9 thoughts on “Batch64 entertainment—Sam”

  1. Thank you my dear Web Master , for starting my day on the right note !

    I love this song , and I think, Anslem sang this song at Bentota and in Beruwala .
    It sure unleashed a flood of memories- both bitter and sweet- , but mostly sweet !
    Perhaps Anslem can sing this for us again, if and when we meet in 2018 ??

    How is this idea for the next RU going now ?
    keep us in the loop .

    Anne Murray- is a Canadian, born in Nova Scotia, and still has her ‘feet on the ground ‘ despite all her fame and fortunes, doing a lot of good charitable work for Nova Scotia and for the Environment, supporting David Suzuki- our foremost environmentalist in Canada .

    So, you see, I am not the only Tree Hugger here- Iam in good company !

    She is also the first Canadian Female solo singer to reach NO 1 on the US charts- without making it to the top in the US Charts- we Canadians are nothing !!- so to speak .
    She laid the ground work and paved the way for others like Celine Dion- of Titanic fame , kd lang, Shania Twain ( from Ontario ) to make it to the top .

    Thanks a lot for this post -\ A lovely song , and a real Good Morning Cheer !


    1. Hey Swarna ,
      Sorry to blow your bubble — I cheated a bit- took a quick peek at google !
      I know a fair bit about Anne Murray , , like most of us in Canada, but, I had to be sure .
      Yes- she is one of Canada’s most illustrious and popular personalities – among the older generation, and still can have a packed audience .


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