11 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment–Sam”

  1. HI Good Morning Sam!
    It was nice to hear this old song, with the beautiful voice of Mariazelle, while looking out the window at the steaming lake, blue sky, and white snow on the ground .
    Old Man Winter is here- came in with a Big Bang last night in the form of a wicked blizzard and Podi Nono- really lifted my spirits to the highest level this morning !!!.
    Thank you very much .
    Now, I must sit under my Poor Mans Umbrella Habarala leaf, and finish my coffee looking out into the steaming Lake Huron , Giants Tomb Island glowing in the distance with the blue sky about it .
    Nostalgia +++
    eagleD will be singing Podi Nono, for the rest of today- and while out on my first walk on the freshly fallen snow- that is always a pretty sight, at least for a while .


  2. Thanks Sam for this rendition of “ Opisarage Duwa “. This song was composed by a DMO of a remote hospital in Sri Lanka based on a true story.
    Apparently a police officers daughter had an affair with a lad in the village. The parents had not approved of the affair. Eventually the young gal had committed suicide by hanging in the near by forest.
    Sam , you may remember , we sang this song during our hostel trips.



    1. Thanks Nisantha for the story on the lovely Podi Nona . I knew there was some sad tale behind it, but, never really knew it all , till now .
      Imagine a doctor composing the song !
      He must have had a good night’s sleep , or he was up all night waiting for a call to come !
      Either way- he composed a lovely song out of a sad story .

      Sam.. –This is what I love about the Web/ Blog– Old stories, what we did, what we sang, where we went, sharing each other’s fun tales, hobbies, etc etc .

      For me, a nice way to spend the Winter !
      Just returned from a nice first winter walk – always has that Magic for me- The First Snow Fall- ever since I saw it, for the first time some 44 snows ago- in 1973- when I first set foot in Canada on 7th November !
      That Magic has never really left my tropical soul – that strange creature that I am !

      But, Podi Nona- keeps singing in my head !

      Thanks- eaglesonggirl !


  3. I remember JMO of our time had one more verse:
    Dostara aviding miniya kapala, hanged and …..
    Doctor came and cut the body and hanged and died …


  4. Thanks Sam. Thanks also to Banda for giving the story behind the lyrics. I have heard this song many many timeS and did sing along out of tune with group sing songs and bus trips, fueled by C2H5OH. I always wondered what the story behind was and why a sad story had a such good tune. Now I know. But enjoyed the song for the up beat melody and “Broken English” The JMO’s addition reminded me of my days at Agrapatna, where as DMO I was also JMO, came across many suicide, mostly organophosphate (Folidol) poisoning and of course the young couple who jumped off hugging each other from “Worlds End” in Horton Plains.


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