8 thoughts on “Nice– speech– with– great– points…”

  1. Hi Nisantha,
    Thank you for posting this Great Speech. We are all proud of her, a hard working intelligent migrant. Even though she is from a minority party, its great to see every one from all the other parties congratulating her.


  2. Nisantha, that was a great speech from a fellow Sri Lankan. It is wonderful to note that our fellow Sri Lankans have done so well in other countries .So proud to be Sri Lankan.Praxy


  3. Another proud Child of Lanka- trying to make this world a better place for all of us today, and for the future of all of The Worlds’ Children of Mother Nature .

    Hurrah to The Green Party– !

    This is THE New Generation – the successful Migrant Child working for the needs and aspirations of the ‘underdog ‘.
    Australia needs her – We ALL need more people like her in the five continents .

    Love the way she dresses in the Sari- showing the world at large- who she is .
    I used to go to work in a sari in the summer months, during all the 17 yrs I worked in Mississauga,- a very multicultural city, even back in the late 80’s , and my patients of all colors, creed and races just loved it .

    Thank you Nisantha for this very inspiring video clip .


  4. I have already listened to this speech. Isn’t she precise, humble and articulate. We should be pro ud o f her


  5. Hi Nisantha,
    Thanks for providing the inaugural speech by Samantha Ratnam at the Victoria Parliament.
    She was eloquent and inspirational; addressed issues that are pervasively destabilizing countries and societies at present. Which are Economic dislocation, Cultural fragmentation and Social isolation. This is due to Leaders of the countries not cognizant of the concept
    of ” Dynamics of progression”. Which leads to Globalization, cultural and social integration of societies.
    Winter Haven,


  6. Thanks Nisantha for sharing this post.
    Ranjit is spot on with his comment.
    Listening to her, I am reminded of the sixties song by Peter,Paul and Mary titled “Where have all the flowers gone”.
    AND more importantly she is Sri Lanka’s loss and Australia’s gain.


  7. Thanks a lot Nisantha, for sharing this gallent speech
    We are proud, she is a Sri lankan and telling the truth
    Narrow minded actions of our politicians, caused the exodus
    Our country lost , vast numbers of erudite sons and daughters


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