Deepthie’s —Garden




Kadupul ( Sinhala )
Celenicerus grandifloras ,
Queen of The Night  , Night Blooming Cereus

An exotic  Tropical Orchid .

” Deviya Diva Malin,
Asurasen Sith Paolin,
Diva  Nai Kadupulin,
Nithi Puda Dethi Til Munidun   “

” They Worship Him Thus,
The Gods with Heavenly Flowers ,
The Asuras with Sith Palo Flowers ,
The Nagas with Kadupul .”

Legend – once upon a time, there was a cave in the jungles of Srilanka,
where a precious gem was hidden by the Divas .
At the entrance to the cave was  a large vine of Kadupul, that would bloom
in the night and would fill the night air with its intensely fragrant aroma
The cave was guarded by the Nagas , to protect the Sacred  Gem of The Gods

On Full Moon nights- the flowers would bloom, glow in the moonlight,   fill
the jungle air with the magical fragrance of the Kadupul.

Any human wondering the jungle in the night, would be lured into the cave,
by the magic of the Full Moon and the Fragrance of the  Kadupul .
Then, he would sight the cave entrance and would belold  the white glow of
the kadupul in the moon light .

Then, he wouold see the  glow of the Gem in the light of the Full Moon ,
entering the cave .

He would enter the cave in the Light of the Full Moon , and see the  Glow
of the Gem- that  would fill his senses along with the Fragrance of the
Kadupul .
He  then reaches out to touch the Sacred Gem of The Gods .
The Nagas would sting him and he is now no more .

Any one who wondered into the jungle on these nights , never returned to
the village …..

”  They  worship Him Thus- The Nagas with  Kadupul … “

I have had this plant , for almost 14 years, growing indoors in the winter
and out doors in spring, summer and early fall .
It would give me no end of joy when The Queen of The Night blooms .

I would invite my friends to keep me company, and we would watch the Queen
of The Night open , as darkness sets in around  7 pm,  and allow us to see
her  fully opened  beautiful  face  , around 9 pm  those fortunate enough to
see  her . .
We would stay up till about 1 am, my friends would leave, and I would keep
her company for another hour or so , with my home filled with her sweet
vanilla fragrance  if she blooms later in the season .
By morning 6 am, she is trying to go to sleep !

Flower color- white with yellow stamens .
Size- almost  the size of a human face- see my face next to the fullu
opened flower .
Of growing conditions are right, you can have more than one bloom .
I have had up to three blooms at one time .
My friend in Toronto- who lives in a highrise condominium, with lots of
light, and constant warm indoor temps  had up to 10 blooms in one night, and
she had to open the windows as the fragrance was too intense for her .

Of late , the plant has grown a lot, and I am not able to carry the pot
outside,, so it has stayed indoors for nearly 3 years .
This year, I had only one very weak bloom .
It is pot bound, and time to trim and re- pot next year .

Plant Care-
keep near a bright sunny window –  eastern exposure is best , but, not too
strong light- remembering it is a tropical rain forest orchid .
Keep soil moist- not  soaking wet .
Fertilise wth 10-15 -10 indoor flowering plant fertiliser .
Stake plant to keep it upright .
Propogation –  water rooted  cuttings from aerial roots .
Leave these cuttings in a sunny place indoors or outdoors in the summer,
for about an  year in a clear glass bottle with water.
They will produce leaves as the months pass by .
Pot up with the best indoor potting soil, money can buy !

Where to buy-
Perhaps any garden centre in USA, and it grows naturally in warmer zones–
Florida, Southern Arizona .
My plant was smuggled into Canada,  from Vietnam about 20 yrs ago , and now
most of us here in my town and surrounding areas  has my cuttings/ plants ,
and some have bloomed already . it takes 3 yrs for the plant to mature to
start blooming .
I have given away at least 10 plants over the years., and another clump of
cuttings is in the works, for any one who wants it !

It can take low temps down to 60 deg – which is what I do, when I leave for
AZ – for 8 wks .
However,  this temperature change does affect the production of flower buds
My son who has a real skimpy plant, near a big window,   with constant
warm in door temp , gets blooms twice a year- spring and late summer .

Deviyo Diva Malin -eagledeepthie .

8 thoughts on “Deepthie’s —Garden”

  1. Thanks Sam, for the post on my most favourite flower – Kadupul .
    I just had to share it with the Class of 64 .– the poem , I picked out of Google , and the story, that I had heard from somewhere, now in remote storage in my memory chip inside my head !

    The photo- where I am standing near the vine- was taken at the Galle Fort- Nov 2014- after we had the RU- 2014.
    The garden keeper told me, that every single flower that blooms on those vines, never touched the ground – -they were all offered to the Buddha at the nearest temple .

