Best Wishes to Siri Kannangara




Happy Birthday to you my dear  Olympic Star Sports Med Buddy !

I hope you have a real Happy Birthday- and don’t eat too much of cake, as
you are doing in this photo- as then, after that, you will not be able to
keep pace with the Baila Kumari- who is trying hard to put one foot in front
of the other !!

I wish you ALL the Very Best today, and in the days ahead, as now as
Septugenerians ( as Ariya calls us ) every sunrise is the Best Day –
Birthday or no Birthday  !

It was just great meeting up with you at both RU- ’92 in Bentota, and 2014
in Beruwala.
I cannot recall, if you came for the RU in UK in ’89 .
In the old photo from ’92- all of you guys look so good, and still look
good, even after all these years of Life and Times !

I do take your good advice and go for walks a few times a week, and if not,
work around the garden to keep one foot in front of the other, with a few
creaks and squeaks here and there .

I was thinking of you  and missed  THE  good dancing partner, about a month
ago, when I attended a Srilanka Seniors Club Dinner Dance, here in Toronto –
and beat out every one hollow on the dance floor- just dancing with some
ladies  , some of them 30 yrs younger than me.
Then, their young husbands were brave enough to join us ladies  and we had
loads of fun !

As the Good  Olympic Team Sports Medicine Doctor Says  — keep active  and
keep moving ,keep active and keep moving  , keep active and keep moving –
The    New Mantra .

I am proud and honoured and have bragging rights  when I say  ” I was in
the same class as Siri back in med school ‘ and we the Class of 64 is proud
to have you among us  and there are many in our Class of 64, spread around
the globe,  that have brought so much  Honor to the Class  and I feel very
proud and honored  to be among such high achieveing giants in so many fields
of medicine .
We surely have spread our selves around the world, honouring Lanka, and
honouring the Class of 64 .

So, I wish you Siri, all the very best, in every thing you do and Happy
Birthday to enjoy with family and friends .

Your  old med school pal- Deepthie .
Ps –Come dance with me again,  at the next RU- 2018- Beruwala , for See That Girl- She is The Dancing Queen, my claim to fame I guess  !!!


Happy birthday Siri 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽
Across the ocean we send you greetings
As we recall our past joyful meetings
May you be blessed with health joy and happiness on this birthday
And many more good wishes to come all your way.

Ranjit and Praxy


Many Happy returns of the day Siri Kanna! My most admired Jeevakite, because you studied the least and always achieved the most. Congratulations on your professional achievements making us so proud. Lets hope we can meet up again in 2018


33 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Siri Kannangara”

  1. My dearest Siri,
    Jean joins me in wishing you a very very happy Birthday. Even though you are only 30 minutes away from us, I like to send our best wishes through Sam’s web site as well. We still remember your birthday party soon after the 2014 RU at the Hilton-Colombo with Anselm, Cricketers Ranatunga, Jayasuria & some of your old mates including your Cargills friends who organised the party, for which we came all the way from Galle.
    Long live Siri


  2. Dear Friend “Across The Pacific” Siri.
    Iranthie joins me in wishing you a very happy birthday. All our “Bones & Joints ” are in working order, thanks to you. You have saved us from major surgeries & disasters from your phone calls & wisdom, & expertise ; all for a fair price, FREE ADVISE!!!. You were a great friend & will always be one. Have a great day & great life!.



  3. Hi Siri
    My table Tennis partner in med school, Happy b’day to you. Wish you all the best in health and happiness
    and a Star Trek quote ” live long and prosper”

    Mali and Asokan


  4. Hi Siri,

    May the good God shower you with many blessings on this special day. Happy birthday. Deepthi called me this morning to remind me to look up the website. After deepthi’s greetings we have nothing more to say. i heard about the baila session at the last reunion. She can keep up with anyone young or old. She is a real delightful gift to our Batch. I dont think i would have got through any exams without her. Have a wonderful Birthday celebrations with your family and friends.



  5. Dear Siri,

    Wishing you the most birthday joy and many wonderful returns of the day.

    You were my room mate for five years at Jeevaka.It was a pleasure to have you as my room mate along with Wije Kotta. Five wonderful years.

    You have achieved so much in your career.They are too many to enumerate.One I must however mention.You had the privilege of carrying the Olympic Torch prior to the olympics held in Australia as recognition of your contribution to sports medicine in Australia.That is huge.

    You are an honor to our whole batch and to your motherland Sri Lanka.You have brought joy and comfort to many families taking care of their medical problems in Sri Lanka and Australia.

    You took care of sports medicine problems of many famous cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar.

    Great kudos to your MOM and DAD whom I knew quite well for bringing up such an illustrious son with so many achievements.

    You are a GREAT SON of Sri Lanka.

    Wishing you many more wonderful years.



  6. HI Esiri,’
    Thank you for telling us more about this Wonderful Son of Lanka- Siri ,whose Birthday we are celebrating today .
    Carrying the Olympic Torch for Australia is an honor for Australia and for Lanka and for the Class of 64. and above all to his family, specially his parents .
    This is something I did not know and thanks to Sam The Web Master- without whose help, we would never have known all that we now know about each other .


