Another– Proud– Moment– for– Batch’64


“A Life in two lands” by Tim Koelmeyer FRACS,FRCPA.”

Book Launch, November 11th, 2011

Report by Ruthraj Edwards, NZ

Hi Sam,
I was at the book launch of Tim’s book titled “A life in two lands” on Saturday.Ten years after retirement Tim has written his story in his own inimitable style. The book is his story of  life in Ceylon and in New Zealand from 1972, when he arrived here as a young surgical registrar.This is certainly not my  book review as I have not finished reading it  yet but would certainly recommend it to our batch mates. The book is in two parts, the first 8 chapters are dedicated to life in Ceylon and New Zealand and the rest of the book is an interesting array of murder cases in which Tim was involved as Forensic Pathologist attached to the Auckland medical school.Tim was held in great esteem by his students,especially his “Breakfast club” attended by many interested medical students during which a post mortem examination was demonstrated  at 7 AM each morning with clinico pathological correlation of the cause of death..He excelled in this as he also trained as a surgeon prior to settling in as a pathologist. Many of his previous students ,now clinicians in their own right , attended the launch and one in particular was Dinesh Ratnapala FRACS, Mahilal Ratnapala’s son w ho is now a surgeon in Cairns, Australia. It was a pleasure to meet with Mahilal at the launch, who came all the way from Brisbane especially to grace the occasion.I think we should be proud of his work, as  batch mate, as a teacher and as a forensic pathologist in New Zealand.
A life in two lands. The autobiography of a surgeon/ forensic pathologist. Timothy David Koelmeyer FRACS,FRCPA. ISBN 978-0-473-40447-5.
kind regards..



Hi Tim, Eddie and Sam
I am joining this group conversation from Brisbane, Australia. Firstly, thanks Tim for a very enjoyable evening at your Book Launch in Auckland and your very entertaining speech on this occasion. It was equally great catching up with Eddie and Indra as well as Ranjan Rajaratnam and wife in addition to meeting Mary Ann (Tim’s wife) and their 4 children. We were then entertained to a delightful tasty dinner at a fine Thai restaurant by Eddie and Indra and then spent the night at their equally delightful home in Auckland. We had to leave for the airport at about 3.30 am to catch a 6.35 am flight to Brisbane, and it was so nice of Eddie and Indra to be up at that ungodly hour to make us morning tea and coffee, and made us feel so homely and welcome, and though this was such a short meet and greet occasion, it will remain etched in our memories as one of those unforgettable get-togethers in our lifetime. Yes, Sam, please feel free to publish any photos from the Book launch and for Tim, I will fully endorse Eddie’s suggestion to sell your book through Barefoot Shop in Colombo, as they do give pride of place to publishers with Sri Lankan connections.
Best regards
Message from Tim
Dear Sam,
I have Eddie’s kind comments and your e-mail at hand.
Regarding my book:
As I am the ‘publisher’ it is currently available from me. I have still to set about getting a book shop to stock it. I could mail a copy to you if would supply me with a mailing address. The book costs NZ$35.00 and postage is about NZ$10.00
The illustrations in the book are black and white but I could e-mail colour photos from the book to you. The copyright resides with me so there is no problem with you using them if you wish.
I could send some photos from the launch party if you wish. Good shots of Eddie, Mahilal and family are available.
With best wishes

Editorial Update 11/23/17:

Dear Sam,

My book,  A LIFE IN TWO WORLDS  (ISBN 978 0 473 40447 5) is now available at the following book store in Auckland:


They will accept international orders using online shopping. I understand payment can be made using Pay Pal and over the phone. The website is very easy to navigate and the folk who run the store are most helpful.


I would be greatly obliged if you would bring this to the attention of the BATCH ’64 members.

With kind regards



Thanks Timothy, Eddie and Mahilal for the updates.I am sure the batch mates  will enjoy reading your book


11 thoughts on “Another– Proud– Moment– for– Batch’64”

  1. Dear Sam, Thank you, for spreading the great news about Tim’s book
    From information provided, immensley exciting and I must have a look
    Please let me know if there is a plan for bulk buying for mates in our batch
    Otherwise shall approach Tim for my copy, before any Tom, Harry and Dick


  2. This book is well worth reading. It has a mixture of history, forensic pathology, exciting crime scenes and Tim’s life story written in his own inimitable style.
    Highly recommended to all his batch mates.


  3. Congratulations Tim for writing a book about your life in Sri Lanka , New Zealand and your life as a Forensic Pathologist. I am sure it will be enjoyable reading.

    Thanks Eddie and Mahilal for the nice account of the book launch. It was nice seeing the pictures our batch mates. Piching and I have not seen Tim after leaving Sri Lanka. It was lovely to see Tim and his entire family , in the family picture.

    I definitely have to get a copy of this book. Sam is there any way we could get an idea who is interested in obtaining copies of the book, collect the money and get a number of copies shipped over to the US. The bulk shipping rate will be cheaper. Then again we have to think of shipping it to different people here in the US. Book rate shipping is reasonable in the US.



  4. Well Done Tim !
    Have to read your book – must be a good read I am sure .
    Lovely to see you and your lovely family- as I have not seen you since you left med school .
    I did 4 yrs of Pathology my self, forensic included – we called them ‘coroner’s cases here in Ontario, Canada, back the day.
    Mahilal and Eddie- good to hear from both of you and nice to see your pics again at yet another mini RU ‘ !
    Good Wishes to all of you- stay in touch .
    Deepthie .


  5. Wonderful to see another of our batch mates excelling in his field and bringing great honor
    to himself ,his family, the batch,Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

    In medical school he was in my sig, group and we knew he was very smart and would do us proud.I am so thrilled with his tremendous success in his field.
    I am looking forward to reading his book.

    Wishing Timothy and his family the very best.

    In Admiration,



  6. Hi Tim,
    Congratulations on your recently released publication of the Book relating to your life in Sri-Lanka and New Zealand. I would love to get a copy of it. Will arrange to have a few shipped to USA through Sam if several of the batch mates are interested. It was nice to see you and your family , Mahilal and Eddie in the pictures after a long time.

    Best Wishes to all.

    Winter Haven

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I can have a list of people interested I can ask Tim to give us a price for bulk purchase and bulk shipping to my house. Alternatively, you can easily pay via PayPal in NZ dollars to Tim’s Email address and get it shipped directly to you, Sam


      1. Hi Sam,
        Kindly include me in the list of the batch mates interested in purchasing a copy of Tim’s book; in case you are planning a bulk purchase order in the near future for those in USA. I will be leaving for Sri-Lanka in a weeks time, will be away for about 2- weeks. Will be leaving again for about 2 weeks, for a conference in the middle of January. Please send me a quote in US currency, will forward a cheque by return post. If it is a feasible option by the group. Otherwise will look at other options after my return from Sri-Lanka.

        Please keep me informed about the arrangements for Deepthi’s visit to Sarasota; as Shanthi and I are keen to meet you’ll as well in February, so that we can make some hotel arrangements.
        Wishing you’ll compliments of the Season

        Winter Haven.


  7. Congratulations Tim, I can’t wait to get a copy of your book for myself. This is great. From what I hear it must be good reading especially for our batch mates and all who worked with you. More importantly for your next generations and those to follow as we are in lands not ones of our birth. I always wanted to write one for my grand kids who may try to trace their roots, perhaps when they are older. Wish you and your family all the best.


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