Batch’64– “Funny– Events”– in– the– days– gone- by





Dear all
On the topic of funny 😁 events in the days gone by I thought of writing about our Medical College rags. I am writing this in the hope that others too will contribute to
the blog with their 😁 funny stories for friends to share.

When I started my faculty  days I was boarded at St Anthony’s convent at Borella and we used to go by 🚌 bus to Medical College.The Rag week was terrible for me and big Soma……m  was a real pain. He asked me to put a skull cap on my head and when I smiled he asked me to put the smile 😊 in my pocket. So I  smiled then put my finger across  mouth and pretended to put it in my pocket….a pocket that I did not have.
That same day after lectures I boarded the bus back to St Anthony’s convent and when the bus conductor came to collect the bus fare I opened my little handbag 👜 to get the money 💰 I felt something hard and smelling of formaline. The conductor was still waiting to collect the fare so I had a look inside my handbag 👜 to find it was a penis. I just shrieked and the conductor wondered what was happening and asked ‘’ai mokada nona’’ I said “ no nothing “ and paid the fare. When I got to the convent ( I don’t think I told anybody either )but wrapped it up in a piece of paper and put it into the bin. I am sure Soma would have been the culprit along with I think Sera—–e  who used to ride a scooter.
This is my funny story. Praxy


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Best –Wishes—to –Rasaiah!





Happy birthday Rasiah🎈🎈🎈🎈
Another birth day has dawned on you
With many priorities and other tasks to do.
But please accept our birthday wishes to you
And remember to attend the next great  RU.

Ranjit and Praxy


Happy Birthday to you Rasaiah – 28 Nov .
I wish you all that is Best to you and your family, and may you enjoy this
Birthday and all the other days ahead of you, as if it is your Birthday Day

We missed you at the RU- 64- Beruwala  2014 .
How ever we did not forget you , and thanks to Sam’s wonderful web/ blog we
can keep in touch .

This old photo – I found in my album, taken back in Dec 1990- when we all
attended a real nice  New Year  Dinner Dance in Melbourne .
I remember this wonderful evening , so well, every year, when Dec 31 rolls
around,  when we all met and had sooo much fun , and my god the food that
was there- I have never seen anything like it before or since at any
Srilankan gathering anywhere, other than in a Five Star Hotel in Sri Lanka !

This was the one and only time I met you , after we graduated , as I don’t
recall you having attended the gatherings we had in ’89, 94, and 2014 .
The R group and the S group were never far from each other !.

Please try and attend the next one that is now in the works for Oct – 2018-
Beruwala, if all goes well .

Till we meet again– All the Very Best to you and your family and enjoy
this day, and all the days ahead .

Deepthie- ( from the S group )


My dear Rajan,
Across seven seas birthday greetings are sent by an ‘old friend’
Wishing happinness, joy and contentment and no strife in your life
May all expectations and desires be realised in a manner joyous
With good health, peace of mind and a tremendous fruitful long life

Ariya De Silva

Best– Wishes– to– Sree!!







Happy Birthday to you Sree, on this Special Day- when every day becomes a
Special Day, once you reach the Seven O !
Sending you All Good Wishes for this day, and all the days ahead , and may
you enjoy this day with Maha and Shobi, family and friends , where ever you
may be .

 It was lovely to see you , Maha and Shobi- after all these years, as you
can see from the old photo taken at Rajes’s place back in the 90’s when
Shobi was just 10 yrs old or so ! and I hear from Rajes, that she is now
married and living happily ever after !!!
I can almost ‘ see ‘ her now, even as  I am writing this, in her lovely
white organza  dress !

It was nice to see you, Maha and Shobi- again at Beruwala . 3 yrs ago .
Time does fly by, sooner than we think , so I hope we all meet again some
where sooner than later .

Good Wishes to you , Maha and Shobi –

Deepthie .( Maha’s 3rd Floor  Girls’ Hostel Mate , along with Rajes ! )


Happy birthday Sree🎈🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Thanks to Sam’s blog, we know it’s your birthday today,
It’s  a day to enjoy with your kith and kin and be happy and gay.
So we remember you on this wonderful  and memorable occasion,
And gladly send  you our best wishes for a cheerful 😀 and great celebration.

.Ranjit and Praxy


Happy Birth Day Sree!

