Update—- from —-Nisantha

If you have not seen this video , please take a moment to see it.

Interesting medical break through , needs more research.


This video doesn’t exist

5 thoughts on “Update—- from —-Nisantha”

  1. Someone is having a ‘senior moment ‘ ???
    It is ok – after all- we are all Septugenerians- and so ‘anything goes ‘ !
    But you never know- The Spider Man must be having a trick stuck to the web, to trap us all ,for good and all !!!!



  2. Nisantha sent it again as a new post. I vaguely remembered having posted it before but couldn’t trace it without having archived it properly by title. Seelan you have a good memory. Nisantha and I are suffering from Septugenerian senior moments.


  3. Sorry guys I too could not trace it on our web site and sent it to Sam the second time. I thought it was important because we have seen some of our friends ,relations friends of friends afflicted by Parkinson’s disease. I got a lot of excellent feed back from people I sent this video to.
    When I go to the Gym now, I use the stationary bike for 15 minutes at every visit. So keep on peddling guys. At the next RU64 lets look at ones who peddle and the ones who don’t.



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