Best Wishes to Ranjani (Perera)Tirimanne




HAPPY 🎈 birthday 🎉 Ranjini🎂

We have known each other since good old school days,
And  communicated with each other on Face book and other different ways.
So across the ocean Ranjit and I send you greetings,
For a happy birthday birthday and good wishes till our next tweetings.


Ranjit and Praxy





Let me wish you my dear good friend Ranjini- a Very Happy Birthday on this
Special Day .
May you have many more days like this in the years to come .

Ranjini- you told me when we met at the old faculty- 2014 RU day- — “
Deepthie – do you realise that we have been together since we were in school
from grade 8- we were always together- right up till we finished Interhship
at Ragama in 1970′ .Praxy came along a little bit later, after we finished
the O Levels . “

We three stuck together  and still sticking togegher – through good times
and not so good  times .
THIS is the  TRUE Value of Good  Friends , and I am all the better for this

Then, we met Weerasinghe- who took this lovely photo  ( the date is on the
photo ) of both of us with the next generation of medicos.
– Now,  who could say that we both were hitting 70  around  that time for we
both look just as good as the young ones !!!!

The ‘young ones ‘ just could not believe that both of us actually knew each
other from grade 8 and we are now coming for the 50th Anniversary RU- it
just blew them out of the water– !!

I remember the day we both travelled together in your car,  in Sept 1964,
to the faculty Registration Day- very nervous of this new adventure we were
going to start , and an ‘adventure ‘ it was for sure .
We even travelled together by bus- to  Thurston Rd,  University exam hall
for the  A- Levels together in a taxi- in a real big hurry, as you forgot
your admission pass or some stupid thing like that, and we jumped out of the
bus, hailed a cab, raced back  to the convent, and raced to the exam hall-
just in time !!
Those were the days !!

Then, the On- Call days and Nights at Ragama with Shiranci, and others –
all of sudden – we were REAL Doctors !

If you look at the photo taken in Bentota- 1994- and the photo taken in 2014
, – We ,  Kellas of The Sixties are a fine bunch of kellas  !!!!

Thank you my dear , for this long and loving friendship , and even our
father’s knew each other – your dad commonly known to my father as Gal
Perera !

Hope we meet again – at the  RU- 2018-  October –Beruwala- if  a dream
were to become a reality .
Have  a Very Happy Day today, and enjoy Life as if Every Day is a Happy
Birthday Day !

Your old school pal- Deepthie .


Dear Ranjani,

Wish a splendid birthday and a future full of  Happiness

Good health, Contentment, Peace and a  long fruitful life

May all your desires come true and joy preveils throughout

Because you are a splendid human and a great batch mate


32 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjani (Perera)Tirimanne”

  1. Hi Ranjani,
    Wishing you a very happy B’day today and many more B’days in years to come.
    No doubt it was a very enjoyable years as medical students in the faculty as five Pereras all sitting together in the group all those years back, just you the only kella.
    affectionately, Annesley


    1. Yes I’ll never forget d lovely carefree days.and d casualty nts we went for dinner to d ‘handiye made, thanks Annesly would love 2 cu again


  2. All the very best Ranjini. May you have a contented life for many more years to come. We can celebrate on Friday at the Doctors Spouses Get-together!
    God bless,


  3. Dear Ranjani

    Many Happy returns of the day. Hope we will meet next time when I visit SL. In February I was very busy and the day I came to Jayala you could not make it. When is your next visit to London. A you know you are always welcome to stay with me.
    Have a lovely day .
    God Bless you


  4. Dear Rnjani
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. It was lovely to meet you at the RU 14. Hopefully, we will be able to meet again at RU 18, if it materialises !
    Have a great day.
    DAVID Selvarajah


  5. HI my dear Birthday Girl Ranjini- I wonder if you saw the photos and the write ups that Sam, who put in the photos of ‘ then and now ‘ my self, Praxy and Ariya have put in, at the top of the page .
    Take a look- they are a real nice set of photos .
    It seems to me, that for some reason, you have not seen them, as there was no response from you to any of them .
    Deepthie .


    1. I did c d pics Deepthi.really lovely.brings back memories of HFC and med college.sometimes I wish we could go back on time.but its lovely to etch them so in memory u say though old we r still young at heart.loveRanjanie


  6. Dear Ranjani
    Many Happy returns of the day! My wishes for many more to come with good health and happiness. Hoping to see you again in October!


  7. Message from Ranjani
    Dear Deepthi.thanks for d lovely wishes and sentiments which I can I ever forget d mischievous Deepthi in school.our fun filled days at college and at Ragama.I really lk forward 2 cing u at d RU in 18 if all goes well.miss ur chats and letters but keep updated with Sam’s mail.loads of love Ranjani


  8. Dear Ranjini
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and an year filled with happiness and peace. Loving


  9. Dear Ranjini
    Wishing you a happy birthday and many more to come. Sorry I missed you when I visited SL. Hope to meet you at the next RU or earlier if I visit SL.


  10. Hi Ranjini
    Happy birthday to you and may you be blessed with many more.
    My regards to Tiri. Pamunugama area is very special to me ; it happens to
    be my birth place.
    Kind regards,
    Ranjit & Shanthi.


    1. Thanks so much Ranjit.will convey rgds.I wish u would visit us here as I still remember how well u cared for us.


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