Left –Ventricular–Angiography—Rani









Can you diagnose this condition?(I have never seen or heard about) but beware if you are under STRESS

H/o 61 year old woman ,with Hypertension /Hypothyroidism, presented to the A/E with acute onset of chest pain..
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13 thoughts on “Left –Ventricular–Angiography—Rani”

  1. Mid left ventricular ballooning – area of left ventricular contraction abnormality .
    With a history of Hypothyroidism, I think that the patient has Cardiomyopathy .


  2. Yes Seelan,

    I thought this Is a very interesting condition,because , have you ever heard OfThe age old CLICHE ” “He/ She Died Of A Broken Heart after hearing The death Of A Loved One…. Or any other issue”
    Well then this condition is the Medical evidence to prove the truth of theCliche.

    It is the TAKA-TSUBO syndrome, or HEART BROKEN SYndrome, or STRESS SYNDROME
    Taka -Tsubo Is aballonlikepotusedbyJapanesetocatch Octopuses)
    It is the cardiomyopathy showing ballooning of the apex of the ventricle during Systole,caused by changes due to Stress.

    Can be fatal or reversible


  3. Very interesting. Thanks Rani.

    I plan to do more Loving Kindness meditation. Don’t want any broken hearts , do we ?



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