Update –from –Deepthie


HI my dear Kalu Suddhi, Kaviya and Spider Man !

Here is news from my neck of the woods .

I am home- all went well-very lovely Sunrise Ceremony on the water front
and a very peaceful Spiritual Water Walk .
I am home now – and a bit sore- on the lt anterior upper thigh- forget the
anatomical name of that muscle , just below the inguinal ligament !
Took a tab of Naprosyn- as tomorrow I want to do the rest of the journey.
Hot shower and bed in a little while .

We had helpers with cars to let us rest/ drive along the walkers,  when we
got tired of walking .
Some people had hot chocolate, laid out for us on their driveway- and
allowed us to use their home toilets- that was nice .
Later, one family had a HUGE pot of home made soup- bread etc when today’s
walk ended  about 2 pm .

You can see me, on the walk with my Georgian Bay Drum – that I have had for
many years, and I played it even at the Grand Canyon some 10 yrs ago .
You can see me carring the Sacred Eagle Staff- we all got a chance to walk
with it – and  I felt real good after that .
The Eagle Staff is now used even in Parliament in Canada, and at most
public political gatherings  to honour those who were here in America/
Canada, before European Contact .

Tomorrow is the BIG Day- with lots of political activity, speeches , area
MP’s etc .
I am  keeping my ‘head down’ !!
The very blond lady carring the copper kettle with the lake water on the
walk, was arrested 9 yrs ago and spent a night or two in jail , ( !! ) over
a similar highly charge political  affair, that we  WON  so, some noise by
small people in small rural communities can get a lot of ineternational
attention  in this day and age .
Sam-  this is like what happened at Standing Rock , South Dakota , last
year , but, on a lesser scale, and god only knows how it will go  as today
was the First Day of a long battle seems like

This is all for now.
I see the Garden show is going good !! and I put in some new comments, as
soon as I got home , and signed off as ‘eagledmdmasergardener ‘- just for
kicks !
Bye- eagleD- -the not so ‘good convent girl ‘ !!
Love to tease Seelan- a real sweet fellow .



 This is the final photo, after we ended the Water Walk- at the gravel pit
site .
The Eagle Staff- is at the centre of the photo .



9 thoughts on “Update –from –Deepthie”

  1. Whatever you do please get home safe and sound otherwise we will lose the snake charmer. Dildenatharuwa etc etc etc. Praxy


  2. My dear Deepthie happy to hear that 1st day went well .Hoping you are safe at home now
    After day 2.Yesterday was probably partly sacred and partly fun like our religious festivals.
    I am sure you are happy and content with your participation. Congratulations. Maithri


  3. Dear Deepthie,
    You are amazing. I cant even walk 200 meters without getting pins & needles ! You are very courageous doing all these things for the community. Hope you don’t get jailed like the other lady – not good for a convent girl.

    The muscle you are talking about is the ‘Quadriceps Muscle – a bunch of 4 muscles). I hope its not the Gracillis muscle ( custodian of virginity – as the anatomy Olivelle puts it! ). Don’t worry rub some ‘Deep Heat’ – you will be fine.

    All the best from that Sweet fellow who is used to teasing . Its better than the nagging I get at home!


  4. Many thanks to all of you – Spider man, the other two good convent girls, the one from visaka, the one from Alice Springs, and that Sweet fellow from Down Under !

    Yes, I just got home, safe and sound, after a very long hectic day- feeling very rewarded , like a million dollars in my soul.
    There were nearly 300 people – a lot for small rural ontario community, packed into the community hall for the pot luck dinner , and all went well .
    Lots of speeches, well received and gave all of us hope for a better future for our drinking water .
    Have to wait in HOPE and see how this will unfold — this is only the start of a long struggle for Clean Water .

    On a humerous note- I think that muscle that is bothering me , now better with naprosyn , hot shower last night ,and more walking with the Sacred Eagle Staff today, is the one mentioned by our good old Anatomy tutor- Dr Olivelle .
    This muscle is now a redundant feature for me !!!!
    How did I hurt it in the first place ??- trying to get on and off a truck that was too high to step on, for this little old lady !
    Today, I took a step stool to help me get on to the truck – and all was good .

    Good night- time for another hot shower and a good night’s rest .
    Miigwetch to All – Dilisena Tharuwa .

    ( Miigwetch means Thank you in Ojibway- and this is now used by most people here, many politicians , even the PM , along with the the English Thank you , to honour the First Nations People of Canada )


  5. Thank you Rani- yes- this is ONLY the First of many meetings for this struggle for Water .
    Thank you for your good wishes .
    Water Is Life .


  6. My dear Tree hugger, snake charmer, dilisena tharuwa and baila kumari

    In my old age, thickening opacities in both eye lenses
    I put as the cause for missing your valuable write ups
    For not going through such beautiful collection of photos
    I curse myself and send to the leader of the pack apologies

    My God Girl! you all seem to have learnt the art to enjoy lives
    Expression in every face, bursting with enthusiasn & happiness
    Absorbed in the task, with child like carefree indulgence is divine
    I salute the whole crowd for communal spirit and the participation


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