    He wanted to give me a cutting- I politely declined- he thought I was a ‘local gal’ !

    I have seen this vine growing in many places in SL- Galle, Prithipura Home for children, Moratuwa tourist place, where I stayed some years . when I came to see my mom , etc .

    You can see two faded flowers in one of my photos – taken around 6 am .
    The fragrance of the blooms lasts over night-

    By the way folks- take another look/ see at my previous post on the ” Habarala Plant – Alocasia “- you will see an additional photo that I came across- Red Berries from the plant- a photo I took in october 2015 . and Sam kindly put it out today at short notice – Thanks Sam the late addition
    Real nice- worth a peek a boo at it .
    I was not able to propogate it via the seeds .

    eaglegardener .


  2. Dear Deepthie.

    Oh! What a descriptive account of the Kadupul flower, after reading the details, I too would like to grow one in my garden in Srilanka. I hope I can find a plant.
    Dear Deepthie, by being the “Queen of the Garden”you have chosen to experience the most purest pleasure of mankind .
    Enjoying the wonders of a flower garden and wanting to see the blooms ,first thing in the morning – The morning “blahs”is a real phenomenon with a positive mood- happiness,friendliness,and warmth.
    The long lasting effects of flowers on people’s moods , by starting the day in a positive mood. Is priceless
    Living with flowers and flora can provide a booster of energy and enthusiasm.
    Reading your account on flowers and garden (thanks to Sam for posting) you are likely to transfer the happier feelings to your 64 batch mates -that’s what I call “CONTAGION”


    1. HI Rani– this plant is very common in SL- just look up if you ever see anything green, with long leaves dangling down from a big tree- you found it !
      Now that you know what the leaves look like, you are more likely to identify it .

      The one I saw at the Prithipura homes was on a mango tree .
      Just ask around and someone is bound to know it .
      The place I stayed in Moratuwa for a few days -Ran Mal – along the Bolgoda Lake –
      Then- the one in the photo at Galle Fort .
      Saw one even at the Mother Theresa Home for Orphans in Galle back in 2007 when I went with Praxy and she took the photo of me next to the Habarala Plantation !

      Gardening- is my real prize- I would surely die a slow and painful death both body and soul, if I cannot get to the garden , or see some plant indoors .
      Nature brings one closer to The Creator– is my belief, and many people would agree with me on this .
      I do what I can to keep my body and soul in one good place, and I believe in sharing happy feelings with those that I care- like the Class of 64 !
      Thanks Rani for the kind words and above all Thanks to Sam for allowing us to share with each other the good things in life !!


  3. My dear Deepthie,
    After reading description of your ‘garden of Eaden’
    I became equally impressed on skills of description
    For painting a pretty picture real, with writing skills
    Surely you must be referred as our batch, JK Rollngs

    However, muust point out firmly and accuratly
    You show us elegantly and beautifully a life story
    Energy, enthtusiasm and the expressive ability
    Queen of versatality and gardening is our Mary


  4. my dear mates,
    Above was written around 4 in the morning
    With trembling fingers and eyesight failing
    Noticed quite a few errors do appear in spelling
    Humbly appeal to mates to ignore my mistakes
    Consider this as the best effort of a septuagenarian


    1. Dont worry about spelling errors- this is Not a Spelling Bee Contest !!!
      I am glad you saw it and commented on it and thanks a lot .
      Infact, it was YOU who gave me the idea to post it- some time ago, when we talked about the Garden Project and I had to go into ‘ Ariya’s writings ‘ folder to look for the old letters we wrote to each other about the Kadupul, some 2 yrs ago , when I sent you a pic of the Queen of the Night , and dig out the ” Deviyo Diva Malin ” kaviya etc .
      I thought I wrote too much, but, seems like people did actually took the time of day to read through it all !!!
      Try and get over to England from SL- if you can .!
      Good luck-
      Queen of The Night Lover != eagleD


  5. Thanks Deepthie for the lovely description of the Kadupul flower and the story behind it. We , I , have never had the good fortune to see a flower bloom or appreciate the fragrance. May be our next visit to Sri Lanka.

    Having grown up in Galle I do not recall having seen Kadupul. May be I had seen it and did not know what it was.



    1. Well Nisantha – Now you know what it looks like !!
      Like I told Rani- look up, when ever you see something that looks like an epiphyte !
      I presume, it is prevalent all over the island, where ever it rains a lot —
      I was surprised to see i t so close to the sea, in Galle, with its salty air , and same for Prithipura Homes .
      Perhaps Indragee might know where you ( and Rani ) can find one – as he and Manel are Orchid lovers and growers , and has a home in Kandy area- the ideal place for this Rainforest Orchid .
      Good Luck –
      Queen of The Night Lover- eagleD !


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