Sree’s— Garden


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Identify the video clip and name the flowers




16 thoughts on “Sree’s— Garden”

  1. My dear Sree,
    Thank you for the wonderful picture quis
    Despite Eddie a thoroughbred in our batch
    Has answered already, I beg to put forward
    Answer as Dubai airport, biggest in the world


  2. Who told you that I am the authority. I know the names of the plants I have & I know how to grow them in my garden.
    The heading of the photos posted is ” Srees Garden” but what I see is the Cloud forest from Singapore & Arum Lilly as well as some Orchid flowers ( I don’t know the names) also from Singapore .


    1. Dear Seelan and all others commenting on photos sent by me

      Thank you for spotting the exact location.
      Our daughter and son in law went to Singapore and sent these photos,As we are not good in getting the photos linked to the web site we WhatsApped to Praxy and were trying to see whether we could fool Seelan.

      Continuing on the original message following information from Wikipedia we put the following message ” Will Seelan accept the plants as the aboriginal plants of Botany Bay and The Tower the work of the aboriginals at the time Cook landed in Botany Bay?”

      Praxy added the photos with the title Sree’s garden.

      Must do some research and find out what those plants that were seen in plenty where Seellan lives to name the place as Botany Bay AND NOT WHISKEY BOTTLES BAY.


  3. Sree’s Garden in Singapore – the Orchid Capitol of the World .
    Sree- I would like to see your own garden in England, as from I have seen , English gardens are really lovely – with lots of Rhodos, Hydrangias, Roses .
    Kew Gardens- the most famous is particularly lovely to walk around and feast your soul …


  4. Deepthee Maha spends most of her time in the garden.When Shobi is free I will ask her to get the photos done and send.


    1. Thanks Sree- It is nice to know, that most of us have taken up Gardening as a hobby in our retirement .
      This is such a rewarding, holistic , meditative way of life .
      I would not know what to do with my self, if I did not have my garden to putter around .
      My garden is a typical ‘ Cottage Garden ” as they say in UK .
      I will send you pics later .

      T he first snow fall came with the Big Bang last night in the form of a wicked blizzard .
      how ever the sun is out , sky is blue, lake is steaming, and everything white out side and very pretty , at least for a while .
      The Garden- covered with a nice while blanket of snow — Sleep Baby Sleep !


  5. My dear Indragee and Manel,
    Following the kind invitation to your mansion last year,
    We were priviledged to witness Manel’s handy work, dear
    beautiful flowers common and exotic embracing the land contour
    Was an astonishing piece of art, please treat us giving a ‘floral tour’


  6. Hey Indragee- now, I have to come over and see yours and Manel’s lovey ‘work of art and a labour of love ‘. !!!
    Lets hope we meet again- 2018- if Sam can help us all to get the next RU going .

    Orchids- not my thing- as my home is quite dry, in the winter when the central heat is on , and I go away for 8 wks in the winter, so orchids- are a too much of a delicate plant to over winter even indoors , with no care for 8 wks .

    Thanks for the info on \your garden- and it is amazing how many of us have taken up this wonderful hobby .
    Lakshman / Gita Senanayake- has the most cutest lovely little back yard garden- and I have the most lovely photos of it- taken , while I was there in 2014 .
    Worth your while to take a trip out there to see his little backyard soul filling treat .
    eagledgardener .


  7. I was impressed when I saw the pictures and the title Sree’s garden . Wow nice work Sree especially the Water feature.
    After reading everyone’s comments , I was disappointed to know it was not Srees garden.



  8. well Nisantha- he might just let us all get a peek a boo at his OWN garden in UK .
    I am getting ready for a post ‘Gardening in Canada’ if it ever passes the Web Master’s sharp eye !


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