I can almost ‘ see ‘ the day we all met at Rajes’s place so long ago- dont we look sooo young , just 20 yrs ago !
    I dont know about the rest of us, but you sure look just great now, as you did back then .

    You are just great doing Yoga 7 days a week- just goes to show your sense of discipline and commitment to a good life style .
    Just looking at you doing Aerial Yoga ( In Budapest as you told me ) , makes me run for the gravol as I get dizzy !
    I dont do yoga at all – but after seeing the Great Yogi of 99 yrs- I must say- I am a bit motivated to attend a few yoga classes and give it a try .

    You must be in great shape- both physically and mentally- so, the next RU- you have to dance the baila with the eagle on baila wings, after she has attended a few yoga sessions !!!

    I was kind of sad, when I saw this photo of you and Maha with Yoganathan and .
    the Boys from Australia ( dare not use that word ‘ down under ‘ ! ) .
    Just goes to show, how short life is – and this only tells all of us – ‘do what ever that makes o you happy ‘…..

    Keep up the good work, and Have a Happy Birthday day to day and live the rest of the days, as if it is your Special Day Every Day !

    Good wishes to Maha . Shobi and hubbie .



  6. hello Sree,

    I join all the others in wishing you a very happy Birthday. I wish that i could be as disciplined as you are in keeping up with yoga. Tell maha that i will call her one of these days. How is Shobi?


  7. Hi Sree
    Best wishes on your birthday. you look very fit and healthy.The Yoga must b1e doing the trick. regards to Maha
    Selvi & Satha


  8. Dear C.J ,Seelan,Ariya,Rajes,Maithri,Marina,Rahula and Mary,Ana and Indira,Selvi and Satha,Annesley,Nisantha and Piching,Ranjani, and Ranjit Maha,Shobi and myself are very grateful for all your kind thoughts and wishes.When Dharma came to U.K he visited some of our friends and Titus organised the get together with lunch.It will be nice if such get togethers click again.

    Kind regards.


  9. Dear Sree

    Many Happy Returns of the Day & Best Wishes.Some times on week ends Specially on Sunday I don’t access emails, so missed wishing you yesterday.



  10. Dear Narme
    I really like your wish “Many contented Yoga years to come” as most of us who follow the classes feel that we have moulded our own peaceful life style.Thank you for your wishes.


  11. A very happy Birthday to you Sree (with double E). Wish you many more happy healthy ones with Maha and your family. I think I came to know, you, Maha and Shobi more at Beruwela and shared interest in photography and birds. Thanks for taking the time to travel to our mini RU in London. Again best to all. dharma


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