Halloween—- message— from —Deepthie



Hi to all of you !
I took this photo- July 21st  this year at our local provincial park when I
was part of a guided hiking   group .
I sent the video to our  post earlier in the summer .- I think, under
‘Snake Charmer ‘

 The other day, the park staff wanted me to send this particular photo
again,  in Original Size- for their files, and perhaps to use for ?
Halloween/ and or in their Face book page .

 You can see the Barred Owl looking at me,  and the rest of us on the
ground, all the while clutching on to the decapitated snake firmly in its
grasp .

Deepthie the snake charmer

20 thoughts on “Halloween—- message— from —Deepthie”

  1. Dear Deepthie
    Very natural beautiful pictures.After spending time with you our very enjoyable weekend
    I can appreciate more your love for the outdoors and nature.Continue your exciting work and entertain ,teach and enlighten us.thanks. With love Maithri


    1. HI Maithri !
      It was such a great weekend we had together !!!
      We were those ‘good convent girls’ as Seelan says, all over again- just sweet sixteen in our 70th year !!!!
      Yes- we will do it again- come spring, when my friend comes shopping in Buffalo – or , you come here with your daughter and me and Rajes will come to meet up with you .
      I will keep you posted of other interesting happenings over this weekend .– The Water Walk .


  2. Thanks to you all, and I hope all of you had a good Halloween – dishing out candies .
    Where I live in the back of beyond woods, there are NO kids – just seven families , old folks like me !
    So, I just close the gate and stay indoors –
    Check out the two Videos posted by Sam, on aug 29 th —
    Snake eating Fish, and Owl eating Snake — The Real World of Nature – the Cycle of Nature
    Spooky to us, and REAL for the Creatures of The Creator .

    November has started- the ‘dark month’ is on, with Day Light Time Change for us in Canada on Saturday night .
    This is the time for some real stay home, read books, enjoy the darkness to Light Up The Soul …
    Best Wishes- “Dilisena Tharuwa ” a name Ariya gave me some time back !


      1. HI Indragee- it is hard to live up to the new name given to me by the Poet of The Class of 64
        But I will try my best !
        Dilisena Tharuwa .


  3. Great pictures Deepthi, like one with the decapitated snake. “In the animal kingdom some must die so that others may live and keep the animal populations balanced”. You do many hats with excellent results. Kudos to you. Keep it up.


    1. HI Dharma,
      I just got lucky that day on the guided hike with the park rangers .
      It was the robins screeching that alerted us and then we saw the owl with the decapitated snake .
      Food Chain in Nature .


    1. Thanks Nisantha- I just got lucky that day as I said before .
      I thought this might be a great Halloween treat for all- Owls and Decapitated Snakes !


  4. Thanks Eagledeepthie for those beautiful photos. I knew the only boy in the batch to be a charmer not a snake charmer.


    1. Ya Narme- next time around this “only boy among the girls ” as you say, might charm the real person- might end up with a snake under grass, if I dont watch my step !!
      Snake Charmer- Eagle lover !


  5. Hi
    great photography as usual’ you have had a great time with maithri. She sounds so excited to have had your company. yes dark and gloomy days are ahead,but i like it better than the hot summer. When are you leaving for Arizona/


  6. HI Rajes- Yes, Maithri and me had such a wonderful time – we just talked and laughed all the time !
    Leaving for Arizona 1st feb next year, for my usual 8 wk stay.
    Will spend a week in Florida with the Spiderman and family, and with Wimal and family .
    Just want to see what the ocean is like in the winter time – want to smell the salt in the air, and feel the sun on my head , and the salt water on my feet .
    glad you liked my spooky halloween pics !
    Snake Charmer -eagleD


    1. Thanks Deepthi for the lovely pictures. I am happy to note you are fit and well to do all these excursions while some of us like me is home bound With arthritis.
      Enjoy your holiday.


  7. Dear Deepthie,
    I hate looking at snakes. However, I had a quick glance at the photos – the way the owl is looking at you !!!…. My god, the owl is scared of you & not the snake!!


  8. Thanks my dear Seelan for the complements on my photography – with my pocket digital Cannon .
    yes- the owl was a bit afraid of all of us two legged folks on the ground, staring up at it , clicking cameras etc .
    Somehow, I too seem to agree with you that the owl was afraid of me !!- and was trying to tell me to ‘get lost you old woman, leave me alone to have my lunch ‘ !
    The snake- the poor thing- had its head already in the Owl’s belly !
    Check out the post on aug 29- for the videos – if you feel like looking at a REAL snake eating a Fish , that I saw on my beach, where I have made a ‘snake house ‘ with twigs etc .
    Believe me, this video of Snake Eating Fish- is real neat .
    The Owl eating Snake- the snake is already in ‘snake heaven ‘ I think .
    Snake Charmer !


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