Best wishes to Anesley Perera!


Have a very Happy Day today and all the days to come, celebrate it as a
Happy Birthday Day !

I am including some photo of you taken over the years – 1989 in UK and in
SL- 2014.
I don’t remember seeing you in  Bentota in 1994 .

Main thing is – YOU were with the Class of 64, and we are all happy that
you were able to make it for the RU 2014.

It was really good seeing you – you look a real Maori Warrior  Man, ready
to lead the Haka – and like you said, in the blog post on sept 25- when Rani
and I posted the NZ haka, ”  I see no reason why the batch 64 kellas cannot
lead the Haka and the boys to follow on ‘ !!

You really put a GREAT idea into the heads of the Kellas here – so, now the
Kellas appoint you as the Lead Warrior  to give the commands and the Kellas
will follow  !!
Having lived in NZ- you seem to know a lot more about the haka than any of
us – at least my self- though I did do the Haka with a group in Rotorua back
in 1991 !– just a tourist  photo op thing it was !
Some good Haka  food for thought on your Birthday Day !-

Wishing you Good  Health  and Happiness , and hope to see you in  RU 2018-
Beruwala, if the dream turns into a reality !

Deepthie – one of the ‘ batch 64 kellas ‘ – -just love the way you refer to
us  this way – a great sense of friendship here .


Happy birthday Annesley🍸🍸🍸🍸

Annesley we know It is your birthday today
May you be blessed with peace and happiness we pray
May the new year bring you God’s choicest blessings,
As Ranjit and I send you our best wishes in these greetings.


Ranjit and Praxy


My dear Annesley,
It is with great pleasure, today I send  greetings
To one of the nicest mates in our batch, rejoicing
In view of being his birthday to wish him
Good health, peace and many long joyous years of living


25 thoughts on “Best wishes to Anesley Perera!”

  1. A very happy birthday to you Annesley and wish you many more happy ones in the future.
    We both started life in New Zealand in rural Hawera and it was great to catch up with you In Beruwala since leaving New Plymouth and crossing the ditch ( Tasman sea for those not familiar with the lingo)


    1. Hey Wally good that you explained what ”crossing the ditch ” means as otherwise we would have wondered what the two of you were up to. Praxy


  2. Hello Annesley,

    It brings great happiness to wish a batch mate happy birthday.Have a wonderful day and
    many more joyful returns.



  3. All the very best Annesley. It was good meeting you after so many years at the .RU. At our age every birthday is a gift from God. Enjoy it and may you have contentment for many more years to come.


  4. I am overwhelmed and quite humbled by so many of your kind felicitations. No doubt we the 64′ batch are very lucky to have such comradeship displayed for one another. God bless you all.


  5. Hi Annesley,

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and Good Luck, Good Health and many more .
    Take care .
    Love and best wishes,
    George and Shalinee
    🎈🎂🍰 🎉🍷🎈xxxx


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