Spring –&–Summer– Gardening– in–Canada–Deepthie




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Enjoy this clip from India,


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13 thoughts on “Spring –&–Summer– Gardening– in–Canada–Deepthie”

  1. Hello and Good Morning to every one!

    Good morning every one !
    It seems as if Winter went and Summer came in with a Big Bang and did a Spring By Pass !
    Spring will come, when Spring is Ready . !

    In the meantime, lets enjoy the ‘Moment ‘ !

    The little video clip- was actually made in India by Vijaydutta Films by Vijay Dutt, who travelled almost 20, 000 km, across the forests of India , to capture the bird calls and create this delightful little video clip.
    It was sent to me earlier in the year, by my good friend Sudharma, ( the best ob/ gyn nurse ) who worked with me and Rajes when we both worked in one of the Toronto hospitals back in the 80’s .
    BIrd Feeder —
    The bird Chickadee is a special little bird in North America- stays with us year round, weathering temps as low as minus 20 deg C .
    They are some of my feathered friends in my Nature Paradise – and give me sooo much joy .
    The Bald Eagle is also one of them .

    You see me feeding the chickadee birds , in my garden and in the woods near by , and I have become quite the expert at feeding the birds with one hand and holding the camera with the other hand .

    The Mirror- has an interesting story — Shiranci’s daughter Dinali was spending some with me last year in the summer , and we were going for our morning walk, when we saw this mirror put out on the curb for Re- Cycling / Garbage pick up .
    so I grabbed it, before the Re- Cycling truck came by, and lugged it all the way home, and Dinali saying ‘ deepthie aunty- you have really gone mad ‘ !!
    It is a lovely garden whimsy — an addition to Reflections of Gardening … so to speak .
    In this photo- we were dressed up to attend the local Native Canadian Annual Pow Wow in our town- and thought we should take our photo- when the Chickadee bird also decided to pose with us ( zoom on the photo and you will see my little friend ) and here is the bird perched on the camera telling me ” take my picture ‘ !
    This is called a Selfie with a Birdie !.

    Garden Photos- are all Summer flowers – a total riot of color- lots of native species- Echinesia, Rudbeckia, blue lobelia, the very tall, yellow Cup Plant ( Sylphium ) in the distance .
    The Non native species – Pholox, Shasta daisy . Hosta, Astilbe , white pee gee hydrangia that turns a nice pink as it matures when the temps dip. You saw this as a pink flower head in the Fall Garden series .
    All these plants- are hardy to zone 4- 5 and beyond .
    The flowers last well into late September .

    This is an organic garden, and I make my own compost – leaves, kitchen scraps, garden waste ( with NO seeds ) soil, and horse manure .

    I do 95% of the yard work my self, with some little help from kind neighbours and my son, who will help with trimming of trees/ bushes .

    Pests- none- as in an organic garden- the good bugs eat up the bad bugs .
    Deer- was a big pest, until I had an electric fence installed .
    I got rid of the orange tiger lillies, when the Lily Beetle decide to pay me a visit . The Deer also helped out and ate most of the lillies !

    There is NO lawn– anything green is ok for me- to set off the home and garden .’
    One might say , this is a ‘country cottage garden ‘.

    I dont grow vegts as I dont get enough sun- due the the huge maple trees, hemlock and cedar , birch, ash trees I have around the house .

    The climate is dominated by the lake ( Georgian Bay that is a part of Lake Huron ) – that creates its own micro climate with the warming effect of the water .

    Water, Rocks, Trees , Wind – all add Beauty to the Garden – which is my ‘Temple ‘ so to speak , that ‘feeds my soul ‘ ..
    Sky is the Roof,
    Clouds are the ceiling ,
    Wind is the Air conditioning ,
    Trees are the pillars,
    Grass/ earth is the carpet ,
    Rocks are the seats ,
    Flowers are the Pictures , and statues of heavenly beings,,
    Birds are the orchestra and choir combined ,
    and WATER– the Holy Waters of Mother Nature that nourishes us ALL .

