Best Wishes to Ranjith Silva!




It is with great pleasure that I write this Birthday Greeting to you my
dear Ranjith – of the S group !

It is almost like y’day- that I remember, our first day at the Block- with
the ‘bodies ‘ layed out and us just plain numb – with the sight and smell !
However we soon jumped in head first- sink or swim and we all swam to save
our souls it seems !!!!

You were a real good quiet one , always there to help me out   together
with Lakshman Senanayake, if ever I got into a ‘bad spot ‘ which was more
often than not  ,
Also, you were always there  for me, during phys tutorials to help me out .

Then, you would teamed up with dear departed Lakshman Silva and Ranjith
Perera, and we three – me, Praxy and Ranjini – all dressed up in nice sari,
the goody goody Holy Family Girls,  we went to the Convent Carnival and the
nuns dare not say anything to us in front of the three of you — our Body
Guards so to speak !!

We kept  in touch long after we left the country in the early 70’s, and to
this day, you always send me a  hand written Christmas card , that I really
appreciate, in this day and age .
This year- just send me an e- mail greeting ! as I have gone ‘paperless ‘ !

Then, I recall the visit to Florida, in 1992 March ,  when we went to Vero
Beach to  stay with Asoka and I love the photo of the three  of us in the
kitchen – when Shanthi and Arundathi- had a field day, watching us make
dinner  in Asoka’s kitchen !

The Humanitarian side of you came up- after your visit to Sri Lanka, soon
after the  the tsunami in dec 2004 and I visited you in march 2005- and you
were sooo sad, you did not even want to talk about what you did etc  ..but,
we know , how much you did during that time, and even after .

We all missed you at the  Oct 2014 RU and I hope we meet at the Oct  2018
RU – if the dream becomes a reality .
We are waiting for the Web master  to tell us the details of this .

Anyway , Ranjith – have a very  Happy  Birthday Day today, and enjoy your
good day with Shanthi and the family- now growing with grand kids I suppose
All the Best to you, Shanthi and famiy-

your S gp gal friend- Deepthie .


My dear Ranjith,
It is with great pleasure I send you greetings
When you celebrate birthday amidst your loved ones
Wish you contentment and peace, Joy and Happiness
May your angelic life be long and blessed with good health



Happy birthday Ranjit🎂🎂🎂🎂
Dear Ranjit we have not seen you for ages.
But not forgotten our stay with you when we visited US to see many places.
So It is a great pleasure to write on this blog to you today
To let you know that sincere wishes are sent you for your birthday.

Ranjit and Praxy

Editorial Note :

My apologies to Ranjith for the mistake made on graphics of the original post that was prescheduled for automatic publication due to my recent hospitalization. Thanks to Seelan and Narme for alerting me immediately.


32 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjith Silva!”

  1. Dear Ranjith,
    Looks like that Your young handsome photo is mixed up with another handsome Somasegaram !!
    Anyway, I wish you (Ranjith) a very happy birthday. Enjoy the day


    1. Hi Seelan,
      Thanks for the B’day wishes. At this stage of our lives we have to be thankful for the Sun rise of the next day. Mix of the photo is okay as Soma is like a Brother.
      Regards to your family.


      1. Hey guys- if there was a mix up- it was corrected before I woke up after my morning coffee to notice anything !
        senior moments are taking their toll ??


  2. All the best Ranjit and may you be contented in the years ahead. Your Bithday Tree is a chestnut. It means you are marked for your honesty, sense of justice, a planner and diplomat, hard worker, loyal, family oriented and impressive. We have always known yo to be just that. NIRMALI joins me in wishing you a happy birthday


    1. Hi Narme,
      Thanks for the B’day wishes and for the kind sentiments expressed. Didn’t realize I had them.
      Regards to Nirmali and Family


    1. Hi Sam,
      Thanks for the B’day Wishes. Hope your health issues are taken care of. Regarding Deepthi’s visit to Florida, Please let me know the plans as Shanthi and I intend to come that way. We will be Sri-Lanka in mid December and will be attending a conference in the latter part of January.

      Regards to your family
      Winter Haven


      1. Ranjith,
        You are most welcome. It will be wonderful to see you both in February.
        Sorry about the photo mix again. I have to ask Deepthie to share the blame as well since I “Drag and Dropped” the wrong guy out of her first photo above !

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Chestnut tree- describes Ranjith perfectly !
    One thing I forgot to mention was- that Ranjith, my self, Asoka- we three were Co- Interns at Ragama, doing Peds together .
    They went on to be REAL Pediatricians in America , where as my self, went on to be the ” In House Pediatrician ” for the next 10 yrs raising my three kids, on call 24 / 7 !


    1. Hi Deepthi,
      Thanks for your B’day wishes and the kind words. Enjoy reading your recollections of the old times. Brings back the wonderful memories we had as batch mates in the Medical Faculty. Shanthi & I are hoping to meet you on your visit to Florida if Feb.

      Best Wishes
      Ranjit & Shanthi


      1. Thanks Ranjith !
        I am glad I will be able to see you in Sarasota in Feb- 2018 !
        Hope you had a very happy day .


    1. Hi Aley,
      Thanks for the B’day wishes. I remember the Tennis matches we played at the Public School Championships at the CLTA tennis courts in Colombo.

      Best Wishes to your family
      Winter Haven.


  4. Hi Ranjit,

    Happy Birthday and all the best in the years to come. Deepthi gives all the news about the batch mates.


    1. Hi Rajes,
      Thanks for the B’day wishes. It was nice to hear from you. Deepthi has mentioned about you a few times. That you’ll were close by. My best wishes to you and the family.
      Winter Haven.


  5. Dear Ranjith,

    It gives me great pleasure to wish you a wonderful birthday and many more fabulous returns!

    Best Regards To You And Family,



    1. Hi Esiri,
      Thanks for the B’ day wishes. I did not know that you were ” Talented singer”; listened to your performance in Washington. Keep up the good work.

      Regards to your family.
      Winter Haven


  6. Many many happy return s of d day Ranjith.excuse my delay.was in Dubai on vac.and got back yesterday.I still remember d wonderful hospitality at urs when we were there.Sat joins me in wishing u.


  7. Hi Ranjani,
    Thanks for the B day wishes.
    Regards to you and Tiri.
    Hope to be Sri-Lanka in a few days for a wedding. May be will get a chance to meet you’ll time permitting.
    Best Wishes to you’ll.


  8. Dear Ranjith
    Wishing you a very happy B’day and many more to come. Apologies for the late response.
    It would be wonderful to meet with you again next year, if it happens. All the very best to you and family
    David Selvarajah


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