    1. Hello Deepthi,

      It is a joy to read your thoughtful and delightful notes and comments.You have so much of
      insight and wonderful stories of the batch mates of the class of ’64.Keep it up.You are a live wire of the web site. Glad to give info about Siri.I do not know how many knew about him carrying the Olympic Torch.Now they know.

      Best Regards,



  7. my dear Siri,

    Wishing happiness and contentment on the birthday

    To one of the wealthiest, most handsome and sporty

    Mate in our batch in downunder, agile, kind & brainy

    For good health, peace of mind and a long life of glory

    you have brought honour to our batch and the motherland

    A shining star in the reams omf sport downunder and world

    it was very nice that we met recently at a ‘nano RU at Seelan’s

    we are proud that you are a world leader in sports and you are ours



  8. My Dear Siri At the outset let me wish you many happy returns of the day. All the best now and years to come.

    Deepthi and Esiri have given very good descriptions of your achievements In addition to being a fine Physician you have excelled in the sports arena. You were a sportsman in school and also in Medical school. Your interest in sports made you select a carrier to help sportsmen and women equally. Our own Sprinter Olympic medalist Susanthika Jayasinghe , when she had any sports injuries would go all the way to Australia to be treated by you and not anyone else.

    I also have to add that you received the ” Order Of Australia ” given to civilians who have contributed to the society. Your contributions to the Olympic teams , Cricket team and the soccer teams as a physician , for running the free clinics for under privileged individuals were recognized by the Australian government. I do not know off hand any other Sri Lanka who has received that honor.

    We were hostel mates at Jeewaka Hostel as medical students . You were my first dance teacher. You taught me the basic steps before the block concert. I am glad that we were friends then as students and have kept our friendship for the past 50 + years. I am glad that we are in a position to let our RU 64 mates know of your achievements.

    With fondest regards,

    Nisantha and Piching


    1. Wow, Siri, — how nice to know that you were a dance teacher, once upon a time ! .
      Thanks to Sam The Spider Man, we are learning more and more about each other in our twilight years !

      It was great having a partner such as you , for a darn good baila session at Beruwala .
      See you again – 2018-, for another good baila session if things move in the right direction for another RU .
      Your Jeevaka room mate for 5 yrs will provide the music !
      Baila Kumari


  9. Happy Birthday And Many Happy Returns of the Day Siri. Remember the Many times we met over the years & last time in Sydney.
    Best Regards



  10. HI Siri,
    A very happy birthday to you. May good luck & good health be with you always..
    Ranee ( Central coast of NSW 0


  11. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. After almost 45 yrs I had an opportunity to meet you at Anselm’s place and I am very proud to learn your achievements from Deepthie and Esiri. Hope to meet you at next RU


      1. Dear Sam & Nisantha,
        Very sorry. It is .com & not .org. ( I am so used to my .org) – silly me!
        I forwarded to which is correct & he has received mine. He says that he is unable to reply from my forwarded message. I don’t know why.
        Sam can you send it again to


    1. Dear Siri
      Wish you a Very Happy Birthday. Delighted to know about some of your achievements. Keep it up,you have made all of us proud.


  12. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Wish many more happy and healthy ones. Thank you meeting me Down under and at Beruwela. Admire your professional and social achievement and your modesty about these. Keep up the good work. GBU. dharma


  13. Dear Siri Kannangara
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and an year filled with happiness and peace.
    Congratulations on you amazing achievements.with best regards. Maithri


  14. HI Sam and Seelan-
    Yes- Siri is lost –
    Must have fallen off the planet with some nice “convent girl “. !!
    Out of the 445 hits- I must have contributed at least 30 of it, checking to see if Siri ever saw the posts .
    Siri– I hope you are having a good time , where ever you, are with some ‘nice convent girl ‘!!


  15. Hi there,finally I received all your messages for which I say a big THANK YOU. Birthdays I would like to forget but you guys keep reminding me.Thank you for all the nice things said about me but the credit goes to my parents and my teachers. I would truly share my achievements with all of you my true friends from the batch of 64.
    I do look forward to the next reunion to share some stories,to do some dancing and the convent girls should be on the look out. Deepthi brush up your steps pl.


    1. Wow Siri !!!!
      Finally you ‘got it ‘ !!!
      we were all wondering what ever happened to you .
      Glad to know you are Alive and Well !

      Yes, I am walking like you said, keeping fit for the next baila session !
      Hope you had a good Birthday Day .

      I am doing a Water Walk this weekend, starting off with a Sunrise Ceremony , at 7.30 am, and the walking about 40 km in all over a two day period – as a protest march to voice our concerns over a gravel pit in our little neck of the woods , that will be spoiling our drinking water .
      Becoming a Political Activist in my twilight years – worth the effort to preserve our most precious gift from Mother Earth- WATER !
      Tree Hugger cum Baila Kumari !


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