    Hope you all enjoy the Summer Garden.
    Will talk about Spring, when Spring decides to come !
    ps- if your attention span is short- too bad !


  2. Ok folks- Spring has Sprung on this Thanksgiving Weekend of America !

    Thank you my dear Sam, for the addition- sorry to wake you up on this holiday morning .

    The photos- Pink and Yellow Ladies Slippers- ( Cypripedium species ) are true Native plants for Canada and some parts of USA.
    The pink ladies slipper was growing nicely on the beach- for a few years – and then the Great Lakes water levels rose by 4 ft- and the plant seems to have drowned .

    The Yellow- is in the garden, and doing well – a real show stopper , a lot hardier and needs sun/ shade, organic soil, with a bit of garden lime and egg shells !

    The pink flowers in the same pic as the Yellow Ladies Slipper is – Dicentra spectrabilis- Bleeding Heart- some times my heart does bleed over a few things !
    I love this plant with its delicate flowers and light green leaves, and pest hardy .

    Ferns- are Ostrich Ferns – Native to North America .

    The Hosta Garden- is my’ Meditative Garden’ where I sit on the bench and day dream and doodle in my head !
    I have perhaps 30 different kinds of hosta plants with a total of about 60 clumps .
    I sold, ( took the money to Arizona ! ) gave away a lot, when the deer became a real pest .
    Since the installation of the Electric fence- I have peace !

    99% of ALL plants in my garden are Perennials .

    I have four hanging baskets – of annuals- that end up feeding the compost at the end of the season .
    Canna and Calla lily- the other container plants- and the bulbs and rhizomes are now over wintering in the basement .

    House plant- habarala is now indoors , along with the Christmas Cactus , and Spider plant – which is my Indoor Air Cleaning plant ( read more about Air Cleaning plants on Dr Google ! )

    The Mirror and Daffodils — the bright yellow never fail to thrill me- giving a real burst color as soon as the snow is gone .
    The Mirror- you know the story – again- a lovely Garden Reflection in my Meditative Garden.

    I must add- I do have a little garden pond- that is my natural pest control- for it feeds the frogs, who feed on slugs and insects, ,, birds , including humming birds ,who feed on insects , Snakes who feeds on mice and moles and sometimes my Frog Princes’.
    I have had up to 20 frogs in my pond .

    I also have created a Snake Habitat on the beach front- you all know all the Snake Charmer !! They are hibernating now .

    Climate Change– ALL the snow that fell 3 days ago- is GONE now !
    This gardener is now anxiously Waiting For Snow …. !!!!!.

    I hope you have enjoyed Four Seasons Gardening in Canada, as much as I have in presenting this series to you, on Sam’s Garden Project
    Bye for now .

    Eagledgardener !


  3. Happy thanks giving to you Deepthie.Video of the bird songs is lovely.I noticed Koha from SriLanka making the call in background.Thank you.


  4. Thank you Deepthie.You are a naturalist, Greenie and an artist with creative talent.You have brought all this together in your garden.The serenity is reflected in the hostas and the stone seating ,the mirror in the reflective garden creates new vistas to enjoy.Most of all you are an ecofriendly gardener.
    Vijay Dutt’s video is unique.Although filmed in India all the birds are in Sri Lanka too.I have seen and heard all of them as in the video during my childhood.It should be preserved for our grand children.


    1. HI Eddie- Good Morning to you in the East !
      Thanks a lot Eddie, for the kind words .
      I do my best for Mother Earth – as every little bit helps .
      I have been teaching these methods during my active Master Gardener days, to the local horticultural clubs and helped to spread the good word along with good manure enriched composted soil !

      I love to have different ‘rooms in the garden ‘- Meditation Room, Sun Room, Native Plant room, Shade Room and so on .
      This is the trick to enhance ones visual stimulation , when touring a garden .
      I do spend quite a bit of time, in the Serenity Garden Room- and gaze into The Mirror and day dream , when my old bones need a rest !

