Best Wishes to N. Rajabalendran !


Happy Birthday to you my dear good friend- Rajabalendran !
 I wish you all that is best in the coming days and enjoy this day with
Ranjini and family .

It was soooo good to meet with you  and Ranjini during your visit to
America last summer .
Rajes, Rabi and my self, we really enjoyed meeting up with  both of you .

Listening to your Tales from Pimbura and Alice Springs ‘ was  like
listening to a Book Reading , that keeps the listener absolutle spell bound
You should seriously consider writing all this down- as I don’t know of any
one who stuck it out at Alice Springs in the  heart of the Australian
desert, like the way you did, and the Govt of Aust  did infact, duly reward
you for your wonderful service , Above and Beyond the Calll of Duty to the
People of The Desert, both Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal .
I am glad  that you are now retired and enjoying life after 35 yrs in the
Desert , and  most of the time ,  as the Only doctor available .

What a wonderful way to serve Humanity — …. it does not matter where –
as people are people  and we are  all the same creatures of The Creator .

I visited Aust twice -‘ 91 and ‘ 98- both times  in Dec- the Aussie summer,
that is not a good time to visit Alice Springs .
So, I am glad, that you made the trip here to Canada, to see me and Rajes-
and you gave us One Years notice about it !

I remember so very well, how you and Rahula and sometimes  Sivakumaran,
used to borrow my Grey’s Anatomy for weekends, and in return, the three of
you would explain some  Phys/Biochem riddles for me !
Those were real good days and I am glad we have such happy memories of our
times as young medicos- sometimes serious, but mosty not so serious  ! ( at
least I was !!- never proclaim to be a goody goody ! )
Then, Rahul and I were doing Internship at Ragama and then Real Life
started as Real Doctors !

Well my dear, I hope you see this and Re- Visit your trip out to America,
and hope we meet again- perhaps in Beruwala, October 2018– good month to
meet for good reasons !!
Bye-  Wishing All that is Good and Happy for the days ahead .

your good pal- Deepthie .


Happy birthday Rajabalendran🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

On this day you  get older by another year
But do not worry and do not live in fear.
For wrinkles come and wrinkles go
But friendships made will never go.
So Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day’
And God’s choicest blessings to adorn your way .

Ranjit and Praxy


My dear Raj,

Send you greetings, across seven seas to a highly respected mate

For good health, joy, Happiness and a contended, stress free long life

An ‘Ash tree’, according to birth chart, reliable, intelligent and talented

Which of course we know well and to that I add, charming & sophisticated


Best wishes from Ariya


Happy Birthday, Raj!

I always remembered  you as a studious gentleman that we all depended on for information

Wish you ,many more happy and healthy Birthdays in the future  .  Please visit us if you are in Florida. Otherwise there is always next October


25 thoughts on “Best Wishes to N. Rajabalendran !”

  1. Hi Balan
    we have not seen nor heard from you since your retirement. Thought you would have a lot of free time to reach out to friends.
    Many happy returns of the day
    Regards to Ranjini and the kids
    Satha & Selvi


  2. Wishing you a very happy and healthy birthday
    It was very nice having you in USA with us for a few days
    Listening your stories about your experiences in StiLanka and
    Alice Spring was very interesting
    Now enjoy your retirement travel a lot and stay healthy
    Hope to see you at the next Reunion


  3. Dear Balan

    Many happy returns of the day.

    Even though you couldn’t attend the last RU owing to your brief illness, I made sure that you receive a copy of the souvenir by express post. I am glad that you acknowledged the fact that the addresses of our batch mates in the souvenir is very useful. Now that your hiccup of receiving the 64 news letter is sorted out, you are up to date with all the latest. I am sure that you are looking forward for the next RU.



  4. Dear Rajabalendfan,
    Many happy returns and best wishes for a contented life in the years to come. Hope you will make it to the next RU.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  5. A big thank you to all my friends for the wishes. I had a very good time with my family. Deepthie- Thanks for your kind words.I always remember the time we spent in Toronto with you and Rajes.. Rahula and Mary -Cant forget the time you fed us with your wonderful meal when we met with Saroja and Selva. Almeida – Thanks a lot to arrange a mini reunion when I visited Sri Lanka in Jan. Seelan -Thanks a lot to send me the RU 64 Souvenir. I was able to reconnect with my batchmates. Satha & Selvi – Hope to meet you when I come to Adelaide.I hope we can all meet at the next RU.


    1. HI my dear Rajabalendran.
      Glad you liked what I had to say about you, on your BIG Day- as it just ‘came from the heart ‘ so to speak , after all, we are both born the same year, same month, just 11 days apart.
      So, we have lots in common. !
      See you soon- perhaps in SL – next October, when we can celebrate together- ALL the October Birthdays of the Class of 64 !!!


  6. Dear Rajabalendran,

    Happy Birthday & Many happy returns of the day and best wishes for a long healthy life.



  7. Happy Birthday to Rajabalendran.

    Thanks Sam for giving us the opportunity to interact with ” RU 64″ batch mates.


  8. Hi Rajabalendran.

    happy belated birthday and all the very best to you. Deepthie has said it all, so have nothing left but to say that it was so nice meeting you both in toronto.



    1. Hey Rajes !
      Nice to know , that someone reads my long stories !!
      Yes- It was just wonderful that day, when we all met in Toronto – after sooo long, and we just picked up Life, where we left it 45 yrs ago, without missing a beat — the way l True Friendships are meant to be .


  9. Dear Rajabalendran .
    Wishing you a very happy year filled with Joy .peace and happines.
    With best regards Maithri


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