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  1. Thank you Rani, for the video clip of where the Oceans Meet-
    I wonder why the difference in color – the dark blue is Atlantic and the lighter blue is Pacific ? I am curious to know .
    Perhaps, it is the sunlight reflecting off particulate matter , like silt in the water .
    This dark azure blue is seen in lakes around the Canadian Rockies – , when one drives along the highway or take the train across the Rocky Mountain ( via rail of Rocky Mountaneer trian ) .
    I h ave taken the Via Rail a few times to BC from Toronto and back and the colors of the glacial silt being lit up by the sun is truly a spectacular azure blue color .
    I would also like to know, where this video was taken — likely tip of South America .
    I have seen pics of oceans meeting at the tip of South Africa- cannot recall any color difference in the water .
    Thanks for the video clip-


  2. Rani this is spectacular… it’s truly amazing. How on earth is it possible to see such a demarcation? I would love to go and see that. Thanks for the wonderful photo.Praxy


  3. Thanks Rani for video. To answer some of the questions that arose from the video let me explain what I know. According to oceanographer s there is only one ocean The world ocean. We drew the imaginary lines to create the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

    The two imaginary oceans “ mix” south of Cape Horn and around the North Pole.

    The difference of the color is seen around the North Pole. What we learnt in Physics comes into,play here. The salinity of the water. Due to the melting of the glaciers the salinity of the water changes around the North Pole. Therefore you see the difference in the color of the water.
    Perhaps Rani could add more details to my simple explanation.



  4. Dear Mates, “Another Brain Teaser”

    “About the two oceans meeting, without mixing, only touching each other ”
    “There’s is more to it than meets the eye”
    Yes Nissantha I agree with your explanation, and Deepthie ,one can see it only at the meeting point.
    Meeting point-is seen at the Cape Horn and Southern most tip of South America at Tierra del Fuego archipelago of Southern Chile. Praxy please let us know the details when you view it.

    Deepthie ,your are correct ,the colour difference is due to variety of factors
    Deep water looks blue,because the way light is absorbed and reflected.water molecules absorb red ,green, yellow ,and reflect blue. The light Aqua colour is seen in shallow water reflecting sand ,reef,. Dirt patches,Plankton may reflect a green colour.as you know when we perceive colour we are not actually seeing the colour of somethings,but we are seeing light.
    Well the reasons to THINK it is NOT mixing?

    We may have to delve into the knowledge of Physics learnt at school.(as advised by Nissantha also)

    Liquid has two main mechanisms to mix

    Liquid – liquid diffusion and Physical agitation

    Liquid – liquid diffusion which is very slow. The strange phenomenon is due to difference in density, salinity, temperatures
    ( physical agitation)deep and surface water currents.(stratification) of water acting as a barrier to mixing of water. The salinity and other factors of glacier waterand off shore water of Alaska , making it difficult to mix.

    It Is only A “PHENOMENON ”
    It not not two oceans meeting ,it’s glacial melt water ,meeting the off shore water.
    ” one can see the demarcations at specific moment in time . They eventually mix the border between the two waters is not STATC, move around and dis appear altogether.


  5. Dear All.Thank you for all the information provided. Pity I did not know it otherwise when we went to South Africa we could have looked at it . It is so amazing 😵. Praxy


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