Eagle & the Prince


This was when the Drum Group I belonged to at that time  (  sept 16 -2012 )
was invited to play the Hand drum and sing some songs in Ojibway at a local
event, that Prince Andrew and Princess Sophie were attending .

We were asked to dress up in bright colored clothes for Photos/  TV cameras
etc  I did not have the traditional buck skin beaded Regalia .
I was asked to come in a Indian Sari .
So, I wore my old blue sari ( same one I wore for the RU- 2014- dinner
dance ) with traditional Native American jewellery  accessories .

We played the drum and sang 4 songs .
All the while, the  young prince was ‘ eyeing me ‘ so to speak- as he was
surely surprised to see a Dot Indian among the Feather Indians , singing in
the language of the  Ojibwa People  !!

As soon as our item was done, he walks up to me, with real purpose,  and
asks me , with a tone and look of REAL surprise eyeing me from to top to
bottom,  ‘ from where did you come ? “
  ” From where your tea comes from ‘  — I say .
” And that is  ?” the princes asks .
” Sri Lanka, and I managed to combine the Indian Indian with the American
Indian  with the sari and the accessories  ” I say  He flashes his handsome
royal smile and says ‘ You did well ‘ !!
Then another lady says ” I come from Ireland ‘– and so they moved on, to
talk to the other ladies and inspect the drums .

This was my Claim to Fame with Royalty !!


Eagle Deepthie

12 thoughts on “Eagle & the Prince”

    1. He looked at me with the most lovely Royal Eyes and my heart missed a beat !!!
      He was real surprised to see this Indian Sari clad woman singing in Ojibway language .
      We were a mixed bag of women- one was of Irish ‘ancestry, most of the others were local ladies, of French and Native Canadian ( Ojibwa ) mix- Metis as they are known in Canada , similar to the Bugher population of SL .
      I was the ONLY Full Blood Indian Indian !

      In the group photo you can see the real lovely hand made Buckskin Regalia , — that is the Traditional Regalia of the Native People of Canada and America- that is mostly made out of deer skin .

      The Royal couple was given a total education on Native Culture that included the art of Birch Bark Canoe making, Moose tufting , Beading, and of course a lovely demonstration of Pow wow Dancing to the beat of the BIg Drum .
      They really enjoyed their visit to my little neck of the woods of Midland and Penetanguishene and a visit to St Marie Among the Hurons a Re created old Huron Village .
      I took Praxy there, when she visited me some years back .


  1. Hey folks- Attention Please !!!!

    I made a mistake- the Prince here is Prince EDWARD- and Not “Prince Andrew ” as I have stated above .
    Prince Edward is the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip .

    Pardon me on this please , all you fans of the Royal Family .

    I am not a fan of Royalty, nor do I know too much about them folks at Buckingham Palace .
    Anyway- it was a great honour to my small community to have this beautiful young Royals all the way from Buckingham Palace, visit us , and mix and mingle with the likes of us simple Ontario small town folks .


    1. HI Selvi- good to hear from you !
      Princess Sophie –She was too busy looking at the hand drums to notice what the prince was up to !!!
      Princess Sophie –she is real sweet and we all loved the way they interacted with us simple folks .
      My god- he was sure a Prince Charming, if ever there was one !



  2. My touch with Royalty was when I was selected from amongst Armed Forces Officers to present the programme to the Queen at President’s House in 1982 before a Cultural Show. No photos, only my memory. Nirmali asked me years later whether I ever washed my hand after that!


  3. Very nice Deepthi. Thanks for sharing the photos. It appears you charmed the Prince. I am sure you used a different charm on him and not the one you use to charm snakes. Then again who knows he may be a ” Snake in the grass ”



  4. Interesting to see the various Royal Contacts we have had over the years .
    Narme- like your story – I am sure you at least had a ‘sea bath ‘ to let mother nature wash your hair in good salt water .

    Nisantha- This Royal Prince- seems like a good one- and not a ‘ Snake in the Grass ‘ like some others !
    I think, they all have learned their lessons with time, on how to ‘ live with the masses ‘ in the 21st Century .
    The Charm- was the eye catching blue sari woman singing in Ojibway !
    Anyway- it was interesting to see how they interacted ‘with the masses ‘ and my treat for the day , when the Blue Sari Eagle caught the Eye of the Prince !

    eagledeepthie .


  5. Hi Deepthi

    Thank you for sharing the pictures . You are a woman of immense talents , good to know you are keeping yourself busy and setting an example for us to enjoy life while you can. I am planning a visit to Toronto during Christmas but I gather you are going to Florida otherwise it would have been a pleasure to meet you in person.

    Best wishes


  6. I am going to Florida in February 2018 .
    I will be in Ontario- when you come here around Christmas t ime .
    If highway driving conditions are safe for driving – I will make the 2 hr hway drive to see you/ Rajes .
    keep in touch /
    deepthie .


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