4 thoughts on “Life– Lessons– from– 100 year– olds”

  1. Thank you Nisantha for sharing this beautiful clip..Clearly the advice from the centenarians has the wisdom of lives well lived.The common thread is the magic of memory.When all is said and done it is memories that define our lives as we age..Unfortunately, some do lose their memory with advancing age ,some earlier.What is life without memories.? We do not know.!!.


  2. Nice advice from the centenarians and all of us septuagenarians can heed that advice as it is better late than never🙂🙂🙂🙂. It was also nice to hear Sri Lanka being mentioned in the video clip.It is good that all of them had good memories. 🙏 for sharing it with us. Praxy


  3. My dear Nisantha,

    For some reason, I had missed this beautiful video clip

    While looking for something else With it I just caught up

    Those golden oldies seem to have few things common

    Happiness and simplicity constitute as the advice given



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