Jeevendra –is –in– the news!

Jeevendra Martyn, MD FRCA FCCM


Jeevendra Martyn has been selected  for  the 2017 recipient of the FAER “Mentoring Excellence in Research ”  award,  in October , during the American Society of Anesthesiology annual meeting in Boston , MA. 

Please click below for details ,

Martyn FAER Mentoring Excellence in Research Award 2017

Many of you may recall , that in 2010  he also received the “Excellence in Research Award” from the American Society of Anesthesiology. To see the write up on ASA Journal Click below,


It gives me great pleasure to offer my heartfelt congratulations to my fellow anesthesiologist and former body partner where it all began in Norris Canal road!! You have made us all proud.

Sam. S

The WebMaster

Many Thanks to Selvarani Richards for forwarding the information.


24 thoughts on “Jeevendra –is –in– the news!”

  1. Congratulations Jeeva, your ‘siblings’ in medical batch Colombo, entry sixty four
    Ecstatically Jubilant and celebrate your continuing success as you are our hero
    To hear of great strides you’ve made and the accolades received, you make us proud
    We cheer you for being a shining light in improving patient care in your chosen field
    well done mate!


  2. Welll done Jeeva.We will be grateful for mentoring how to promote longevity. If watching eagles,snakes,birds and plants one method can you mentor as to how to self anaesthetise painful aching joints without medication?


  3. Dear Jeeva

    It wonderful to hear about your award and achievements.You have always been a great teacher and practitioner of your field.

    You have touched and inspired many in your field.You have brought great honor to yourself, family,to your parents , teachers, batch mates and whole of Sri Lanka.

    Wishing you continued success and many more achievements in the future.

    With Admiration!



  4. HI Jeeva ,
    You are another Jewel On The Crown of The Class of 64 .
    I am very proud of you and have bragging rights on yet another High Achiever in the Class of 64 .
    I remember the days from the old Catholic Students Federation Social days, when all the ‘good boys ‘ from St Joseph’s College, where you were studying at that time, and other Catholic Colleges in Colombo , would come to see the ‘good girls ‘ from the convents !
    No body told us ‘not to look’ !

    I also remember very well, travelling with your sister Padmini, ( who was a bit senior to me ) in the bus from Kotehena to Bambalapitya in the morning, to get there by 8 .30 am at Holy Family Convent .

    Little did we know , back in the day, that we will be scattered around the globe, 50 yrs later, bringing Honor and Glory to good old Lanka .
    Keep it up-
    Good wishes .


  5. Selvarani- Many thanks to you for giving us this info on Jeeva, that makes us proud to be among such Giants in the Field of Medicine, in the Class of 64 around the globe.
    You were one of those real good convent girls from St Bridgets , that came for all the Cath Soc meetings and socials– so we knew each other, even before we started life at Norris Canal Road !


  6. Congratulations Jeeva . Getting the award once was great. Getting the award twice is beyond compare. I do not know off hand anyone receiving the award twice.

    What’s our colleaugue s do not know is that your research involves muscle contraction , muscle relaxants , the anatomy physiology, Biochemistry all put together. This is original research.

    As an anesthesiologist I can understand the the time , effort and dedication that went into your findings.

    We as-batch mates are very proud of you. The Sri Lankan medical community and the entire country should be proud of your achievements.

    Piching joins me in wishing you the very best and all the success in your future research.

    Nisantha and Piching.


    1. Thank you Nisantha for informing us of the original research work done by Jeeva .
      Being an Anesthetist your self, you know the kind of work that would have gone into this original research work .
      Very impressive .
      The best part Jeeva , is that you have been sooo humble about it , and if Selvarani did not let it out, none of us would every know anything !
      Again- Jeeva , Well done and Wish you all the Best in your future endeavors
      deepthie .


  7. DEar Jeeva
    I like to congratulate you on your achievement. Continue your great work .I am very proud to be your batchmate.


  8. Dear Jeeva,
    Congratulations on receiving the FAER mentoring excellence in research award for 2017. Being recognized by your peers not only for your outstanding and inspirational work but for your humility as well; embodies the attributes of an exceptional physician who provides compassionate care at all times for all people. Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors to expand the horizons in your field of Medicine.
    Glad to have known you as a batch mate as well as a school mate (St Joes).
    Good Luck and Best wishes.


  9. Dear Sam
    thanks for taking the trouble to message all our colleagues all over the world.
    I very much enjoy your almost daily messages to us.
    i am most grateful
    See you sometime.


  10. message from Jeeva
    Dear All
    Thanks for all your congratulatory messages sent on my recent Award from the Am Soc of Anes.
    I am most grateful to my teachers in school and medical school who laid the ground work for my success in my later academic life.
    Wish you all continued success and see you may be next year.
    Jeeva Martyn


  11. Dear Jeeva, Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award for the second time. We are proud to have been your batchmates.
    Best Wishes,
    Ana and Indira


  12. Dear Jeevendra, Congratulations.Well done.It is always uplifting to hear of a batch mate who has done extremely well in his field of expertise in the adopted country.You have done great service to your institution as well as the researchers of the future.Warm regards. Eddie & Indra.


  13. Congratulations Jeeva, Very glad and proud of your achievements and contributions to medicine. I also have learned another aspect of you from your wife Raji that you always pack your Bible in your briefcase everyday. I respect you for your faith. I feel you have been chosen to contribute to the care of patients. Keep up the good work. Best to your family


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