Left –Ventricular–Angiography—Rani









Can you diagnose this condition?(I have never seen or heard about) but beware if you are under STRESS

H/o 61 year old woman ,with Hypertension /Hypothyroidism, presented to the A/E with acute onset of chest pain..
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13 thoughts on “Left –Ventricular–Angiography—Rani

  1. Mid left ventricular ballooning – area of left ventricular contraction abnormality .
    With a history of Hypothyroidism, I think that the patient has Cardiomyopathy .


  2. Yes Seelan,

    I thought this Is a very interesting condition,because , have you ever heard OfThe age old CLICHE ” “He/ She Died Of A Broken Heart after hearing The death Of A Loved One…. Or any other issue”
    Well then this condition is the Medical evidence to prove the truth of theCliche.

    It is the TAKA-TSUBO syndrome, or HEART BROKEN SYndrome, or STRESS SYNDROME
    Taka -Tsubo Is aballonlikepotusedbyJapanesetocatch Octopuses)
    It is the cardiomyopathy showing ballooning of the apex of the ventricle during Systole,caused by changes due to Stress.

    Can be fatal or reversible


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