5 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment——— Praxy”

  1. Dear Sam I like the picture in the back ground with the Faculty of Meficine and the clock tower . This building will always be a reminder of the place where we all came together to form the wonderful class of 64…. and the bond of friendship we are continuing to maintain through your wonderful web. Thanks for your trouble. Praxy


  2. Very nice praxy- no excuse for any of us now !
    Get the Haka Act together now – Maraka-Maraka !!!

    Sam- the Clock Tower is really nice and brings back a lot of sweet memories – specially at the Kiri Mandalaya booth .!
    Only thing is- change the color of the area where you have the writing for the old posts-
    The black and while is not so visual friendly .
    The blue back ground for the comments page is very soothing to the eye .
    Thanks a lot for your for ever love of the web- to keep all of us in the loop.
    Maithri _I was with her for two days- and she had nothing but fond praise for you, your efforts at the web, keeping the whole Class of 64 Together , and how Every one from across the globe pulled it off soooo well at theRU 64– which to her— ‘ deepthie it was a like a dream to me , being the first RU I ever attended . The Magic of RU 64 Beruwala will never leave me, even if I were to attend another mini RU in SL, in the years to come ”

    Thanks a lot to everyone – eagleD


  3. Thanks Praxy, for posting the video clip, Are the dance moves “THE PANACEA ” for the Stiff Joints?

    Sam thanks for changing the Format, your creative computer savvy format,inspires ideas,.

    Ideas ,inspire change to suit the “batch 64 mates”


  4. Me too – The new look web page is very good. Congratulations Sam.
    Praxy is Practicing— Good for the New look Knees & Shoulder.
    Eagerly waiting to see your dance , of course with Ranjit, at the next RU.
    Keep the joints oiled & greased.


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