Best –Wishes—to –Rasaiah!





Happy birthday Rasiah🎈🎈🎈🎈
Another birth day has dawned on you
With many priorities and other tasks to do.
But please accept our birthday wishes to you
And remember to attend the next great  RU.

Ranjit and Praxy


Happy Birthday to you Rasaiah – 28 Nov .
I wish you all that is Best to you and your family, and may you enjoy this
Birthday and all the other days ahead of you, as if it is your Birthday Day

We missed you at the RU- 64- Beruwala  2014 .
How ever we did not forget you , and thanks to Sam’s wonderful web/ blog we
can keep in touch .

This old photo – I found in my album, taken back in Dec 1990- when we all
attended a real nice  New Year  Dinner Dance in Melbourne .
I remember this wonderful evening , so well, every year, when Dec 31 rolls
around,  when we all met and had sooo much fun , and my god the food that
was there- I have never seen anything like it before or since at any
Srilankan gathering anywhere, other than in a Five Star Hotel in Sri Lanka !

This was the one and only time I met you , after we graduated , as I don’t
recall you having attended the gatherings we had in ’89, 94, and 2014 .
The R group and the S group were never far from each other !.

Please try and attend the next one that is now in the works for Oct – 2018-
Beruwala, if all goes well .

Till we meet again– All the Very Best to you and your family and enjoy
this day, and all the days ahead .

Deepthie- ( from the S group )


My dear Rajan,
Across seven seas birthday greetings are sent by an ‘old friend’
Wishing happinness, joy and contentment and no strife in your life
May all expectations and desires be realised in a manner joyous
With good health, peace of mind and a tremendous fruitful long life

Ariya De Silva

23 thoughts on “Best –Wishes—to –Rasaiah!”

  1. My dear Rajan,
    Jean joins me in wishing you a very happy birthday today and many more to come.
    I am sure that Janaki and the boys have organised a big one tonight.
    All the best
    Seelan & Jean


  2. Happy birthday to a long lost friend
    I have not kept in touch with you after my last visit many moons ago
    Hope to meet you at the next REUNIONThe boys must be big now
    How is Janaki
    Keep in touch


  3. Many happy returns of the day Rajan. All the best now and years to come.

    I remember the last time we met. It was in Melbourne many many years ago. We were there for a short visit and you made a point to visit Piching and I at our friends house.

    Hope alls well with you and your family. Best regards to all.

    Nisantha and Piching Banda


  4. Happy Birthday Rinjan. I think I met you last in 88 in Birmingham . So how are you .Do you ever visit London . Selvamala and Sathananthan mentioned they come to visit one of the siblings in Greenford I requested them to inform me next time when they are in London. I haven’t heard .
    Have a lovely day with loved ones.


  5. HI Rasiah and Janakie !
    I hope you both remember this day !
    Good wishes again to you and Janakie.

    Good Wishes to Anslem, Melvani, Mahen Nimal Senadhipathy .- -I hope you guys are ok, never really hear from any of you on the web .

    I love this photo- the only one of the few of us, taken on my trip to Australia back in 1990 dec .
    Hope we all meet again in ? Beruwala 2018 !


  6. Hi
    You may be surprised to hear from me. i wish you a very happy Birthday. I remember referring you as Kutty Rasiah. Both our mothers knew each other well. All the best to you.

    Kind Regards rajes.


  7. Hi Rajan
    best wishes on your birthday. Did the boys organise a grand party??
    🙈will give u a call later today
    Satha & Selvi


  8. Dear Rajan

    The room in the 3rd floor in Bloem occupied by Yoga and you was one of the rooms visitted most of the time by me.
    After meeting in ? 1999 I have not met you yet but you have met Maha and Shobi later on.
    Please accept our Birthday Wishes.

    Kind regards to you and all your family members from all of us here.



  9. Dear. Rasiah
    Many Happy Returns for your birthday
    Wishing you all the best
    Please convey our regards to your family
    Haven’t seen you for years
    Hope to see you soon
    Thanam and Devacaanthan


  10. Hi Rajan
    Ranjini is joining me in wishing you the best on your birthday. I hope you are having a great time with your family.
    Rajabalendran (Balan )


  11. Hi Rajan
    Ranjini is joining me in wishing you the best on your birthday. Hope you are having a great time
    Rajabalendran (Balan )


  12. Happy birthday and wishing you the best in the years ahead, Ranjan. Not seen you in years. Hope you will make it for the next RU.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  13. Happy Birthday, Rajan, Wish you many happy returns of this day. Are you still playing the “two finger symphony”? Fortunate and proud to have known you from our home town “Kulai Kaadu” (Chavakachcheri,) then bicycling from Kotta road to the faculty and then at Bloem. I did meet you and Janaki in Melourne including dinner at your place.. Wishing you many more happy and healthy ones.


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