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  1. Oh Sam my mouth was watering as I read the article on hoppers. They are my favourite and the best I have eaten is at hotel Renuka in Colpetty . Reading about them makes me go there now and eat them. I tried Kiri appa for the first time there and they were so tasty and so were their Pani appa. Nothing to beat the taste of plain hoppers and lunumiris. Oh I love Sri Lankan πŸ‡±πŸ‡°πŸ‡±πŸ‡°πŸ‡±πŸ‡°πŸ‡±πŸ‡°πŸ‡±πŸ‡°πŸ‡±πŸ‡° Hoppers Yum Yum πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚Praxy

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  2. My appetite for hoppers is well known by our dear friends Wimal and Iranthie. When we visited them in Marco Island this year they were not only great hosts they prepared a great hopper meal too for us and everything was made from β€œscratch” They were soooooo tasty and irresistible that I ate quite a lot till they came out of my ears.Wimal and Itanthie your hopper preparation will never be forgotten . Thank you 🌹🌹🌹🌹. Praxy


    1. Thanks Sam for posting this article well written to arouse anyone’s Salivery glands, to secrete the most ” mouth Watering “stuff.

      The excellent “personification ” giving a Hopper the characteristic of a bra,….etc create interesting imagery.

      An article well written , with every word devoured,by me with much relish.


  3. What a mouth watering bit of news that was !
    Hoppers – the last time I ate one was back inn 2014 Beruwala !
    Wimal- I will be in Marco Island – feb 2018- and please put Hoppers on the menu- as Praxy has just let the cat out of the bag !
    Sam- so your son is a good hopper maker seems like- reading the notes from Natalie Samarasinghe- your daughter in law I presume .
    Sam — Can you make hoppers ? ( !)

    Thanks for the mouth watering post – !!
    eagleD .
    By the way- have you changed the format of the the Web Page ? I see the old Kynsey Rd Clock Tower on the main page .


      1. I am actually trying out different “Themes” before I upgrade the blog in December
        It is not easy since there are too many choices. I really like the Koch memorial clock tower and the “static” home page slideshow of Block days in B&W
        Any comments will be appreciated


  4. Ok- I made a mistake- Natalie is your daughter and her husband is ‘the white hopper guy- who can make a killing making hoppers in Lanka “.

    Really a nice Hopper Story – a great way to put a new twist to the good old Hopper.

    Now , I have a question to all your guys of the Class of 64 – -why did you fellows call our Girls Hostel- “Appa kade ” ?

    I would love to know why as I really have NO idea !



    1. I would not add any more thoughts on “Hoppers” as its already getting too deep, except to say that I don’t have a daughter named Natalie- Sam


  5. A very nice account about hoppers. I am glad that Piching is able to make hoppers and the curries ” Seeni Sambol ” etc. to go with it.

    Deepthi I know the reason why the girls Hostel was called the “Appa Kade ” “Hopper hut “. I will have to explain it to you privately and not on our web page.



    1. Dear Niasanth,
      You are lucky that Peech can make hoppers. I tried it once using the ready made hopper mix in Sri Lanka. I thought using a non stick hopper pan would be helpful. So I made the mix adhere ring to the instructions accurately. Then I put some into the hot pan and as I rotated the pan, it was sooooo ”non stick” that the mixture jumped out of the pan and on to the floor and the wall and there was hopper mix everywhere but none in the pan. I had to abandon it as I had to clean the cooker, the wall and the hopper.
      But to make up for it, a few years ago when Wimal and Iranthi visited us they brought all the equipment from US including hopper pans and also string hopper watti and made hoppers and string hoppers for us. They were so kind as to bring all these and we enjoyed their hoppers and string hoppers. Thank you Wimal and Iranthie. Praxy


  6. You lucky people who have kids and spouses that make good hoppers !
    Ok- Nisantha- tell me about the Appa Kade —- when we meet in 2018 , as being the good convent girl that I am, Iam a bit clue less about a few things- even now, as a septugenerian !