I was just informed that Sree is an avid yoga fan including Aerial Yoga, & attends Yoga classes 7 days a week. Recently, he joined the world Yoga festival in UK and got the blessings of 99yr old senior most Yoga trainer in the world, Tao Porchan-Lynch. Well done Sree!!



Best– Wishes– to– Ariya– De– Silva!




Happy birthday dear Ariya🍸🍸🍸🍸🎈🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁
Don’t worry about getting a year older.
It is better than being a pimply teenager.
To us you are wonderful and everything about you is  right
So enjoy your birthday and dance away into the middle of the night.

Ranjit and Praxy


This is your Very Special Day-
My fond Birthday Wishes come your way !

I really had a hard time selecting the photos of this very happy faced fun
man- you look so smashing in every photo, with that real wide eyed look and
with a real Happy Face Smile !
So, I picked out a few – the most I have included in any one’s birthday
greeting -.

Love the way you Love to Eat- birthday cake, Class lf 64 cake, and the yum
yum New Year Feast laid before you, in your home .
These photos show the ‘many faces of the man in red ‘ – enjoying food,
meeting friends, dancing , serious acedemic lecturere,   and my very
favourite photo of you and me together- all dressed up for the Dinner Dance
looking real grand .

I am really, really happy to have the bragging rights to say, that I belong
to The Class of 64 that has a member who is the Order of The British Empire
I am sooo proud of you, knowing how hard your worked to get to where you
are .
We all had humble beginings ,  in the  Pearl of The Indian Ocean, the
Island in The Sun , and  we all did what we could over the years,  to get to
where we are today , but,  your reached the top of the line among us , to
receive such well deserved  National  Honour .

Your acedemic excellence, poetic skills, negotiating skills,  brilliant
ideas to keep the Class of 64 Web page/ friendship/ contact  going , just
boggles my mind .
Sam wove the web-and you Ariya- glued us into that Web, and now, there is no
escape  !
I really have no words to say Thank you to you , in any language !

You have given me many names over the past 3 yrs- and the one I like best
is ‘ Dilisena Tharuwa’ !! as I still star gaze from time to time , when ever
possible .

I still carry around with me, a paper print out ,  where ever I travel out
of Canada, the lovely set of verses you wrote out for me, with a lovely
photo of my home and garden, and describing it in such wonderful  way .
This really touched my soul- :” My Home is My Mind “– typed out in the
colors of the rainbow .
I have most of your writings in a special folder called ” Ariya Poems ‘–
to tell you how much I value your writing and I must add- you MUST compile a
litle booklet with ‘ Ariya Contemplations ‘, and give it to us when you come
for the RU 2018 !
How about this for a suggestion ???- Ok with you I hope .

I can go on for ever about you, must I must let others say their piece too
So, let me wish you a VERY Happy birthday ,and enjoy this day, and all the
days ahead of you with your lovely family .
Good wishes to Thavam .

Eagledeepthie- aka Dilisena Tharuwa .


Dear Ariya

It gives me great pleasure wishing  a wonderful Birthday to you. It was nice to reconnect with you at the last RU after our days in Kurunegala. That led to the creation of the Batch64 blog , with you being one of the early supporters. Even though I don’t comment much, all your contributions are wonderful. Keep  them coming



BD Celebrations in SL





My dear Sam,

On the eve of my birthday, I write this note to thank you with huge admiration, appreciating your forthrightness in setting up a private, yet a very effective, web site for our batch. 


Your whole hearted committment to stick with it, through thick and thin, despite even health scares, has been the single most reason for its resounding success.


Thank you  for your immense tolerance and brotherly love throughout, accomodating an annoyingly irritant customer like myself, which can only be described as a super human effort.

To honour you and the great support given by many friends (with special referece to Deepthue and Praxy with Birthday salutation priject) in the midst of the most distinguished batch, added following lines and I will be immensley grateful if you could kindly publish it on my birthday.


 ‘It is one of the charitable dispensations of Providence that perfection is not essential to
friendship. (Alexander Smith)


My siblings in 64 entry batch, proved to the world that above statement is true,

by taking an imperfect ‘no hoper’ like myself to their bosoms and removing as much ill-fitting irregularities and roughnesses, in a period as short as half a decade!


I  salute all my friends for their tolerance and kindness, for their patience and guidance.  

Ariya who entered the medical school in ’64, as a nobody was able to leave as somebody!

 Ariya De Silva

Spring –&–Summer– Gardening– in–Canada–Deepthie




Deepthie’s Comments to follow



Enjoy this clip from India,