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8 thoughts on “Seasonal– Gardening– in– Canada–Deepthie”

  1. Hello Mates !

    This is the first of 4 parts of Four Seasons Gardening in Canada – along the shores of Lake Huron Ontario

    I consider the Sky, Water, Trees , Rocks all a part of Nature and contribute to my holistic organic gardening trend .
    . All these photos taken my me, where I live .
    Northern Lights – photographed by my neighbour , near my place a few years ago .

    Fall- is spectacular here- with the Red Maple leaves lighting up the Fall Colors, and this is a tourist attraction here- as Ontario/ Quebec are known for its Red Maple that gives your Sweet Pure Canadian Maple Syrup .

    Gardening is a challenge here – Zone 4- in the Gardeners Growing Range- and Florida is zone 9 – 10 , and Toronto is zone 6 .
    It is the challenge that makes us good gardeners as I have to struggle to see a flower bloom .
    More about Four Seasons Gardening in Canada- coming soon to the Web !
    Keep and eye on the Spider Web !
    EagleD- ( Master Gardener ! — I did this course some yrs back at Uni of Guelph Ontario, Canada ) .


  2. Lovely pictures Deepthi. Thanks for sharing them.
    I was surprised to see fall colors on October 21st that far North. Here in Pennsylvania our peak fall colors are around October 15th. Then they fade away. Shall send some pictures next fall. Then again we might be in Sri Lanka for the RU64.


  3. Dear πŸ¦…D what beautiful colours 😊😊😊😊I can remember seeing them when both of us went to ? Algonquin Park.πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚ I planted two Acer plants a couple of years back and they are oonly about 3 metres in height and they have also turned a beautiful yellowy/orange colour. πŸ™ thanks for sharing the photos with us . Praxy


    1. HI Praxy and Nisantha- thanks for the comments .
      Yes- we get our color peak for 2 wks in october .= when all the maples turn color .
      it was the Iroquois Nation apparently that taught the rest of America how to tap the maple sap, then turn it into Syrup and to Maple Sugar .
      The Maple leaves are high in Potassium- so I sweep/ mulch every single leaf that falls on to my yard, mulch it down ,and make my own organic compost using soil and horse manure .
      Praxy- yes- you know this drill !!! you were here when I was doing this some yrs back. Algonquin Park- is the hot spot for Fall Colors -and Iam glad I took you there , and thats when we saw the Moose on the Loose along the highway !



  4. Can Deepthie tell us where the Eagle Country in the world is? Has she gone there ? Can we see the photographs if she had taken photographs of eagles there?
    Sree and Maha.


  5. HI Sree / Maha — Eagle Country- is All of North America !
    I will send you ‘ my eagle’ down my street/ home to your private mail, and also ‘my eagle ‘ in Arizona .
    In Canada- it is British Columbia- in the Spring- when they come by the hundreds to the Delta BC Garbage dump to feed , and a birdwatcher/ photographers dream !
    Look up google- for this .
    Right now, they are migrating south, and I will see them when I get to Arizona in Feb .
    But, the Bald Eagles that nest in my area, stay over for the winter as we still have some areas with open water , but, I have seen it in my back yard in january- when the temp that morning was MINUS 30 C !! and the lake was frozen solid .
    Anyway- I will send you ‘my eagle ‘ photos later .
    eagledeepthie .


  6. Sree and Maha.
    Last night I sent you some photos of the eagle in my garden, and surrounding area and also a second set of photos of the eagle I ‘communicate ‘ with in Cottonwood , Arizona .
    Hope you enjoy ” Tales from an Eagle ”
    eagledeepthie .


  7. Hi Deepthi,
    Enjoyed the pictures of the beautiful flowers in your garden and pictures that you have posted. Even some of the other batch mates have posted some beautiful pictures of flowers from their gardens. The conclusion is that all of you’ll have inherited the ” GREEN THUMB” in your DNA. As for me when ever I try my hand in planting the result is necrotic degradation. My analysis of the issue is; the DNA that have inherited has undergone mutation and given me the ” BLACK THUMB”.

    Hoping to meet you’ll soon.
    With Regards to all.
    Winter Haven,


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