  7. Dear Sam,
    Thanks for the details about hoppers.

    In addition to all the varieties of hoppers including “Fly hoppers”, I like to add my mothers specialty :- “Coconut milk hoppers with a little sugar/jaggery” The milk is added last in the middle of the hopper.

    Praxy, on the 2nd of August, I took all my in-laws for dinner at the Renuka hotel – Palmyra restaurant. In addition to Hoppers, we enjoyed Jaffna style “Kool” & Fish Pittu. I was lucky to get Narme, Ale & Dalpe to join us at 2-3 hrs short notice. This restaurant was introduced to me by our great Rahulatharan & Mary.

    There is another type of Hoppers!!!! I dont know why we ( especially the Bloemites ) call the Ladies Medical hostel at De Saram Place “HOPPER HOUSE” Has anyone got an answer???
    What type of hoppers they make ??
    ( This can be a mystery Quiz )



    1. Dear Seelan
      I do not know what kool is. I will definitely try this at Renuka Hotel. The best hoppers I have tasted in Sri Lanka is from there.


  8. Hey Seelan,
    Mystery Quiz ?
    See above for the answer to Your question from Nisantha, to My question about THAT place at De Saram Place !
    — from a former resident of De Saram Place —


    1. Sorry Deepthie, I didn’t see Nisantha’s comments. Also I didn’t know that Jeevaka boys also had the same opinion.
      Nisantha, do we have to wait till the next RU for the answer. There may be many innocent people like me wanting to listen. May be you can give us a talk with some illustrations & demonstrations & we can get some CPD points.
      Looking forward to it.


  9. Ok Sam the ‘spider man, see what your ” hopper story ” brought out in the end ?
    So, you will just Have to get the RU 2018 in the works, get that ‘white hopper making guy ‘ out to make us hoppers and let the Bloem Boys educate the De Saram place Girls on the Birds and Bees in our 70th year !!!
    After all- almost every friday night, back then , the Bloem Boys would drive by De Saram place, and get their frustrations out, by yelling into the night— !!
    Dont want to write what they said on the web .
    Like Nisantha says- I will wait till we meet again, to learn a few things, “with some illustrations and demonstrations — ” what Seelan says .
    Bye for now- off to Buffalo to see Maithri, another REAL good Convent Girl !!


  10. Thanks Sam, that was mouth watering indeed and I will go and get some hoppers from the ‘kade’ down the road, different to the Aappa Kade down De Saram Rd which I believe is the name due to it containig so many bras that look like hoppers. No offense meant Eagledeepthie, Rajesh and other former inmates.
    The blog missed out on one of our own who was called ‘Hopper’ in school. I do not want to name him as he may want to forget his nickname.
    The pani aappe in Jaffna has been improved by the Burghers who serve it also as a desert. When in Sri Lanka go to the Dutch Burgher Union Cafe down Bullers road for this delicious dish on their hopper night.
    Cannot forget the delicious aapam and cool that Seelan gave us at Hotel Renuka of course laced with Chivas.
    Hoppers unites our nation


    1. Ok Narme,
      I know the one known as ‘ Hopper ‘ in school- a good Thomian ( like you ) at that !
      Now, you have really educated this Septugenerian inmate of the Appa kade- and many thanks for the lesson –
      ‘No offence meant ” as this eaglemd, now a bit flat like an Appe with no centre , knows how to take a good joke any day- !!
      You have to check with the good doctor Nisantha , if the answer is right , or if we need a special class with ‘illustrations and demonstrations ‘ as requested by the good doc Down Under , at the next RU .
      Can hardly wait !
      Anyway Sam, the Hopper Story was a great story- and many thanks .
      eaglemd .


  11. If Narme’s theory of Bras is correct, Hopper house would have had “Hopper Woks” of various SIZE in the kitchen. I doubt Nisantha would bring woks of various size to the next RU for demonstration !! What ever it is we will leave it to the master to bring the appropriate “material / objects or….” for his demonstration.
    I rather stop here as I can sense some people getting annoyed with my ignorance.


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