7 thoughts on “Batch’64— Photo—-Quiz—Praxy”

  1. my dear Praxy,
    Picture quiz you have, for the batch forwarded,
    Every single neurone in my brain, though tried
    Did not get any clue, knowing you’re a lady well travelled
    My peanut brain cannot fathom, so have gracefully given up

    Do not be in despair, as our batch is full of clever cloggs
    When Seelan, Simone & Nisantha put their mighty heads
    No puzzle or riddle would remain for long, unresolved
    So handing over to the brilliant folks, I retire to background


  2. Praxy- you gave the hint- by saying ‘ Sam and Wimal cannot take part in this ‘ .
    So, this is a stone monument built in ‘Florida– Sarasota/ or Marco Island in a park by a stone sculpturist to represent something , I dont know what .
    Anyway it is a nice bit of work- to view to sit on the ‘seat ‘ like stone arrangements and take pics , the ‘cresent moon ‘ like stone, and the ‘hat ‘ like stone look neat .


  3. Dear Ariya
    Praxy must have gone to this site and sculptured the crescents .
    Crescent Rock (Raven Rocks)– 5.5-5.12d
    Crescent Rock (Raven Rocks)– 5.5-5.12d
    Page Type: Mountain/Rock
    Location: Virginia, United States, North America
    Lat/Lon: 39.15911°N / 77.81498°W
    Object Title: Crescent Rock (Raven Rocks)– 5.5-5.12d
    Activities: Trad Climbing, Toprope
    Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
    Elevation: 1454 ft / 443 m
    Do you agree Ariya?
    Sree and Maha.


    1. Yes Seelan you are a wizard…you are correct.
      When we were in Marco Island Wimal took us there and we had a lovely time. We really enjoyed visiting this castle. I don’t want to bore people by writing details of this but it is worth looking on the internet and reading up on it. Praxy


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