      Amazing what one can get being an avid garbage picker !!!!

      My garden was on the local Garden Tour for fund raising for various charities twice- summer of 2003 and 2009. and each time some 500 people walked through the garden !

      Now, I garden for my self, and my Master Gardener Teaching days are over- though I had to volunteer for my friend’s garden this summer, and had to put on my Master Gardener Cap !
      It was a lot of fun .
      Good Gardeners Make Good Friends – like Good Fences Makes Good Neighbours !
      Indeed , some of my dearest friends are either gardeners or birders – Bird of a Feather— !!

      Thanks again- eagledgardener


  5. Thank you Sunil !
    Have not heard from you in a very long time .
    I am glad that the sound of the Koha woke you up !
    I feel soooo nostalgic when I hear the sound of the Koha, and infact, when I was in Sl for the 2014 Ru- I video taped the Koha wake up call , that gave me a wonderful start for the day, and my friend with who I was staying , used to say ” Darn that bird who never lets me sleep in ! ”
    Actually, the video was made in India- if you read my note- you will see its details .
    Thanks again- Deepthie .


  6. Dear 🦅D
    I love the yellow and pink Ladies slipper flowers 💐. Had never heard of them but looking at them it looks like they are easy to grow as they seem to be growing in clumps. Must look on Google and see if I can buy them here . 🙏 thanks for the lovely photos.


    1. HI Praxy !
      Good to see your note !
      I dont think I had the Yellow Ladies Slipper, when you were here back in the spring of 2000.
      This is a Native Plant- Native to North America – and is usually not for sale unless, you go to a Native Plant nursery, and again, I am not sure- if it grows in England .

      Native Plant means, it has been here on the land, before European contact .
      Wild Flowers – mean- they came via the European Contact and NOT Native to that location. Pretty as they are, Wild Flower species can compete with Native species , and choke out Native species
      So, here in Canada, we do warn people NOT to purchase Wild Flower Seed bags / packets, imported from elsewhere , unless they are from seeds packeted within a 20 mile or so radius .
      I forget the exact radial distance – look up Dr google for this .!

      I got my plant from a ‘plant rescue mission’ when there was some potential construction was being planned in a wood lot in the area .
      My self and another lady- went and dug out the a few clumps and they did well , spreading nicely .
      Later, we saw a huge truck load of soil dumped on the spot where we did the ‘plant rescue ‘.
      I do see it here and there in the undisturbed wood lots in our area , and there are lots and lots of it in the Bruce Peninsula- but, it is an offence to pick them, as this is a National Park area .
      I have given a few clumps to very grateful friends and they are doing well !
      It has to have a natural wood lot setting, with good organic soil, devoid of any artificial fertilizers .
      Good Luck !


  7. HI Indragee- glad you liked the video !
    The Koha and the peacocks makes me feel real homesick !

    Please send in some of your garden / orchid plants photos to the web .
    Love to see a real Natural Garden in Sri Lanka-
    Send photos to Sam- about 5 at a time, make them ‘ small ‘ with a brief note, and he will post them, for all of us to see and enjoy .


  8. Thank you Deepthi for the lovely pictures of your garden and the beautiful sunset.

    I enjoyed the video on the ” bird Orchestra “. A lot of editing and pain staking arranging went into putting that video together.



  9. Thank you Nisantha . I am glad you like the pics of my garden over the Four Seasons , and the Midsummer Nights Dream Sunset over Georgian Bay , Ontario , Canada .
    Thank you to all of you , who took the time of day to read and to enjoy Four Seasons of Gardening in Canada !
    So, now the Sunsets over a yet another wonderful creation by our Web Master, and others who made all this possible for us to enjoy .
    eagledeepthie .


  10. Dear Deepthie
    Like in Kew Gardens in U.K we want to see lot of NEPENTHES,ARISTOLOCHIA and PANDANUS plants in your green house.When they are flourishing please send us the photos.
    Maharojani and Sreetharan.


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